4 Tips On What To Say To MLM Leads

what to say to mlm leadsAre you struggling with that crucial process of what to say to MLM Leads? You aren’t the only one. We have all struggled at some point with how to talk to prospects whether offline or online.

Getting people to talk to (through offline methods) is exciting and highly necessary for you to succeed but it’s also more nerve-racking then recruiting online. There are a number of possible objections they will have, questions for you or they just be “plainly confused” about the whole thing. They may not understand what network marketing is. If you are reading this, and you aren’t sure what it is, please see my video here.

This post is for you. I will give you 4 things that you implement so you know what to say to MLM leads that will make the process far easier than you thought.

4 Tips On What Say To MLM Leads To Build A Relationship

Building a relationship with them is vital. You don’t want to call them up and straight away act desperate to recruit. Instead follow the tips below:

1. Tell them who you are and Introduce Yourself: Be friendly and tell them who you are and why you are talking with them. It could be something like “Hey there, you opted in and requested further information on X, I’m just following up on this…”

2. Find out about them: Ask questions about what they are interested in and what they are currently doing in life. You want to investigate what they want and why they are here. They will appreciate that you are finding out information about them and not simply pitching your opportunity to them straight away.

3. Ask Them How It Would Change Their Life: Give them the opportunity to consider what a change it would make to improve their income. For the economic situation that we are in right now, it makes a huge difference to people. The reason you need to ask this is because you have the solution with your opportunity, and so you can pose this as a solution to their problem.

4. Keep Your Posture: Don’t vomit your MLM opportunity all over the person you are talking to! Be confident and don’t act desperate – Say things like “this may or may not be a good fit for you”, and this will place you in a stronger position. They will no longer think that “you need them” but instead act as if “they need you”. This is very powerful.

NOTE: I realise that in this post, I haven’t actually told you how to “generate leads”.

I recommend using online methods to generate leads. To understand how I do this, and how you can as well, grab my free ebook below:

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mlm scriptsThe next time you are using offline MLM tactics, and you acquire phone numbers, refer back to this post for what to say to MLM leads. Follow those crucial 4 steps above and you should be fine.

Remember that no-one wakes up in the morning and “dreams of joining your opportunity”. Instead they want leadership and the lifestyle. Demonstrate that on the phone call and your conversions will increase.

Let me know in the comments section how you speak to prospects – What specific things do you say to build a relationship and connection?

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