5 Blogging Tips For Beginners

blogging tips for beginnersRecently I’ve been receiving messages from people who want specific Blogging Tips for Beginners, and that’s why I’m doing a post on it! To get this post out there means many more people can benefit than the original people asking questions. That’s how powerful Blogging is!! Having a piece of content that serves 100s, 1000+ people is both powerful and exciting!

The good news is that starting a Blog has never been easier. This is down to a few things:

Nowadays, you don’t even need to hire an expensive web designer. These days we have the Genesis Framework and the beautiful “plug-in” Themes that come with it. On top of that, it’s “SEO Friendly”, so you can hit the ground running with the search engines.

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5 Blogging Tips For Beginners

1. Decide on your niche

I know that everyone always says this as the starting point, but it is so true. Picking your niche is the starting point!!

There are essentially 3 types of Blog:

a) A Blog that is centered on a specific theme and never deviates from it.
b) A Blog that is not centered on any theme, and is just “random thoughts”. This should be referred to as a “life journal” rather than a Blog.
c) A Blog that has a “specific theme” but also explores other areas.

If you are getting started with Blogging, I would recommend points a) and c) above. Both approaches use a central theme. It is fine to expand into areas as long as the Blog stands for something!

2. Write With Passion

This may sound obvious but it is worth stating. When you choose your niche, you have an idea of the topics you will be writing about. These topics should get you excited to share your expertise. If they don’t, choose another area. It’s that simple. Blogging is all about sharing your expertise on something that you care about. It’s not all about promoting opportunities or affiliate products. You can do that of course, but only do it if you are passionate about them.

3. Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

As I pointed out before, creating a website has never been easier. DO NOT get sucked into using “old school” methods from the 90s and paying someone to create you a static website that you cannot control! That is wrong. You want to have a dynamic modern website that is suited to being updated regularly. Static Websites should not even be considered.

Nowadays, every Blogger worth their salt uses WordPress (.org, not .com) CMS system. There is a reason why everyone uses WordPress. It allows you to manage your content easily, gives you a dynamic website, is friendly to the search engines etc. There are competitors to WordPress, such as Joomla and Drupal, but they are so far behind, it is embarrassing.

4. Use A Premium Framework And Theme

Just as every Blogger is using WordPress for their websites, a lot of them (including me) are using the Genesis Framework as well. Genesis is a very popular Premium Framework+Themes that runs your website on WordPress. There are lots of beautiful themes to choose from and they all contain great features: SEO Optimized, Clean Code, HTML5, Fast Loading Time and excellent Website Security – No stone is left unturned. Bottom line, my number 1 blogging tips for beginners is to use Genesis!

I explain how to optimize your website fully in my Free Course:

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5. Find Your Schedule and Blog Regularly

There is often a lot of debate and discussion on the question of “how often to blog?“.

This completely depends on yourself and your goals. As a general rule, once a week should be the minimum. If you are planning to earn a living from Blogging then every day would be appropriate. I will be necessary for you to increase web traffic and posting regularly will be a major part of that.

The point is to find the schedule that suits you best. For me, it is 4-5 posts per week. Others might decide on twice per week. There is no right and wrong answer here, but it does need to be regular. If you aren’t posting regularly, your readers will not have a reason to return to your site. Your Blog will also lose the momentum it needs to build an audience.

blogging tips and tricksThose are the fundamental blogging tips for beginners, but there are a lot of things to consider. Have you recently started blogging? What have you found most difficult in starting? Let me know in the comments!




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