3 Hints On How To Build Links To Your Blog

how to build links to your blogIn 2013, we have had 2 major Google updates that have once again made the task of SEO more challenging: These are the recent Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1 updates.

To make matters worse, these updates launched pretty much at the same time: Double Whammy!

The goal of this article is to reflect on the recent Google updates and give some insights on how to build links to your blog without risk of penalty by Google (if that’s even possible anymore!).

A lot of what I am going to suggest is what you should have been doing already, like aiming for quality content and “not building links too fast”. However, I understand that people receive all sorts of bad advice on SEO, and it’s easy to go down the wrong path.

If you want in-depth training on dominating the search rankings, see my Free Training below:

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My 3 Hints for you on How to Build Links To Your Blog

1. Take your time – I’ve noticed a strong trend of people to want “microwave results” from their online marketing, SEO efforts and life in general. What I am going to suggest is that you “take your time” with building links. If you have a new domain, don’t fall for the hype and build 1000s of backlinks in the first few months. Don’t do this!

Instead, aim to build a few links each week and make sure that they are always relevant. Don’t get spam comment links just for the sake of it. Comment on some articles that you like when you see them. Google and the other search engines can see if you are going off on a “link building crusade“.

2. Leverage your Content – You should already be focused on creating different types of media to share your message. For example, you should be considering providing content through the form of podcasts, videos, pdfs, slideshares and more.

This has multiple benefits.

You are giving your audience and followers different ways to consume your content.

Google will like the fact that you are doing so.

Your bounce rates will probably reduce, which Google also likes.

You can build lots links by getting genuine content on relevant websites. For example, see my post here that details 24 websites that you can submit your videos to for greater exposure and juicy backlinks.

Within Jon Cooper’s Link Building course, he gives you a spreadsheet that maps out all the places where you can get backlinks for your leverage content. I highly recommend checking it out if you want to understand how to build links to your Blog.

3. Build Great Content and Then Promote it – Ok, I know that you have heard this before but it is so important that it needs repeating. The best links that you acquire will be gained through great content. Google loves these types of links.

You should have a strategy for how often you produce content. I recently blogged about this topic here.

You also need people reading your content.

For that, you need to be promoting your content.

Each time you press “publish”, the next step should be to take your latest piece of content and to tell people about it.

Naturally, your content should also be optimized (if we can still call it that)! See my post here for help with that.

I explain how to do that in my free video series below:

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link building guideThose are my 3 best hints for how to build links to your blog in light of these updates. Remember that it is not so much building links but “earning” them through great content and multiple format types for your content.

Whether you are a veteran or beginner link builder, I highly recommend you take a look at Jon Cooper’s Link Building Course. It’s as relevant now as it’s ever been.

How are you building links to your blog in 2013? What is your strategy?

Or, are you a newbie to SEO? In which case, does any of this actually make sense to you?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Related to point 1. Commenting on the articles you like and have an interest in is a great idea. You increase your knowledge and understanding on that topic and get a backlink to your website in the process.

    • Absolutely! I agree.

      It’s important to comment on articles. I do it myself.

      However, there are a lot of spammers out there who just go out to every article they see and leave hopeless comments trying to get links. I am completely against that.

      I also recommend being “picky” about where to comment. Only do it to join the conversation (as you are doing Brian)! 🙂

  2. Your information and website’s really helpful.

  3. Thank you Sir for providing such good and valuable information regarding creation of the Backlinks.

  4. Great tips. Best one is probably #3. But the real question is how and where do you promote your posts?

    • Hi Victor,

      Hey, that’s a good point about promotion.

      I would say that the “short answer” is Social Bookmarking websites and general Social Media websites. The most common ones would be Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin.

      For a more advanced approach, I would recommend investing in Jon Cooper’s link building course that I mentioned in the post. He goes in-depth into things like “Link bait”, making content go viral, Forum Posting etc…

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Victor.

  5. Great advice.

    Focussing on building relationships with other blogger in the same niche as you are is key. When bloggers combine their efforts to promote each other, everyone win.

    Definitly guest posting QUALITY content on the authority site of your niche is powerful as it open-up new audiences and help having more comments and more social signals.

    Creating a private facebook group(or G+ Community) where bloggers can syndicate each others content with comments and likes it very powerful too.

    Of course there is all the SEO stuff that must be dealt with…I think that by focussing on “building trust” with the search engine is key for long term residual traffic from the search engine.

    • Yes, building relationships are an important part of blogging. In fact, if we look at all aspects of business and marketing today, “building relationships” is the only way it’s done. We give away free info/reports/blog posts and work at building trust and relationships with our tribe.

      You’ve absolutely got this concept Renaud.

      All of the “SEO Stuff” falls into play if you do the above things. You can gain links naturally over the long term. There are of course things you can do in the short term and to help the process along.

  6. Hi Nick,

    Point 1 is really a look at whether you are penalised for being artificial over a normal organic approach to link building. I totally agree that building it up slowly is a better way to go and Google’s algorithms will treat you kindly for the steady eddie approach.

    In point 2, I’m playing with the idea of other media, I’m personally a bit weak on the video front so that is definitely an avenue I’d like to explore. I have read another article about how some Slideshare content can go viral very quickly which sounds exciting. With all things, many other competitors have already cornered these methods of communication so what is more key is just providing great content. With practice you will arrive at the cutting edge.

    I agree in point 3 that the publishing part is the easy bit, the sell of that piece is far more critical. It falls down to generating an audience and a bit of buzz. I find it annoying how a very detailed helpful piece of literature can be overlooked because it didn’t hit the right audience, wasn’t released at the right time, wasn’t released on the right platform, wasn’t presented in the correct format and much much more.

    • Hi Jackson,

      Thanks for the thoughtful comments on each point.

      With point 2 (reffering to additional Media), it’s certainly beneficial but not just for link building. The way the Internet is going, people love consuming videos, podcasts etc and if you can find a way to spread your message to appeal to different senses: visual and audio, then you can score some attention points.
      On the link building side, I would say that it’s a “bonus” to get links from those places, but not the primary strategy.

      With the Promotion (Point 3), I agree that it can look like a bit of a lottery of whether you get shares. What I’ve noticed though, is that you can keep promoting posts over time through social media, and eventually the shares will arrive! Remember, you don’t need to “only” promote a piece of content once. You can try again after a week or so. This means that you have unlimited opportunities to get shares. Also, as long as you are constantly producing Fresh Content (that makes Google happy, 😉 ), you will always have “new content” to share.

      It’s really not as difficult as you think.

      Hope that helps, and thanks for stopping by.

  7. Hey Nick, We are speaking today at 4:00 EST as per our conversation yesterday. I would like to change numbers – could you please call me at 705-645-1476. Please confirm when you get this. Thanks Dennis

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