ACN Review from Non Distributor!

acn reviewI’ve known about ACN for quite a while because it’s a well-known network marketing company.

Having said that, I want to make it clear that I am NOT promoting this company as a distributor, representative or affiliate.

I have gone out and done some in-depth research to find out all about this company so you can learn all about it.

In this ACN Review, you will learn all about the company background, products and compensation plan.

And after that, you can make your mind up whether it’s a good fit for you, or not.

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Seriously, What is ACN?

The American Communications Network (ACN), was launched in 1993, and was at first operating as “a marketing arm for a long-distance reseller called LCI Communications.”

The relationship between ACN and LCI Communications was ended in 1998, until LCI was purchased. At this time, ACN expanded their products and services. Currently, ACN is involved with several MLM niches, such as communications, home entertainment, security, utilities “and more.”

ACN is based in North Carolina, United States, and was co-founded by four people who still hold their original executive titles at ACN. The original four are Greg Provenzano, President, Robert Stevanovski, Chairman, and Mike and Tony Cupisz (twin brothers) serving as Vice Presidents.

In 2007, Chip Barker was hired as the CEO. Prior to this appointment, Barker was ACN’s Chief Operating Officer of European Operations.

ACN does not list much information regarding what any of these executives did before starting ACN.

acn scamAccording to Greg Provenzano’s personal webpage:

“Greg is a born entrepreneur who had a very successful career in the network marketing industry that began in 1984. He spent nearly a decade examining the industry before founding his own direct sales company.”

Robert Stevanovski’s biography on the ACN marketing site says:

“After entering the network marketing arena in the late 1980s, Robert held senior positions with two highly successful marketing companies.

ACN Founder Robert Stevanovski These experiences positioned him as one of the driving forces behind the formulation of ACN.”

This biography also claims that Stevanovski “managed several businesses throughout the 1980s, directly influencing growth and expansion.”

Mike Cupisz claims to have “built several successful companies prior to founding ACN,” while Tony Cupisz’s bio claims he “has worked in direct marketing since 1986.”

Currently, there is no published information as to what Chip Barker did before taking a position at ACN.

It appears as though ACN has had some issues with the Montana Commissioner of Securities and the Bureau of Consumer Services in Pennsylvania.

“In August, 2010 the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Monica Lindeen announced the issuance of a Cease and Desist Order and Notice of Proposed Agency Action against ACN, Inc. and several of its founders for allegedly operating a “pyramid scheme.”

In September, 2010 the Commissioner moved to vacate the Cease and Desist Order in full settlement of the case.

In the course of the Commissioner’s investigation, the Commissioner determined that the actions giving rise to the initial concerns were not part of the ACN business model, but instead were isolated instances taking place by certain ACN’s independent representatives in Montana.

The Commissioner and ACN agreed that ACN would implement additional training with its independent representatives.

On June 13, 2002, ACN settled a case with the Bureau of Consumer Services in Pennsylvania wherein it was alleged that a small number of IBOs were “slamming”, or switching consumer services without authorization.

ACN disputed the allegations and the exact details of the settlement are under court seal.”

Although none of this appears too serious, a settlement under seal generally means that a company is willing to pay any fines, but doesn’t admit any wrongdoing. The cease and desist orders from Montana seem to be from some marketing efforts employed by ACN’s affiliates. It doesn’t appear as though ACN hasn’t been pinged for this, which indicates the affiliates have obeyed the cease and desist order.

What Are The ACN Products?

It appears as though the product line for ACN varies market to market. For the purposes of this review, the information about the product line that follows pertains strictly to the United States offerings only.

“At ACN, Independent Business Owners simply offer the services that people are already using and spending money on every day, including phone service, wireless, natural gas and electricity, merchant services, high-speed Internet, TV, home security and automation and more.”

ACN offers all of their services at the retail level:

  • Digital Phone Service – $24.99 per month. A long distance service plan is also available, with the location of the customer determining the price
  • Local and Long Distance Phone Service – Price based on where the customer is located.
  • Wireless Service through “Flash Wireless” – Varies with $32.00 – $67.00 per month plans.
  • Power Plans through “XOOM Energy” – Price varies dependent on location, and includes both electricity and natural gas.
  • Satellite TV – Offered through “DirectTV” at $24.99 – 34.99 per month and “Dish” at $19.99 – $44.99 per month.
  • Home Security – Offered through Vivint, from $53.99 to $69.99 per month or ADT from $36.99 to $52.99 per month.
  • Internet – Offered through various internet service providers.
  • Merchant Services – No prices provided, offered through Anovia Services.

Beside the ACN phone services, all other services are completed through service agreements with dealerships, affiliation or through a secondary company with third party merchant providers. ACN does not provide the services themselves, only they act as a middleman.

Info On The ACN Compensation Plan

It is very challenging to find any information regarding the ACN compensation plan on the ACN website. It isn’t until a person licks the “join” button they are provided with the ACN “Independent Business Owner Agreement,” which is somewhat hidden with a link to the ACN Compensation Plan.

The ACN plan pays out affiliates on either purchases, or the sale of services offered to retail customers. As sales are made, Customer Points are generated, along with the billing of the product sold, which then determines how much an affiliate will be paid.

ACN also offers Customer Acquisition Bonuses, which are earned when a affiliated signs up another affiliate who then becomes commission qualified.

Customer Points

Because there are so many third-party services, ACN has made a simple commission structure by providing points based on the services offered.

  • Phone Services: 1 – 9 Points
  • Wireless Service: 2 – 3 Points
  • Energy Services: 1 – 5 Points
  • Merchant Services: 1 – 3 Points
  • Home Security: 1 – 3 Points
  • TV and High Speed Internet Bundle: 1 Point
  • TV only: 0 – 2 Points
  • High Speed Internet Only: 1 Point
  • Tech Support: 1 – 3 Points

ACN Affiliate Membership Ranks

The ACN compensation plan has eight affiliate member ranks.

  • Team Trainer
  • Qualified Team Trainer
  • Executive Team Trainer
  • Executive Team Leader
  • Team Coordinator
  • Regional Director
  • Regional Vice-President
  • Platinum Regional Vice-President
  • Senior Vice-President

Direct Subscription Commissions

An affiliate is paid a direct commission when they enroll a retail customer to their services. The commission is based off a percentage of the customer’s monthly bill.

Unilevel Commissions

ACN uses a Unilevel Compensation Structure to pay out residual commissions.

acn compensation plan

The percentage that is paid is based off the level of the team member to whom the customer belongs.

  • Levels 1 – 3: 0.25%
  • Level 4 – 0.5%
  • Level 5 – 3%
  • Level 6 – 5%
  • Level 7 – 8%

Generation Bonus

An affiliate is able to earn commission on bill volume after the first seven levels through the payment of a Generation Bonus.

This Generation Bonus only becomes available at the Regional Vice-President rank.

Customer Acquisition Bonus

In order to earn the Customer Acquisition Bonus, you must encourage affiliates you sign up to become commission qualified within 30 days of joining. This bonus is paid out using the same Unilevel Compensation Structure, up to two generations.

Team Customer Acquisition Bonus

ACN pays out a Team Customer Acquisition Bonus in addition to other commissions when an affiliate managed to acquire specified affiliate targets in a given month.

From my research of it, the compensation plan is well structured and sort of reminds me of something like Allysian Sciences in it’s structure.

How Much To Join ACN?

The cost to join ACN as an affiliate member is $499.

Seriously, Is ACN A Scam Or A Legit Business Opportunity?

Of course, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people on the Internet who say that there is an ACN Scam going on.

In reality, this is nonsense.

ACN has its own product unlike some business opportunities and it’s a perfectly valid business opportunity.

You will always get people calling MLM Companies scams or pyramid schemes, but most of the time it is just negative confrontational behaviour towards the industry.

My ACN Review Conclusion

Despite the vast array of services that ACN offers, the compensation plan still seems to be pretty straight forward. I am a little concerned about the $499 membership fee – what exactly is this money for?

There also seems to be some issues in the past with affiliate signing up fake customers in order to receive commissions, therefore ACN has this statement on their site:

“Compensation is earned at ACN only when customers are acquired. ACN reserves the right to retract the payment of any bonus or commission if it is found that a customer used to qualify for a bonus or a certain commission level was not a valid billing customer.”

While there are plenty of services offered that customers will find appealing, the real question is, why as a customer would I go through ACN?

I’d be sure to check out the rates you can get locally before committing to the $499 membership fee.

Whilst ACN may be a proper legit business opportunity, it’s no secret that 98% will normally fail to make any money.

My best advice is to learn how to brand yourself a leader if you want to succeed in the network marketing industry.

In addition, I also recommend developing the skills and leverage to generate leads online.

And if you need help with that, feel free to grab my free training below:

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Hope my ACN Review has been helpful for you. I wanted this to be very informative unlike a lot of the other reviews I saw.

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