50 Best Marketing Companies for 2019 Review

50 Best Marketing Companies for 20192018 was a big year for network marketing and this follows right through to 2019.

My goal is to gather all the facts in one place for you so you can do your research – and it’s all here in my 50 Best Marketing Companies for 2019 Review.

Are the 50 Best Marketing Companies for 2019 legit businesses, or are they a complete scam?

Will I be able to build a business with them?

I tell you all about it in my Review of the 50 Best Marketing Companies for 2019.

Read below to find out more.

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What Are The 50 Best Marketing Companies for 2019?

In no particular order…

  1. Empower Network

Empower Network is a ridiculously popular company. It hit the scene pretty much out of nowhere, built up a huge following, and is firing on all cylinders with a great product lineup and a solid comp plan. This is how you do MLM. Update: Empower Network has now shut down due to financial issues. It was strong in it’s time though.

  1. Bode Pro

Why is Bode Pro so great? It’s got the backing of BK Boreyko. BK is one of the darlings of the MLM world, so you know that you can trust anything he’s deciding to associate his name with.

  1. Forever Green

Forever Green is an interesting beast. You need a ton of money in order to join, with a ton being four figures. It’s a crazy high barrier of entry, but if you have the means to cover yourself, you get the ability to basically create your own business and set the prices yourself for the products you get to sell.

It’s an extremely interesting concept and one that’s bound to be adored by anyone that can afford it.

  1. Beachbody

You may never have thought of combining a workout machine with MLM, but that’s just what the folks at Beachbody did. As you can see, that idea ended up working out quite well for them. Beachbody sells super high-quality products and a really fair comp plan. The only downside? Not everyone actually knows it has an MLM side to it!

  1. ACN

ACN was met with a bit of apprehension when it launched in the early 2000s, but now as we head into 2019, it’s one of the best around. It focuses on telecommunication and sees seriously impressive yearly revenue of more than $800 million. There’s a lot of money to be made with this one.

  1. Youngevity

With a name like Youngevity, it’s no surprise that this MLM opportunity sells anti-aging products. This is among the most popular niches around, and Youngevity is owning it like a champ. Selenium is the main ingredient in its cream, and it’s proven to do wonders for all kinds of skin.

  1. It Works!

It Works! is the name of the next MLM opportunity on my list and it targets the niche of nutritional supplements. It Works! initially created for some concern with high monthly quotas, but in 2019 and going forward, those issues are gone.

43. NHT Global

Another company that has a rocky past is NHT Global. A lot of companies inflate the prices of things they sell in order to increase profits, but NHT Global was doing so by as much as 900%. Thankfully, these matters have since been resolved and the company is rebounding back to greatness.

  1. PartyLite

Hosting house parties. It’s one of the MLM field’s oldest tricks in the book, but even so, it’s exactly the focus for PartyLite. You’ll sell candles at PartyLite parties, and if you like interacting with people and doing one-on-one sales, this could prove to be a great fit.

  1. USANA

It’s honestly a miracle that USANA is still around at all in 2019. The company was being attacked from all angles by the FBI and SEC back in 2007 and things weren’t looking good at all. Somehow, though, the company managed to crawl back to greatness and now sees big profit numbers.

  1. Melaleuca

With a title like “largest online wellness shopping club”, you expect greatness from Melaleuca — and that’s exactly what you get. The company reported over one billion dollars worth of yearly sales recently, proving that it’s growing quickly and doesn’t plan on stopping at all.

  1. Seacret

Seacret is another company selling skincare goods, but it manages to be unique in the sense that it also offers items from the dead sea. This gives Seacret is a good twist, and since standing out is so critical to success in MLM, that’s extremely important.

  1. Jamberry Nails

Like to paint and style nails? If so, you couldn’t find a better MLM opportunity than Jamberry Nails. It has a wide array of nail-style products to choose from and is one of the few successful opportunities within this niche. Shortly after it launched, it quickly secured more than 100,000 members.

  1. World Ventures

Travel is a dangerous niche in the MLM space as it’s often used as a way to mask underbelly scams. World Ventures does operate in the field of travel, but it’s as far from a scam as you could get. It has a great product offering and is growing at an unrelenting rate!

  1. Natures Sunshine

Herbal supplement capsules are sold pretty much everywhere these days, but did you know they originally started with Natures Sunshine? This is the company that pioneered these capsules for the MLM space, and they’re still going strong with a great product offering and compensation plan to match it.

  1. Kyani

Another day, another MLM opportunity that focuses on nutritional supplements. You might be getting tired of them, but Kyani has proven to be one of the best in the business. It’s operating in 44 different countries around the globe and is doing so after just 10 years of being around. That right there is damn impressive.

  1. Rain

Rain operates in, you guessed it, the niche of nutrition. It’s being run out of Utah in the United States and its big claim to fame is an ingredient called “black cumin seed.” According to Rain, this ingredient is so powerful that it’s been known to help cure cancer!

  1. Market America

If you want an MLM opportunity that’s basically Amazon but for networking marketing, Market America is just what you’ve been looking for. It sells just about everything you could imagine and is one of the most recognized MLM brands around. It’s had some trouble with the SEC in the past, but it’s nothing that’s ever stopped the company from pushing forward.

  1. Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy takes a different approach to MLM by bringing it to the niche of energy. This might seem like an odd move to make, but it’s apparently been doing quite well for the folks at Ambit. The company was hit with a class action lawsuit a few years ago, but it proved to be nothing more than a small bump in the road.

31. Wealthy Affiliate

A lot of MLM opportunities out there don’t know how to properly use social media to their advantage, but that’s not the case for Wealthy Affiliate at all. This is a company that’s been absolutely dominating the social space lately and continues to do with unlike anyone else out there. It’s some seriously impressive stuff.

  1. Pampered Chef

When it comes to MLM opportunities focused on products for the kitchen, there aren’t any as well-known as Pampered Chef. While the products that are sold are quite expensive, you absolutely get what you pay for. Pampered Chef products are built to last, and with the right audience, you can make a good chunk of change with the comp plan.

  1. 4Life

4Life has dipped a bit in popularity over the years, but don’t count it out yet! It’s operating in more than 50 countries and is currently promoting products that aim to boost your immune system.  Commissions aren’t the best I’ve ever seen, but morale among existing affiliates is extremely high.

  1. Plexus

Selling diet plans to people is a popular concept in MLM, and it’s one that Plexus has committed to. The company sells a pill that aims to offer impressive weight loss results, and while this did attract the attention of the FDA for a short stint, Plexus is now pushing at full steam ahead and offers commission up to 50%.

  1. Arbonne

Mary Kay and Avon are the two biggest makeup-focused MLM brands out there, but Arbonne is coming right for them with products that are cruelty-free and made using natural ingredients. This is a great twist on a market that doesn’t seem to change that much, and Arbonne is making big progress to be one of the greats.

  1. My Lead System Pro

One of the most powerful tools of our time is SEO, and that’s something My Lead System Pro is using to establish itself as an MLM opportunity to be reckoned with. It’s backed by SEO champ Rob Fore and is one of the most exciting companies to watch right now.

  1. Tecademics

Remember Empower Network that I mentioned above? Its founder is Chris Record, and after he left Empower Network, Tecademics is what he went on to create afterward. This makes the Tecademics opportunity extremely exciting and promotes a high-quality product line and fair comp plan.

  1. Omnilife

The story behind Omnilife is a fascinating one. Now billionaire Jorge Vergara was originally selling tacos in Mexico. One day, he got the idea to bright Herbalife supplements into the country, convince the government to change its regulations on these products, and then built a wildly successful business of it!

  1. Team National

Coupon books may seem like a thing of the past, but they’re the bloodline for Team National — one of the hottest MLM opportunities right now. People can’t get enough of these things for some reason, and while it’s beyond me why they’re so big, it’s something that’s worth checking out considering how popular it’s gotten.

  1. Level Thrive

Level Thrive is a little over 5 years old as I write this guide and is focused in the popular niche of health and wellness. It’s won multiple awards over the years and is one of the fastest-growing opportunities I’ve seen in some time.

  1. Lifevantage

Lifevantage is another MLM company based out of Utah and is pulling in big money with revenue of $214 million. The company’s focus on science isn’t’ quite as clear as some of the other businesses here, but the amount of money it’s pulling in speaks for whatever it’s doing.

  1. Purium

Want to lose weight as fast as possible? Purium claims to be “The FASTEST, healthiest, simplest weight loss program on the planet.” That’s a claim a lot of people are eager to get behind, and in the real world, Purium has actually proven to work quite well.

  1. Mary Kay

You’ve heard of Mary Kay. This MLM opportunity is one of the biggest makeup brands around and is a icon for the multi-level marketing world. It’s one of the top 5 biggest MLM opportunities of all time and sees yearly revenue of $3.5 billion.

  1. World Global Network

If you’re interested in technology, you’ll want to check out World Global Network. This company sells everything from smartphones to virtual reality headsets and is considered by many to already be among the top 100 MLM companies in the world. Now that’s impressive.

  1. Isagenix

It’s true that Isagenix had a rocky launch, and while it’s taken some time for the company to really find its footing, things are finally starting to pay off. Isagenix now has a very interesting product offering, a good comp plan, and continues to grow and get better.

  1. Amway

If there’s one MLM opportunity that’s recognizable, it’s Amway. Amway is one of the oldest brands on this list and continues to push forward as one of the best examples to follow in this field. Its products are high-quality, its comp plan makes sense, and there’s plenty of room to grow.

  1. Avon

Speaking of well-known MLM companies, we have to mention Avon. Avon is similar to Mary Kay in the sense that it’s a leader for both the world of makeup and network marketing. It’s one of those companies that everyone’s heard of, and for good reason, too.

  1. Nu Skin

Nu Skin is making big strides to be among the most successful MLM opportunities of all time. It’s currently worth over $3 billion and keeps making money with each day that passes. It’s immensely popular, has quality products, and offers great opportunities to make a solid income.

  1. Nerium

Nerium is another anti-aging company and pulls in revenue around $100 million. Yeah, that’s a lot of money. It’s not the most popular anti-aging option around, but the people that have used it swear by how well it works.

  1. Modere

Modere deserves the title of being the most environmentally friendly company on this list. Its HQ is powered entirely by wind energy and the company is making new efforts each and every day to be as conservative with its energy use as can be.

  1. Younique

Younique is another one of those companies that knows how to use social media to its advantage. The company’s excellence in this field has resulted in it become one of the most talked-about companies of the year, and as we head into 2019, I don’t see that changing one bit.

  1. Motorclub of America

The best way to think of Motorclub of America is like AAA but better. It costs less, offers basically all of the same services, and along with all that, has a networking opportunity tied with it too. What more could you ask for?

  1. Primerica

You may not think to put the worlds of finance and MLM together, but that’s what Primerica did and did so with great success. The company’s been around for more than 30 years and saw staggering profits of $1.27 billion a few years back in 2013.

  1. Advocare

Would you believe me if I told you that Advocare was launched back in 1933? What if I then said that it’s still one of the biggest MLM companies of our time? Advocare is the opportunity that just keeps on kicking no matter what, making it one of the safest bets out there.

  1. Monat Global

Monat Global found the niche of hair cair to be its bread and butter. Its product offerings are high-quality, its comp plan is more than fair, and there’s not much competition in this field to scare it off.

  1. Rodan and Fields

If you’ve ever used skincare products from Proactiv, you’ve used something made by Rodan and Fields. This is one of the top dogs when it comes to skincare, and this shows in its earnings with yearly sales going over $1 billion.

  1. Jeunesse

One of the best anti-aging creams on the market comes from Jeunesse. It quite literally repairs skins in seconds and is nothing short of magic. This formula has allowed the company to pull in $1.4 billion in yearly revenue and has one of the lowest joining costs of just $30.

  1. Young Living

Young Living focuses on essential oils, and by doing so, has seen success as one of the best multi-level marketing companies around. The oils are ridiculously good, are sold for a fair price, and affiliates can take advantage of the compensation plan to earn good money.

  1. Herbalife

Herbalife is a big company that’s had a few run-ins with the FTC over the years, but don’t let that convince you into skipping it over. Herbalife is the reason so many other MLM opportunities exist right now and offers some of the best products around with a great comp plan, too.

  1. DoTerra

DoTerra is a very young company that’s trying to steal some thunder from Young Living, and believe it or not, it’s actually working! DoTerra just came about in 2018 and has a lot of time to make up, but it’s moving at a rapid pace and proven to the market that it’s serious about becoming successful.

  1. FunnelXROI

My final pick is for FunnelXROI. FunnelXROI isn’t exactly one business opportunity, but rather, it’s a very well built sales funnel that promotes two separate business opportunity, plus several other income streams that you can grow with. A lot of business opportunities lack a really good sales funnel, or have none at all – this opportunity shines because it comes with an amazing sales funnel built in. Check out my FunnelXROI Review here.

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And Now, My 50 Best Marketing Companies for 2019 Conclusion

I hope you have gained value from my 50 Best Marketing Companies for 2019 Review.

I have put all the details you need to know here, because all other reviews of The 50 Best Marketing Companies for 2019 have been fairly limited with details.

If you do decide to proceed with one of the 50 Best Marketing Companies for 2019 or any business, you’ll find my free training helpful – I will show you how to make money online.

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