4 Killer Tips For Affiliate Marketing Success

affiliate marketing successSo many people struggle as affiliates that I wanted to assist in some way with this post.

The truth is that simply “selling as an affiliate” can be very difficult and most people end up diversifying and developing into offering their own products because you get to “keep more money”.

Having said that, there are some people who make “plenty” by simply selling other products.

I personally believe that Affiliate Marketing should always be done “in addition” to other online marketing activity. it can be a good “entry level” into Internet Marketing and then later on, you can sell your own products.

Quick Note: This post gives “4 Tips”on affiliate marketing. If you are new to making money online, rather than go throught the hassle, check out my free video course below on how to get to 6 figures within 6 months.

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Quick Summary: What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Just as a very quick summary, it is the process of earning a commission from endorsing and recommending a product. If someone buys from your affiliate link, you receive a commission (example: 20%-40%).

Why So Many Fail?

A lot of people can be very suspicious when they see someone is “promoting as an affiliate”. The “potential buyer” is now unsure of whether that person genuinely believes in the product or is simply trying to “earn a buck”.

And this is the central problem for a lot of affiliates.


One of the main reasons they fail is that the audience simply doesn’t “trust” them or their recommendation. They are “on the fence”.

People only buy from those that they “know, like and trust”, especially on the Internet.

Another problem is a lesson that is as old as time itself: Matching a valuable product with laser targeted leads and prospects that need the product.

There is no point selling “steak to a vegetarian”.

So, now I have talked about some of the reasons of failure for affiliates, I’ll give 4 Killer tips that can lead to Affiliate Marketing Success.

My 4 Killer Tips For Affiliate Marketing Success

1. Use the Product – This may sound obvious but you should only promote products that you have actually used. I still can’t believe that there are people promoting courses that they haven’t used. How can they even speak of recommending it if they haven’t tried it out.

This is just “making a quick buck”.

So, use the product yourself and then “write a review” explaining your experience.

Or, write a post about what the product achieves (it’s function) and then promote the product as the “result” of it’s function.

As an example, I did a post explaining How to Build an Email List Fast and throughout the post, I recommend the excellent Hybrid Connect list building tool.
This is appropriate as that is relevant to the task of building a mailing list.

2. Speak of product flaws – If you have found “flaws” within the product, “mention them”. It makes the endorsement more authentic if you say that the product is 97% great but has a couple of minor problems. Be honest about the flaws rather than not mentioning them.

Obviously, if there are no flaws then don’t simply make them up, but most products have some kind of minor problem that needs some work.

3. Use A Video Demonstration – Once you have used the product, I recommend producing a video demo of yourself using the product.

This kind of demonstration can really drive up conversions as you are showing the “back office” of the product and how it works in person.

Speak of the benefits and results it has given you, and if possible, show the results “on screen”. For more tips about using video, see my 4 Video Marketing Tips and Tricks post.

4. Offer A Bonus (Optional!) – This can sometimes be a bit of a “slippery slope”. A lot of affiliates offer bonuses if their prospects/audience buys through “their affiliate link”.

I sometimes do this, but I think you need to be careful with this approach.

You don’t want it to look like you are “bribing them” to buy through your affiliate link.

To do this properly, I recommend offering bonuses  that “fit well” with product and even address it’s “flaws” (see above).

I hope those 4 Tips help you reach affiliate marketing success by marketing yourself properly!

Try to always “help people” by giving them the best “tools” that you use.

If you think like that and be ethical, your results will follow.

Any questions on succeeding with affiliate marketing?

Let me know in the comments below and hopefully I can help.

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tips for affiliate marketingAre you currently working as an affiliate marketer?

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