2×9 BitMax Review – But I’m Not Promoting It!

2x9 BitMax ReviewHave you been noticing more and more hype for 2×9 BitMax lately?

This business is picking up a lot of steam, with people pitching it all over social media.

I want to tell you that I am NOT in any way affiliated with 2×9 BitMax.

I want to give you an unbiased opinion on 2×9 BitMax – is it a scam?

Is it legit?

Let me give you all the details in my 2×9 BitMax Review.

Will 2×9 BitMax deliver on all it’s promises?

Find out in my Review of 2×9 BitMax.

Let’s get going with the review!

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What Is The 2×9 BitMax Opportunity?

2×9 BitMax is one of the most recent MLM opportunities to start making a name for itself, and upon visiting the official website for the company, I came away rather disappointed.

There isn’t any information to be found in regards to who owns 2×9 Matrix, who originally founded it, where in the world it’s based out of, etc. This is all important background information that you should come to expect from any potential business opportunity, so the lack of it with the 2×9 website is unsettling for sure.

As for the domain name registration, this took place on January 10, 2017. Due to the private nature of it, however, it’s impossible to tell who the owner of the domain is or where the registration took place.

I was able to locate an official Facebook group for 2×9 BitMatrix, and the five admins are listed as Kamran, Baig, Atolagbe Dorlee, Steve John, Martin Germer, and Faye Brown.

Of all of those names, Steve John is the one that’s used if you try to join 2×9 BitMax without a referral code from another affiliate that’s already in the company. As such, it’s safe to say that Steve John is the top dog for the company.

However, as these things usually go, not all is as it seems.

Steve John’s Facebook page was just created last year in December of 2016, and there’s absolutely not content to be found on it. As such, it’s safe to assume that Steve John doesn’t actually exist.

2x9 BitMax Scam

What Can You Tell Me About The 2×9 BitMax Products?

As for the product line, there’s really not a whole lot to talk about here.

2×9 BitMax has made the decision to not offer any goods or services that retail customers can purchase, and because of this, affiliates for the company are left with nothing more than the membership itself to try and sell to interested buyers.

Along with this, this sort of situation also means that there is a complete and total lack of any possible retail sales activity.

Retail sales often serves as the backbone for any legit MLM opportunity, and the absence of one within 2×9 BitMax raises some very serious warning flags.

What Can You Tell Me About The Compensation Plan?

Moving right along to the compensation plan, affiliates for BitMax earn money by gifting bitcoin to one another.

All gifting activity is tracked through a 2×9 matrix system (as the 2×9 BitMax name suggests), and affiliates first get started with it by gifting 0.0002 BTC to the affiliate that initially recruited them to join the opportunity.

The gifting of this money then entitles the new affiliate to receive the same amount (0.0002 BTC) from two other individuals that they recruit to join 2×9 BitMax.

There are nine total levels of this activity, and they continue in the following manner —

  • Affiliates in level 2 gift 0.0003 BTC and then receive the same amount from four other members
  • Affiliates in level 3 gift 0.0006 BTC and then receive the same amount from eight other members
  • Affiliates in level 4 gift 0.003 BTC and then receive the same amount from sixteen other members
  • Affiliates in level 5 gift 0.02 BTC and then receive the same amount from thirty-two other members
  • Affiliates in level 6 gift 0.1 BTC and then receive the same amount from sixty-four other members
  • Affiliates in level 7 gift 0.25 BTC and then receive the same amount from one hundred and twenty-eight other members
  • Affiliates in level 8 gift 1 BTC and then receive the same amount from two hundred and fifty-six other members
  • Affiliates in level 9 gift 4 BTC and then receive the same mount from five hundred and twelve other members

What Will It Cost To Join 2×9 BitMax

If you’re interested in becoming an official affiliate for 2×9 BitMax, you’ll need to gift a bare minimum of 0.0002 BTC in order to get your membership started.

However, in order to fully take part in everything that the compensation plan has to offer, you’ll need to kick up that gift amount to 5.3741 BTC.

Is 2×9 BitMax A Scam?

So, like with all business opportunities, you will hear things around the internet about there being a 2×9 BitMax scam or something like that.

And from what you have read, you may also wonder if this is legit or a complete scam.

So, what’s the truth?
Is there a 2×9 BitMax scam going on or is this legit?

Well, to be honest, 2×9 BitMax is not really a proper scam or anything like that.

But there are some things to be aware of (see conclusion section).

That is how you will be successful.

See below for help with making money.

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My 2×9 BitMax Review Conclusion

At the end of the day, 2×9 BitMax is nothing more than just another bitcoin-based cash gifting scheme that’s trying to solicit as much money as it can from unsuspecting victims.

People join the company by gifting money to one another, and by recruiting more and more people to join, they’ll hopefully be able to make some amount of money back.

Like most schemes that are constructed like this, the anonymous admin more than likely has positions preloaded at the top of the matrix so that they can earn the vast majority of all the money that’s dumped into 2×9 BitMax.

Most people who decided to join will end up losing out in the long haul, and once recruitment activity finally dies down, 2×9 BitMax will be faced with a rather immediate collapse of all operations.

Hopefully, you have found my 2×9 BitMax Review useful.

I wanted to give a lot of details because there have been other review of 2×9 BitMax which were a bit thin on the detail side.

No matter what happens, if you really want to succeed with any business, you have to learn how to market properly.

And, my training below will help you do that and make money!

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