3 Things Your MLM Website Must Have

mlm-website-post-imageAt the time of writing this post, I am “cooking up” a new blog training course for my followers and audience.

Specifically, it will be aimed at using a blog for network marketing and MLM, but the training can be applied to other niches as well.

As I’ve been working on this training, it’s reminded me how important the “essentials” are in blogging. Later on, you may focus on all sorts of blog traffic generation tactics, but when you first start out, it’s all about having a well optimized theme as your foundation.

And today, in this post, I am going to cover the foundation of running a successful MLM blog.

The Very First Thing To Understand

If you are a network marketer and are considering blogging as a lead generation method, the first question should obviously be: “What kind of MLM Website Should You Have”?

Well, actually this is a really easy one!

The type of website you should have is a Blog.


Being a network marketer is all about being a “trusted authority”.

This means that you need to regularly hold training that is relevant to your audience.

A Blog is known as being “Dynamic”. Content can be added on a regular basis.

Your readers want to see “fresh relevant training” and so do the search engines.

I’ve explained in-depth before in other posts why you need an MLM Business blog but those are the main reasons.

Your Blog Should Be A Lead Generator

You need a blog to establish yourself as an authority and somewhere for your content to live.

But most importantly, your primary goal should be to generate leads.

And this means “collecting email addresses”.

Your goal shouldn’t be to “directly” promote your business opportunity (except in very specific posts). I plan to explain more about this in my new upcoming training.

Your Website Will Make People Treat You Seriously

Let’s face the facts.

People only join you in your opportunity if they know, like and trust you.

They also want someone who looks like they are “going places”.

And this is why the Facebook spammers find it so difficult to recruit.

Having an MLM Blog website shows everyone else that you know what you’re doing.

It shows that you are a leader (or upcoming leader) and that you want to lead others to greatness!

And you need a blog to do that, otherwise people just won’t take you seriously on the internet.

Simply having a Facebook profile isn’t enough these days.

Having a “home base” website with your own logo, branding and content shows others that you are “going places”.

The 3 Things You Need To “Get Online” With Your MLM Website

Now, I’m going to explain the kinds of things you need to really get started.

1. A WordPress Self-Hosted Website – The most important factor of all is to make sure that you have a wordpress.org self-hosted website.

What does this mean?

This means that you will have your own domain name and it will be branded to you.

It won’t be wordpress.com “slash something”!

It will be your specific domain name.

For example: “workwithJoe.com” or whatever it’s going to be.

Also, the search engines love WordPress and therefore you will get lots and lots of search engine love and traffic for using it as your platform.

WordPress (self hosted) has become the choice of all bloggers and most website owners in general.

2. A Well Optimized Theme/Template – The next crucial thing you need is a well optimized (for Search Engines) WordPress theme.

If you have a look at my post here, I show you the theme that I use for this very website! And in this post here, I explain why it’s necessary to have a well optimized wordpress theme.

In my upcoming training, I’ll be showing you exactly how to set everything up so don’t worry about that!

3. The option of managing yourself – Whilst outsourcing can be powerful for lots of tasks, I don’t recommend that you outsource all aspects of your Blog.

You need a way “each day” of publishing your own content for the world to see.

It’s not a solution (at all) to have to rely on a programmer, and these days, this just isn’t necessary.

Fortunately, with WordPress, it is very easy to make changes to your website and publish your own content.

So,  just to sum up.

Your website needs to be a dynamic blog.

It needs to be wordpress.org self-hosted, SEO optimized and needs to be under your control, so that you can make changes to it whenever you want to.

In my upcoming training, I will be showing exactly how all of this can be done in less than 30 minutes!

That may sound quick, but I will prove that it’s absolutely true.

There will also be advanced material on what exactly you should be blogging about to get “proper” (non tire-kicker) leads, who actually want to join your business opportunity.

mlm website templatesI hope this post has helped you understand the type of website you need.

Have you started a blog yet?

If so, does it get the amount of leads (per day) that you would like.

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Nick I find your posts insightful and invaluable. As you know I’m starting to put my website together. It’s been inspiring getting your input and pointers to get the best out of my marketing efforts.


  2. Hey Nick,
    I totally agree with everything that you recommend!
    I wanted to add a call to action… In everything at the end of your blog post / video / website what do you want them(the reader) to do. I believe in the power of a blog! LOL, Just as Ray Higdon if you can make money at blogging…. I look forward to future posts from you!

    • Nicholas Pratt says

      Hi Scott.

      Many Thanks.

      Yes, it’s essential to have a call to action on posts as you have to convert readers into subscribers/leads.

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