7 Attraction Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

attraction marketing tipsRunning a business in the 21st Century is difficult and acquiring customers requires a different approach then the “old days”.

Enter Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing is often referred to as “becoming the hunted rather than the hunter” and this is perfectly true but it goes way beyond that.

It also is more than Attraction Marketing. You could also call it “Value Based Marketing” as that is what it is really about: Leading with value and free training to build a relationship with your prospects. It’s actually very simple.

Also, if you look around, you will see numerous examples of it everywhere. When a legal firm decides to hold a Free Seminar for local businesses, they are practicing attraction marketing/value based marketing. By leading with something Free and of value, it attracts people in. Compare this to a business who simply cold-calls prospective businesses and you can see why this is the marketing of the present and future.

Anyway, whether you run a local Brick&Mortar business, an Internet Marketing business or even a network marketing business, having an Attraction Marketing strategy will be of huge benefit to you.

Here are 7 specific attraction marketing tips and strategies you can start implementing tomorrow and beyond!

This post gives a good overview, but if you need a step-by-step approach, grab the free guide below:

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Core Attraction Marketing Tips For Getting Sales!

1. Act as a Solutions Provider – Have you noticed how a “consultant” is perceived far better than a “Sales Rep”? Do you know why this is?

It’s because a Consultant is a solutions provider whereas a Sales Rep is simply trying to “Close”.

If you can be perceived as a “Solutions Provider” from the very start, people will respond far differently to you. They will see you as a “Trusted Advisor” and you will be perceived as an authority within your niche.

This is something to be aware of: Don’t think of yourself as “selling”. Think of yourself as “providing solutions” to the many problems that people have in your niche.

2. Always Teach – When you write a blog post, shoot a video or give a webinar, be aware that you are “teaching” and even say often “I am going to teach you how to….”.

You want to show that you are there to teach (for Free) and you want to “give away a lot”. Of course, people can pay you specifically for your premium product or coaching you provide but try not to make it a “bait and switch”. Give lots away for Free, and people will want your paid content. We all have a humane need to reciprocate and this is known as the “Rule of Reciprocity”.

3. Learn about “Direct Response” Marketing – This feeds very well into Attraction Marketing. Most businesses do not know anything about direct response marketing and that is why they cannot gain traction.

What is it?

Essentially, direct response is about using measurable systems to generate leads that can be put through a follow up process that will convert to sales more effectively then selling on the front-end. Wow! What a “mouth full”. By the way, that is my (Nick Pratt’s) definition of Direct Response rather than the official definition.

4. Use The Internet – Ok, it may seem a bit obvious but practicing Attraction Marketing on the Internet is super powerful.

With a Blog, you can constantly produce valuable content that will rank on the search engines through search engine optimisation. The more content you create, the more traffic and leads you will generate. See my post here to learn more about starting your Blog.

Or, you could use YouTube to produce educational videos that you can use to generate leads. Video Marketing converts very well.

5. Hold Webinars – This is another practical tip but I had to throw it in for you as this is one of the best strategies to showcase your expertise. Webinars have become very powerful on the Internet. Imagine them as the modern day seminar for businesses. If you can hold training webinars that lead with value, your authority will go through the roof and people will see you as the expect.

It’s no surprise that Webinars convert very well to sales. This is because they are a special scheduled event that people attend. There is no interruption marketing. You have highly qualified prospects taking their own time to attend and hear what you have to say.

6. Get On Video – If you are using the Internet, then it will greatly help your “Attraction Marketing” efforts to get behind the video camera and show who you are.

The Internet is a great tool for us all to use but Video Marketing just makes it more personal (along with webinars) and remember, you want to be seen as a trusted advisor. I have a few posts on video marketing including this one here that should help you get started.

7. Create a Free Guide – This very much relates to “Direct Response” (see tip 3 above). If you want to build and email list, you need to have something to giveaway. This is known as a freebie guide or bribe.

Want to see an example? Check out mine below, and whilst you are it, grab it to learn more about these strategies!

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So, there is an example of my Free Guide.

If you want to create your own, see my post here that details how to do it.

attraction marketing strategiesSo, there you have 7 powerful Attraction Marketing Tips to grow your business.

Remember: This stuff is quite simple. It’s all about being “nice” and acting as a “teacher” rather than a slimy salesperson that no-one wants to deal with!

Any questions? Let me know in the comments below.

Are you doing this stuff with your own business? If not, why not?

Please share and comment if you have gained value.


  1. Great post Nick. I’ve always based my businesses with give-aways to get noticed. It’s also important to collect these contacts and keep communicating to them. Keep giving them useful advice and resources and either they will become a customer, or they will refer others.

    • Hey Jon. Yes, absolutely. It’s so important to give lots away for Free and over-deliver on value. We are in a noisy world and those who succeed give core value to their audience.

  2. Hi Nick,
    I’m new to network marketing. Im ready to apply to all the information that would be of help and get me from zero to seven figures and as fast as fast could be.
    I would be glad to have you mentor me if you are willing.

    • Nicholas Pratt says

      Hi Olu,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I will be glad to help you with the stage that you are at with your network marketing journey. I will send you an email.


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