7 Email Marketing Tips To Explode Your Business

email marketing tipsI’m sure you’ve heard the usual “email marketing is dead” mantra many times before, but it really is not true and building an email list is still the most important factor in growing your business.

Think about it. I’m willing to bet that you check your emails multiple times a day. In fact, most people I talk to are “addicted” to checking their email.

Your Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing success depends on “eyeballs viewing your offers and value”, therefore, you want people constantly checking and opening your emails.

It’s true that it’s not a “walk in the park” to get great open rates, however, it’s possible if you follow the email marketing tips in this post and put a process in place.

There is a lot of psychology at play in Email Marketing as you are competing for people’s attention when there is a good chance there are other internet/network marketers doing the same thing. However, remember that most people are sloppy and get desperate for sales, so they end up making crucial mistakes.

Let’s get started with the tips to get you email marketing success and explode your business.

7 Of My Favorite Email Marketing Tips

1. Be Consistent and Have A Schedule – I’ve learnt this from Dave Dee and his excellent email marketing training (video at the bottom of this post).

You need to have some kind of schedule for your email marketing and it shouldn’t be “random”. Why? As Dave Dee explains with great advice, your prospects will get into a rhythm with how often they hear from you, and they will look forward to your emails. So, if you want to post 3 times a week (Monday, Thursday and Sunday), make sure you stick to that each week. Don’t all of sudden start emailing 7 times a week as it will upset the rhythm and confuse your prospects.

2. Don’t Necessarily Email Every Day – A lot of email marketers will tell you to email your list once (or even twice) a day. Whilst this strategy could work, in can also backfire. Think of the marketers who email you every single day. Can you even keep up with their content?

What a lot of people believe (myself included) is that we tend to “tune out” people who email too often, even if the content is incredible!

I would caution you to re-consider emailing every day as you are hitting your prospects with too much content.

How many emails do I send a week? It tends to be 3 emails per week and I make sure that it’s quality content.

3. Have a Professional “Subject Line” Swipe File – In this day and age, with so many emails being passed around, it’s crucial to have a list of proven subject lines that will get people to open your emails.

What makes a good subject line?

Well, it’s all about intrigue. The subject line needs to create some curiosity OR it needs to flat our grab attention by offering something super valuable. For example, if you have a “How to” subject line and it gives instructional content on something valuable, this can be a good strategy.

4. Vary Your Message Types – Please watch the video below and you will understand the different types of email you can send. As Dave Dee explains, there are types like blatant pitch, classified, “How to” etc.

Now, to make sure you aren’t seen as too predictable from your prospects, add variety in the type of emails you send. Don’t always send “blatant pitch” emails. However, send them occasionally as they tend to make you the most money. Just don’t send them all the time!

5. Have a “Heart” Connection With Your Prospects – By this, I would say that you need to be very personal in your emails.

If you are giving a lesson on marketing, frame it with a story from your own life and use the power of metaphor. Find ways of talking about your family, interests and personality, and mix this in with the advice that you give. For example, if you are talking about personal development, and there is a relevant story from your own life, include it with all the personal details. Again, watch the video for more on this.

6. Use the “PS” Section Effectively – Studies have shown that most people scroll to the bottom of the email and get to the PS. Make sure you at least “have” a PS section of your email. In terms of what to put there, try and make it a summary of the email content, and a link included as well.

7. Speak Directly To “One Person” Not Many – This advice is huge!! I really learnt a lot from this. Instead of crafting your emails as if you are talking to large group of people, instead make it very personal to one person.

For example, instead of saying “there are a lot of you who have been wondering”, say something like, “Bob, you may be wondering if you have the technical ability for this”. This is so much more powerful than talking to many. With each email you are writing, act as if you are speaking to one person. People will feel more special because you are addressing what they need and not what a big group of people need.

So, there are the tips! Now, you must watch the training video of Dave Dee giving amazing Email Marketing Tips and Training:

Those tips will take your email marketing to the next level, and allow you to explode your business.

Now, if you need to get the traffic and leads in the first place, then my free video course below may be able to help you (and it’s Free!):

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