3 Tips To Avoid MLM Burnout?

mlm burnoutA lot of the times when people speak about MLM Burnout, they like to refer to the traditional MLM and Network Marketing approaches: things like cold-calling and hassling friends and family.

I don’t take such a simplistic approach to the topic. I think that people can suffer from burnout, whether they are tired of online or offline tactics.

The truth is that building a Network Marketing business can be difficult, and that is why people “burn out”. Not all days are “rosy”.

What Is MLM Burnout?

It essentially refers to “burning out” within Network Marketing (or anything for that matter).

As I’ve mentioned before, building a successful MLM business is a “long term pursuit” and so there will always be people who give up and lose the belief that they will succeed.

I am not “calling these people out” or insulting them for quitting.

What I will do is try to give some tips and advice for avoiding MLM Burnout. These are the things I have always done to keep going with anything. If you read my story, you will see that I became a skilled pianist. This was a similar journey. I went through tough times where I hated practicing the piano, but I always strived to get through the challenges.

It’s similar with Network Marketing.

You will have days where things don’t go to plan, and you will struggle to gain traction, but I’ve realised that the people who succeed are the people who “stay in the game“.

3 Tips To Avoid MLM Burnout

1. Calm Down and Be Patient – If you were launching a new business (a shop or restaurant for example), I’m guessing that you wouldn’t expect it to be succesfull in the first 3 months? Within the small business world, this just doesn’t happen. There are start-up costs and it takes time to get traction. So, for your Network Marketing business, don’t expect everything to happen in the first 3 months! You are building a home based business business and a personal brand. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so give yourself some breathing space to work hard for 6 months to a year.

2. Meditate – I know what you’re thinking. How can I meditate when it hasn’t happened yet. This point is linked to the first point. You will be full of energy and wanting your business to explode straight away. Instead of this, meditate each day to keep yourself “calm and collected”. That way, you will do your best work and you will “keep going” with your business.

3. Work On Your Mindset – I know that you have heard this before but it is so important. For points 1. and 2. to be in place, you need to have the right mindset that will encourage you to be positive and keep going. Make a point to work on your mindset each day to make yourself a better person. Who can argue with that?

Note: Of course of the things I’ve mentioned above are “mental” exercises. These are equally important as generating leads.

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mlm successI hope these 3 Tips help you in avoding MLM Burnout and continuing to grow your business. If it helps, remember that we have all been there and that the key to succeeding in this industry is to “work hard and keep going”. If you liked this, post please share and retweet.

Let me know in the comments what you do to avoid burning out.


  1. I watched a great video with Mike Dillard and his original coach Mark Weizner .. I believe was his name .. and your post is similar .. Mindset is a big part of it .. some will .. some won’t .. why worry!

    • Hi Kay. Yes, a lot of what I have learnt was from Mike Dillard – He was actually my first influence within the industry so it’s close to my heart. Not everyone will do what is necessary to succeed in this industry, but that is the same for everything in life.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Kay.

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