4 Network Marketing Training Tips For Newbies!

network marketing training tipsIt’s difficult when you first get started with Network Marketing as a newbie! I know because I have been there – In fact, we all have!

There are multiple approaches to building a Network Marketing team including online, offline, paid traffic, free traffic and operating things like nerve centers!!

There’s so much information out there that it’s very easy for newbies to be completely overwhelmed and even think that they are not capable of achieving in this industry. In fact, I did a post recently that looked at this very topic.

To help with this, I’ve put together 4 specific network marketing training tips that should be helpful for those that are new or just starting out.
It’s based on the most common problems I see from new people in my team (who are completely new to Network Marketing).

Here are 4 Network Marketing Training Tips (Newbie Friendly!)

1. Don’t just follow the crowd – When you get started with this profession, you will see all sorts of marketing going on, and a lot of it is complete junk. Just because you see lots of people spamming about their opportunity on Facebook, this doesn’t mean it is a good approach. In reality, a lot of those people are desperate for results. Instead of following the crowd, make an effort to find leaders who know what they are doing, and then “follow them”. Copy what they do to achieve the same results as them. This is called “Success Modeling”.

2. Don’t fall into the “Training Pit” – You will find that there is simply too much training available in this industry. There will be hangouts, webinars, video trainings and more each and every week. My suggestion is that you train yourself with 1 marketing strategy until you have mastered it, and then (and only then) can you move onto another.

In summary, embrace network marketing training but do not flood yourself with every course out there. Take some training and then work on implementing it straight away.

If you want a guide to get you started without getting too overwhelmed, you can always grab my free ebook below:

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3. Learn Attraction Marketing – I still cannot believe that there are people in this industry who don’t know the fundamentals of “Attraction Marketing”. If you want to become a leader, make an effort to learn all about it. As a start, see my post here that gives a good overview.

Also, see my video below on how to build a strong team in network marketing. This gives you a good starting point if you are new to network marketing.

4. Enjoy Yourself – This is an interesting point. I recommend that you focus on enjoying yourself within this industry. My reason: It is a long term game and you are much more likely to stick with it and be productive (for the time that you need) if you are enjoying yourself. It might be hard work at the start but there should always be an “enjoyable” side to it. You should find it fascinating and enjoyable to learn about different marketing strategies. It’s also important that you choose a marketing strategy based on what you enjoy. Make sure the work you do is enjoyable and rewarding to avoid burning out (I actually wrote a post on this very topic!)

learn network marketingIf you recently got started in this industry then I hope these Network Marketing Training Tips will help you!

Please remember that it is a long term game and you should be prepared to treat it as an on-going profession. Follow the last tip and make sure to enjoy yourself as well!

Are you new to Network Marketing? If so, let me know what your current approach is, and if these tips have been useful.


  1. Great stuff, thank you. I really liked the advice in your post about MLM Attraction Marketing where you said ” You need to go to work on your business each day thinking of how you can “serve people” rather than how you can “sell to them””. Definitely a better way of looking at it.

    • Hi Danny.

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, the whole industry only work for you if you are “serving people”.
      So many people only lead with their opportunity and this is the wrong approach.
      No-one wakes up in the morning wanting another opportunity. They want guidance and leadership, so lead with that.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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