The 2 Steps For Passive Free MLM Leads

passive free mlm leadsI’ve spoken before about paid traffic methods (such as Solo Ads) as a powerful way of “scaling up” your lead generation.

And it’s true! It is a powerful way of scaling up your lead generation.

It’s like “flicking a switch“. You turn the switch and leads arrive.

Having said this, there are some drawbacks to Paid Traffic:

1. It always requires a budget – You may think it’s quite cheap to spend $50 on a Solo Ad, and it is quite cheap. However, you shouldn’t necessarily expect to make your money back with that Solo Ad.

As with all advertising, it requires a consistent Ad spend and tracking your results to be most effective.

I have noticed that most home business owners are on a limited budget. In that case, it may not be best to start with “paid advertising

2. Steep Learning Curve – To make sure that you aren’t wasting your money/budget (see above) you need some specific skills such as writing good ad copy, monitoring your conversion rates and split testing. Of course, these things can be learnt but it takes time and testing.

3. Time consuming – Whilst some “paid advertising” can be automated, you will mostly be spending time tracking campaigns and looking for improvement. You will have to watch your Ad spend to make sure you are maximizing ROI.

Again these things are powerful in the long term, but quite tricky for a newbie to “exclusively” do.

So, this post is about the “other side of the coin”: Endless Free MLM Leads by creating content.

I see it as “2 Core Steps” which anybody can do!

Here are the 2 Steps For Passive Free MLM Leads

1. Create Content – When you create content through the form of “training“, you are leveraging the power of the Internet. This can be done through Blogging and Video. See here for my post on blogging. For tips on video marketing,  see here and here.

After you have created content, you can then pick up traffic from the search engines. See here and here for help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

You also need to have a system to convert the traffic into subscribers. See here for my recent post about building your email list fast.

2. Automate your Marketing – Most people will not buy on the first visit. This is why you build a list (see above). By building a mailing list, you have a “follow up” process for you to build a relationship with your leads/subscribers.

To automate your marketing, you will need something called an Autoresponder for sending (some) automated follow up messages and eventually “broadcast messages”. See here for my post about using an Autoresponder.

Ok, so that is the Cliff Notes version of getting Passive Free MLM Leads, but it really is that simple!

You create content each day and over time, this builds into “Free Traffic” that converts into “Free Leads“. Some of those Leads become Sales!


If you would like an in-depth blueprint and “step by step” guide of the above process, I recommend grabbing my Free “Lead Generation Blueprint” below.

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Hopefully that helps you save your money on advertising and get “passive” free MLM Leads.

Do you currently create content to get free leads?

If so, let me know your tactics in the comments section below.

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