27 Tips To Increase Blog Traffic

increase blog trafficEveryone wants to do it, but so many seem confused about how to increase blog traffic. Increasing web traffic (in the modern day), can be seen as the holy grail. Big brands want to do it as well as small businesses. And anyone who is interested in making money online needs web traffic, as well as other important stuff like a list of subscribers. If you are part of a networking marketing opportunity, you will need to develop web traffic to it. If you can do this you can generate automated mlm leads.

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So, without further ado, let’s brainstorm a massive list of ways to increase web and blog traffic:

 How to increase Blog Traffic

1. Setup WordPress for your website as it’s SEO Friendly, amongst many other benefits.

2. Register with all of the main Social Media Sites.

3. Put some kind of system in place to use the Social Sites regularly. (e.g Hootsuite)

4. Build a collection of Blogs that you like and/or are similar to your own niche.

5. Write great comments (get some “nofollow” links) on those blogs and join the discussion.

6. Carry on the discussion by adding everyone to your social sphere.

7. Blog regularly and Make it interesting and valuable to your niche.

8. Create a content calendar for your Blog and stick to it.

9. Within your fantastic Blog, link out to other awesome Blogs.

10. Use a premium high quality WordPress Framework like Genesis. It’s SEO Friendly as well!

11. Go and download some WordPress plugins to assist with SEO on your website.

12. Go back to your list of favorite Blogs and look into Guest Posting to create awareness and links.

13. Make the most out of your Blog posts by converting them into multiple formats. (such as Video, Slideshow, PDF etc).

14. Integrate the relevant subscriber plugin/s to capture your visitors details and create a list.

15. Drip feed quality info/tips and insights to your email subscribers to increase your blog traffic.

16. Learn how to use twitter effectively as it is a valuable source of traffic.

17. Make your website look good so that people will want to come back to it, and recommend to others.

18. Spend time on a few forums (perhaps 3) and get involved. The networking can bring traffic back to your own website.

19. Learn the fundamentals of On Page Optimization. It still matters!

20. Learn the fundamentals of quality link building. It’s still a challenge so you need to get practicing.

21. Make sure your website is doing the routine technical tasks for SEO benefit. Things like Webmaster Tools and Sitemap pinging.

22. Get a 2nd opinion on your website design. If people don’t like it, they will be less likely to engage with it.

23. Create an RSS Feed to give people the option of subscribing. It’s very versatile.

24. Consider implementing a CDN solution. A fast site will rank better and give a better user experience.

25. Do other things to speed your site up. WordPress needs all the help it can get for Page Speed.

26. Take your time. Slow and steady wins the race. It takes time to build an authoritative and popular website and increase blog traffic.

27. Consider offline networking and attending relevant conferences/events in your niche. Those relationships can go a long way.


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