5 Super Tips To Convert More Leads Into Sales

how to convert more leads into salesConversion is one of the most important factors for any business.

If you cannot “convert” leads to sales, you don’t make sales or signups.

And therefore, you don’t make money!

It doesen’t matter whether you are promoting a network marketing business, high ticket “top tier” affiliate program or anything else, you must have a strategy for converting your leads to sales.

This is why I often vent about the facebook spammers like my post from last year.

They give no thought to conversion as they jump up and down about their “ground floor” opportunity!

Is The Money In The List?

You may have heard the very overused phrase “The money is in the list”.

And this is by and large true.

The money is in the list if your treat your list like gold.

It’s a smart strategy to constantly be out there list building.

However, at the same time, you do need to focus on converting the leads you already have.

Yes, this does mean that you are multi-tasking, but you are building a proper business here.

A business that thrives on the following formula:

Traffic + Conversions = Income

If you can work on both parts of this equation each day, you will be successful.

If you just focus on generating lots and lots leads, but you haven’t got a conversion strategy, you’re going to really struggle in this industry.

And you can even struggle if you’re generating 30 leads a day.

Because if you haven’t got a conversion strategy for those leads, hardly anyone is going to buy anything.

And I see this problem all the time.

I see people who are laser-focused on getting as many leads as possible, but they haven’t got a proper sales funnel mapped out.

For the business to work, yes, you need lots of leads.

But you also need to maximize the number of sales and signups as shown in this Forbes article.

Needless to say, the Facebook spammers are doing both parts wrong!

How Do You Convert Leads To Reps/Sales

I want to really use this post to educate you on some ways of how you can convert more leads into sales.

How do you do this?

Well, the short answer is that you must deliver value on a regular basis.

But keep reading for some specific ways on how to do this.

1. Hold Regular Webinars – The first tip is to hold regular training webinars for your mailing list.

Webinars are absolutely fantastic and one of the most powerful methods of selling anything online.


It’s because webinars are a scheduled event in which your audience/list gives you there full attention.

One of the biggest challenges of the internet is getting people’s attention.

With a webinar, you are given the opportunity to provide training, boost your authority, leverage the “Live” event and make sales.

Unlike video sales letters and written sales letters, people give priority and importance to scheduled events and there’s a time deadline for people to adhere to.

This means that people make a real effort to attend the events, which means you can use things like scarcity in a much better way.

You can use it as a free training event  to get people’s attention.

The problem with a sales video/company presentation is that people know that they can watch the video at a later time.

They can’t do that with a webinar.

It therefore means you’ve got their full attention and that’s exactly what you need on the internet.

2. Create A Sales Funnel (Training Series) – The second tip I can give you is to create a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is a process for your leads to go through in which they will get to know you and your expertise better.

And yes, (some) of them will eventually buy from you or join your team.

Do you see how that is a better approach than spamming on facebook or trying to recruit people in the shopping mall?

How do you create a sales funnel?

Well, I’ll give you 2-for-1 here.

See one of my own sales funnels (6 Figure Roadmap) below which is both an example of a sales funnel, and “how to” training on how to create your own!

Enjoy the 2-for-1 combo there!

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how to create a sales funnel

3. Constantly Be Teaching In Your Emails – In life (and business), there are a few psychological laws you should be aware of.

We are biased towards:

– The law of reciprocity (working with those who provide value)

– People who are experts and/or leaders

– Those who help us with our problems

As a network marketer or internet marketer, you should be providing some form of value.

Rather than just pitching all the time.

Instead of pitching all the time, try to focus on 80% Value and 20% Pitching.

That’s a much better way of getting sales and signups for your business.

4. Get on the phone – Talking to people on the phone will always be the most effective way of making sales.

Especially in network marketing, MLM and top tier.

You may have “phone fear” but those are the facts.

A lot of people get worried that they have to memorize a script, but it’s not too bad!

If you can call your leads and reach out to them, you will make more sales and signups into your business.

Now, do I personally get on the phone? (these days)

Well, I used to do it all the time.

But nowadays, I do it a lot less.


It’s because, within my own business opportunity, we get our own “Phone Sales Team” who make the phone sales to our “generated leads” on our behalf.

Whilst I don’t mind chatting to people on the phone, it certainly frees me up to do other things.

And this is a great solution if you want a completely hands-off business. On that note, you can get this system for yourself or find out more information from my post here.

Nowadays, I will talk to some people on the phone, but it is mainly giving coaching and advice rather than trying to make sales.

I am so greatful for having my own “phone team” who make the sales for me whilst I am doing other things such as enjoying life!

mlm phone scripts

5. Use Video And Send To Your List – Video marketing is more powerful than even and your conversions will go through the roof if you shoot regular training videos for your mailing list.


People just to love to watch video and it allows people to get a feel for your energy.

You may be wondering “what type” of video works well.

Well, as an example, you can see this video I created here where I am simply giving free traffic tips and advice.

As you can see from the video, I am simply “Teaching” through a powerpoint video.

I am overdelivering on value by simply being the teacher.

I recommend that you do the same.

I also did a great post a while ago on how to get started with video marketing which you can read here.

I hope this post has given you some ideas for how to convert more leads into sales.

Always remember the equation:

Traffic + Conversions = Sales/Income

Both parts of the equation can be challenging, but just remember to “provide value” and your conversions should be just fine.

Are you converting your leads to sales?

If not, try and put this into practice and your results should skyrocket!

Please share this post around if you have gained value!

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