3 Tips For Becoming An Entrepreneur

tips for becoming an entrepreneurWe are in tough economic times as shown by recent events and so becoming an Entrepreneur is more popular than ever.

Before, we go any further, I want to share a quote that sums up what it means to be an Entrepreneur.

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people cant.”
Warren G. Tracy’s student

This quote about Entrepreneurship has always been (to me) a huge inspiration, and it’s so very true.

The question you need to ask is “do you want to spend some time being uncomfortable to spend of the rest of your life comfortable“? I’ve twisted the quote around a bit into my own version!

In this post, I’ll give you 3 Tips for Becoming an Entrepreneur that I’ve learnt through my experience.

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From My Experience, Here are 3 Tips To Becoming An Entrepreneur

1. Persistence is key – I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot if you’ve studied entrepreneurship but it’s well worth stating here. For you to succeed with any business (whether it’s online or offline), it isn’t going to happen overnight. It’s going to take months or years. The way most people are wired means that the majority of us give up after a short time of trying something, whether this is learning the piano (as I have done), learn to cook or start a business.

The sad thing is that most people give up right before their next breakthrough.

I recommend learning to be persistent. See my post here about staying motivated within your business.

2. Have a Strategy – Again, this may seem obvious to some but it needs stating. There is a big difference between Tactical (short term) and Strategical (long term). Most people have tactics but they don’t have an overall strategy for achieving their long term goals (or not have goals at all!).

Make sure to have a plan of action for where you want to be. Otherwise, you just have a stream of short terms tactics that you will not stick with as they aren’t leading anywhere!

I explain how to form your business strategy in my free series below:

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3. Work on your MindsetBecoming an Entrepreneur is a “noble path” but you will be required to be a different person to the norm. I am just telling you how it is. Most people don’t succeed with running a successful business because they don’t have the “mindset” that is required to do it. A lot of people don’t even know that you need a “success mindset” which is even more frightening.

Everyone who is serious about starting a business and being an entrepreneur should read the book “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It’s become the most popular book on the topic of becoming wealthy (for good reason!). If you haven’t read this book, make sure to do so.

steps to becoming an entrepreneurHave you noticed that those 3 tips are primarily to do with mindset and planning. This is deliberate. Building a successful business is not all about profit margins and sales. The bigger picture is about putting a plan into action that will produce a successful outcome.

Do you run a business or are you planning to start a business?

If so, let me know in the comments below what tips you have for succeeding as an entrepreneur.

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  1. Yeah i agree with all you mentioned points for becoming a successful blogger and having a good Strategy with good time management is really important.


  2. Steven J Lynch says

    I’m starting to run a small business.
    My idea was to build the basics of the business first, then start focusing on gaining customers, however I am being taught to do the opposite by a coaching organisation I am with. Unfortunately, I just are not able to get past how I believe how it needs to be done.
    I have finished my programs, my autobiography, I have 2 business pages on Facebook and found social media not an easy journey, though am continuing down this path. I had an idea and I have just started to run with it and this is doing short videos on google+ talking about my program and giving people tips to what I can help them with.
    The mindset and also picturing where we want to be and having total focus on what we want for our future is imperative. Yes, we may miss out on a few things as in what is going on around us, however if I want what I want, I must stay focused on the bigger picture.
    Speaking my mind.

    • Hi Steven. Thanks for your comment – very interesting.

      I think I can see some of the logic in what your coaching organisation is recommending.

      Essentially, the school of thought is that a business is not a business without customers, and (think about this)- it’s absolutely true.

      Most businesses are very product orientated. Small business owners spend 90% of the time on product and 10% on marketing. It should be the other way round. Marketing is what gets customers and customers is what brings profits. What tends to happen is most business owners procrastinate over marketing and sales, and instead focus on the tiny details of their offering.

      Of course it’s important to have an offering, but remember that “perfection” is a myth and it’s better to get customers early on and tweak the offering later.

      Hope that makes sense.

  3. Try. Fail. Learn. is what I say Nick.

    I guess that’s the persistence thing though, right!
    Absolutely critical.

    • Hi Tim.

      Yes, that’s exactly right. We need to “fail faster” as a wise person once said.

      The failing is important and we also need to be “ok” with imperfection. There is no such thing as perfection. It’s best to do something, measure the results and then course correct accordingly.

      Thanks for stopping by Tim.

  4. Hi Nick,
    Thank you for the useful tips, its really motivating to start and grow business.


    • Hi Rick,

      Really glad that the post has helped you. Being an entrepreneur is a “noble” path – Always remember that.
      To be an entrepreneur means that you want everything that life has to offer instead of the “norm”.

      Congrats. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Thanks regarding giving this kind of well put together details.

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