3 Youtube Marketing Tips That Most People Forget To Do

youtube tipsAs I’ve mentioned a lot recently, Youtube (and Video Marketing in general) is very hot at the moment. It’s important to do because it increases conversions massively if people can see you or your service on video. Shooting the video is only half of the battle though. You need to have some kind of software that uploads it easily, maintains the quality and tracks the results. For this, I recommend Easy Video Suite as I’ve spoken about in other posts. This online video platform allows you to get video online in the fastest time possible!

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easy video suite

The marketing of your videos is the next important (and vital step) part of the strategy. Like with SEO (for Website/Blogging) though, there are optimisation tactics that you need to know about to rank your videos on Youtube. There are off-page techniques (which I’ve spoken about in this post) and there are On-Page factors as well (mainly covered in this post). I’ve therefore put together 3 specific Youtube Marketing tips that most people forget about.

Here are 3 Youtube Marketing Tips For You!

1. – Place your keyword in the annotations – Most people forget to do this! Normally, they include a call to action in the annotations, but not the keyword. It’s important to have a “call to action” (so people convert) but also make sure you have your keyword. Include it at the start of the annotation, and keep the annotation visible for the first 15 seconds (or similar) of the video.

Have a look below:

youtube marketing tips

2. Do Some Competitor Analysis! – Did you know that you can still find out what tags other people have used for their videos? A while ago, Youtube stopped showing the tags for each video but there is still a way for you to see them!
First of all, find a video that is ranking very well for the “keyword” that you want.
Next, whilst you are on the page of that video, “Right Click….and Choose “View Page Source
You will see a page of code. Now press Ctrl+F (find tool) and enter “keywords”.

You should see something like this (below) – Those are tags that you can use!

youtube tags image

3. Include your Keyword in the filename (before uploading!) – Some people forget to do this, probably because it requires another stage before uploading. Essentially, you want to place your keyword in the filename of the video before you upload. In many ways, this is similar to how you optimise images for blog posts. By the way, if you need help optimising your blog posts, see my post here.

See below for an example of how I have entered the keyword into the filename:

youtube on page optimisation

youtube marketing strategyThose 3 Youtube Marketing Tips should serve you well. There are (of course) more aspects to video marketing than just this. You will want to upload your videos to a variety of video websites for increased exposure (and backlinks!). See my post here that covers this area.

Are you currently marketing on Youtube?
If so, what is your strategy for ranking?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Good tips Nick! I didn’t venture into videos yet but when I do this info will come in handy for getting the videos to reach my target market. Thanks.

    • You’re welcome Brian. Yes, video is so important at the moment. They boost conversion rates a lot and it’s easier to rank on Youtube than it is on Google. Thanks for stopping by.

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