7 Reasons Why You Need A Blog

reasons why you need a blogIf you’ve spent even a short amount of time online, people will have mentioned Blogging and how valuable it can be. There are a lot of reasons why you need a blog but I am going to address the main points on how powerful ti can be for your online presence.

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It doesn’t matter what method you are using to make money online – whether it is affiliate marketing, multilevel marketing or freelancing: You need something to stand out from the crowd, position yourself as an authority and generate web traffic completely on autopilot.

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Here are 7 reasons why you need a Blog of your own (as soon as possible)

1. You can be the expert

If you write consistently on your expertise within your niche, you can be the expert that people turn to. Providing value to your readers about what you know is the most important part of Blogging.

For example, if you are promoting a network marketing opportunity, you can’t expect people to join your team unless you have demonstrated value that you can give to them. They won’t trust you until you show that you are there to help them.

2. People don’t care about your Business

This is the common trap that most business owners fall into. They believe that “if you build it, they will come” (I blame Kevin Costner for that) and that everyone must “absolutely want to buy from them”.

People believe that as soon as they get someone (anyone) to view their opportunity/affiliate products, then they will definitely buy. This is WRONG!

Converting visitors into buyers has never been easy and that is where most people fail.

So, one of the main reasons why you need a blog is to build some credibility.

Use a Blog to show that you care for your readers and provide value on a regular basis. In summary: lead with your FREE information that your provide with your Blog to build trust and show that you know your niche.

3. Blogging is online publicity

It sounds obvious but Blog posts are what makes up the information on the Internet. Every time you click “publish” you have placed valuable information for the world to see. Search Engines rank pages and posts, and that is what you have to use to draw visitors that turn into subscribers for your list.

If are involved in any kind of online marketing venture and don’t have a Blog, you are missing out on millions of potential customers!

4. A Blog Can Grow Over Time And Diversify

Just because you start writing about “travel” or another personal topic, it doesn’t have to stick with that theme exclusively. A blog can expand and diversify into other niches. You can decide to promote affiliate products that are related to your central theme, OR you can explore other areas entirely. A Blog is like a content marketing machine that runs forever and achieves more  as time goes on.

5. You can communicate with your readers and understand them better

A Blog allows you to build your list and regularly build a long terms relationship with your subscribers. With each Blog post, you can receive feedback on what you are doing that is valuable in understanding your audience.

If people get to know you better and what you are promoting, they are more likely to buy as they know and trust you.

6. The Search Engines Love A Blog

A couple of years ago (at the time of writing), Google introduced the “Freshness” update into the algorithm. In short, Google likes web pages that are updated often and provide some sort of value. At the every least, I would recommend that your Website/Blog is updated once a week with quality content.

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7. You Will Have Automated Traffic Forever!

Ok. We know that Blogging takes a while to get going and that doing it on a regular basis is hard work. However, the benefits are fantastic! When you publish Blog posts on a regular basis, you are gradually building up the authority of your Website. The benefit is that Blog posts have long term benefits.

The different pieces of content you write will earn you money for years to come through automated traffic.

This should give you the motivation to Blog regularly  and provide value to your audience.

Well, I hope that this post has provided you with some value and given plenty of reasons why you need a Blog.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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