3 Killer Tips: How To Sell Stuff Online For Cash?

how to sell stuff online for cashThis website is all about how I make a full time living from the Internet, and there are various posts that explain what I do.

In this post though, I want to point you in the direction of a totally free video course I have that will walk you through making money online and getting to 6 figures within 6 months.

This is a 100% Free video course of mineexplaining what to do (step by step).

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That video should help you understand the concept of “Dropshipping” – Selling other people’s products on Amazon and Ebay. Very easy to do!!

3 Fast Steps: How To Sell Stuff Online For Cash

When you promote products online (whether they are “your own” or “other people’s products), you essentially need to be making an offer.

The reason most people fail is that they are making the wrong offer!

You should not be trying to sell things “straight away” as most people don’t buy on first visit. Instead, you should be “capturing” their details (Name and Email) by giving free information away. See the 3 Tips below.

1. You Need To Give Something Away For Free – Because 99% of people do not buy on the first visit, you need a way of having their details “for life”. This is known as “Direct Response Marketing”.

Essentially, you shouldn’t aim to make sales (from new visitors). You should be aiming to “Generate Leads”.

To generate leads online, you need to be offering a Free Report, Free Video Series or Free Audio.

2. Your Offer Is A Lead Magnet – The offer needs to be compelling and once it is, you have your Lead Magnet.

Remember this: When people wake up in the morning, they don’t want to buy your products.

What they do want is to get some Free Information.

Everybody loves Free Information.

You need to decide “who” you are targeting. Once you have discovered this, you can decide “What They Need” and package it into a Free Offer.

You use this Free Offer to generate leads (see above).

3. Establishing A Rapport – Once you have generated leads, you need a system for following up with them. This is known as an Autoresponder. It automatically organises your leads into “lists” and sends a “follow up” series of emails in addition to “one off” emails.

See my post here that talks about the importance of having an autoresponder.

People only buy from those that they “know, like and trust”.

Therefore, you need to be providing value to your target market. You need to be regularly giving them “How To” Training information that is relevant to them.

Eventually, they will buy something from you. This could be days, weeks or months.

The important thing to remember is that you need to build a relationship first and “pitch later”.

I hope the “3 Tips” above give you some understanding in how to sell stuff online for cash. I’ve spoken before about how beneficial passive residual income can be so I do recommend this as a business model. It gives you true freedom in life.

Remember, you need to build relationships with your prospect. Converting to sales is possibly more difficult than getting the leads them-self.

This post, has been a very quick run through the process. If you want an in-depth guide, make sure to check out below:

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sell stuff online for cashAny questions on the video series or the tips above?

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