5 Work Life Balance Tips For A Better Life

work life balance tipsI know the post title could irritate some as many already believe that work life balance is a myth.

In many ways I would agree that it is a myth, but even so, I want to give some work life balance tips in this post to tackle the issues with the myth (or whatever it actually is).

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What Is Work Life Balance?

It’s quite simple really – Work Life Balance is generally considered to be the juggling of work and recreational things in life. The reason why a lot of people (including me) think that it’s nonsense could be because:

a) We enjoy our work so much that we don’t consider it “work”.

b) You can never get it completely in balance (50/50)

c) We are “workaholics” and don’t want anyone to change that. 😉

These are all good reasons, aren’t they?

But, it’s healthy to lead a better life where we spend time with our families so read on for some key work life balance tips that I use to stop myself burning out and facing these kind of issues.

Here Are 3 Work Life Balance Tips

1. Have some kind of Schedule – This may seem obvious but it’s so important. Have some fixed time each week that you actually work. Now, for us Internet Marketers who work for ourselves, this is important and also relatively easy because we decide “how we work”. For those of you in a job, unfortunately, this decision is taken out of your hands if you work a traditional 9-5. If you do work a traditional job, try to leave your work “at the office” before going home.

2. Have  a Date Night (be present) – What do I mean by this? When you are away from your work, don’t constantly be checking your emails. Be present in what you are doing. It’s easy in the modern day to constantly be connected to your Iphone. This also goes for “date night” (which is a great idea by the way). When you are with your significant other, give them the your attention and don’t constantly be checking your emails!

3. Celebrate your results and achievements – When you get great results from your work, celebrate your results to reward yourself. This will stop you from burning out. You should have clear milestones with whatever you are doing. It may be a project that you have finished after months of hard work. Whatever it is, make sure to celebrate and reward yourself when you achieve.

4. Work smarter – Yes, you should work hard but make sure that you are being productive, otherwise you are just wasting time. See my post here for tips on being more productive. You should also have a routine that you follow each day. It shouldn’t be “play it by ear” – It should be habitual.

5. Focus On Residual Income – Ok, this is simply my recommendation for you on leading a better life. If you really want “freedom” in the future, spend some time on learning how you can produce residual income: income that you receive regularly without having to do extra work. See my posts here and here for help with that.

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There you have 5 quick tips above that should help you.

I also recommend watching the Ted video below, a presentation talk from Nigel Marsh about “Work Life Balance” issues. It’s got some very good points.

work life balance issuesDo you have “work life balance“?

If so, have you got any tips or strategies to share?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Nice post! Celebrating results or achievements works really great for me, since whenever i got any success or good outcome from any online business, i’ll have a great party with friends or family members.


  2. Great video Nick of Nigels W/L Balance. Very funny and very true!

  3. #3!!! Since no one is there to throw a party for you, you throw a party for yourself! Aww yeahh!

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