39 Simple Ways To Generate MLM Leads

mlm leads I have had the idea for this post for quite a while!

The reason?

I’m constantly hearing people whine about the difficulty in creating traffic that generates MLM Leads.

This is (obviously) one of the most important things as “you need to have traffic going in to the top of the funnel”!

The truth is there are so many ways to generate leads that you should never be “scratching your head”.

You should always be working on something that sends traffic through the top of the funnel.

So anyway, I’ve taken it upon myself to create a fairly large list of ways that you can generate MLM Leads.

Here Are My 39 Simple Ways To Generate MLM Leads

All in all, there are 39 Methods that I’ve written down for you.

This is completely Free!


Here they are (See Below)

Blogging (Online)

1. Write Blog Posts To “Attract” Your Target Market (see here and here for help with that)

2. Write Guest Posts On Popular Blogs in Your Niche

Email Marketing (Online)

3. Contact Internet Marketers and Ask For A Solo Ad. (See some tips here)

4. Use Safe-Swaps And Do Regular Ad-Swaps

5. Try Out Solo Ad Vendors From The Directory Of Ezines

Give Away Free Resources (Online)

6. Free Ebook

7. Free Training Videos

8. Free MLM Help Style Bootcamp

9. Hold Free Webinars To Get Leads

Classified Ads (Online)

10. Use Craigslist (see my guide here)

11. Use Gumtree

12. Use ClassifiedAds.com

Social Media (Online)

13. Create A Facebook Fan Page That Targets Your Niche

14.  Use Sponsored Posts

15. Implement Facebook PPC Campaigns

16. Contact Professionals On LinkedIn

17. Connect With People On Facebook (see my guide here)

Audio And Video Marketing (Online)

18. Create YouTube Videos To Get Leads (See my posts here, here and here for help with that!) 🙂

19. Create A Regular Podcast

20. Convert Your Guide Into An “Audio MP3” To Generate Leads Or Give As A “Bonus”

Pay Per Click (PPC) And Pay Per View (PPV) – (Online)

21. Use Bing PPC

22. Use Google PPC

23. Try Out PPV (Pay Per View) – Popups

24. Run Facebook PPC Campaigns

Some Killer Offline Methods

25. Attend Local Networking Events

26. Attend Chamber Of Commerce Events

27. Go To Trade Shows

28. Use BNI (Business Network International) Events

29. Use My Guide Here For Help With Networking Events

30. Drop 30 Dropcards A Day

31. Drop Cards In Bookstores and Libraries

32. Place Dropcards In Local Business Magazines

33. Use Flyers And Place In Shopping Mall Car Parks

34. Taxi Cab Signs

35. Lamposts

36. Advertise In Local Magazines

37. Advertise In Niche Related Magazines

38. Sponsor Charity Events

39. Run A Direct Mail Postcard Campaign

mlm lead generationSo, there you have 39 different ways that you can use to generate leads.

The thing is, you won’t even need them all!

You just need to start with 2-3 that you like best and enjoy.

For example, I specilise in “Blogging” and “Video” and that generates me lots of leads each day!

If you want more “in-depth” information on the mlm lead generation methods themselves, feel free to grab a copy of my totally free ebook below:

 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber 

In the future, once you have automated some of them, you can then add another method into the mix.

This way, you will never run out of ways to generate MLM Leads!

Has this huge list helped you with ideas on where to get leads?

If so, let me know in the comments section below!


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