3 Tips To Make Your Internet Network Marketing More Effective

internet network marketing tipsI’ve been having conversations recently with some other network marketers about the differences between “online” and “offline” methods.

Most people I speak with “are sick and tired of offline methods“, but I see benefits in both.

However, I must confess that at the moment, I only work on the “online methods“.

That’s probably because they are more enjoyable, but are they as effective?

They can be “effective” but it’s very easy to waste your time marketing online.

Within this post, I will give 3 quick tips to help you with Internet Network Marketing methods.

My 3 Tips To Boost your Internet Network Marketing

1. Focus on 1 Strategy! – Ok, a lot of people talk about this. It’s a rookie mistake.

Most internet network marketing newbies make the “rookie mistake” of focusing on lots and lots of different strategies over a few weeks. This is wrong.

The reason people do this is that they have a “fear of loss” with certain methods. They see other people succeed with Facebook and quickly panic that they are “missing out“. In reality, losing your focus is a big mistake. You need to work on 1 (or maximum of 2 strategies) exclusively until it feels “automatic”. Once, you are in a good reliable routine with that method, you can then move onto other strategies.

2. Invest In a Course – Once you have decided on the “method” that you will specialize in (see point 1. above), you should then research into training courses. Shortlist some different courses within that niche, and invest in one of them! Afterwards, you may even want to invest in another.

The point is that you need to spend some money and become a specialist in a specific area. That way you can generate leads and even produce your own products out of the skills you have learnt.

Until you are ready to invest, you can grab my free ebook below that shows you how it’s possible to easily generate 25-50 leads per day!

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It may be that you invest in a standalone course, or you may need a system to plug into that gives training as well. If that’s the case, you can see my own system on the post here.

3. Track Your Results – This is so important. Please! Be a marketer and track your results! This is the only way you will know what is working and what isn’t.

A proper marketer makes lots of mistakes but learns from them by “knowing their numbers” and making improvements to the funnel. You should never be “guessing about anything“! You should know things like your landing page conversion rate, and even “lead to sale conversion rate”.

For more information on this, you might want to read my post here that gives some free training on tracking your results.

I talk about some of this tracking in my wake up now scam youtube video below. Check it out:

internet network marketing trainingIf you remember to follow the 3 Tips above, you can actually succeed (purely) through Internet Network Marketing tactics! So many fail with online tactics because they get overwhelmed, but if you follow tip 1, you will have a clear focus.

Are you using online methods to grow your network marketing business?

If so, let me know if these tips help you, or tell me your approach.

Let me know in the comments section below.

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