AdForCycle Review – I’m Not Trying To Recruit You!

adforcycle reviewThis is another “duff” program I discovered whilst surfing on my Facebook newsfeed.

Some “grunt affiliate” was trying to get me to “look” at the presentation for AdForCycle.

Anyway, I did some research on it and that is what you will get in my AdForCycle Review so you can learn the truth about it.

Be aware there are lots of biased reviews that are simply trying to recruit you into it.

Also check out my video review of AdForCycle below:

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What Is AdForCycle All About?

Well, this is more difficult to discover then it should be.

On the website, there is unfortunately “zero” information on who is behind the company.

This is a huge “red flag” right here.

See image below:

adforcycle scam

On top of that the website domain ( is completely listed as “private” so someone is covering their tracks here!

On the topic of the domain name, I can at least tell you that it was registered in mid-February of 2015.

Because there is no transparency from the owner, I strongly recommend (even at this point) NOT getting involved with this.

Too many “red flags” and hidden information.

What Product Is Being Sold?

This is where it gets worse!

There are actually no “retailable” products that you can sell.

This is “illegal” by the way.

Basically, it’s affiliates selling affiliate memberships to new prospects.

Unlike a legitimate business opportunity, this is frowned upon by the authorities because there is no proper product being sold.

People sign up and then “get a place in the matrix”. They basically buy in with $10 matrix positions.

For the matrix positions, you are then given “advertising credits”.

This is like the “pseudo product” right here.

The credits are simply used to have advertising on the AdForCycle website.

As you can see, that is not a proper “retailable” product that a non-affiliate would want.

Because of this, the authorities will no doubt take a look at this and make a decision.

What About The AdForCycle Compensation Plan?

Whilst, I certainly don’t recommend getting involved with AdForCycle, I will reveal how some affiliates involved are making money from it.

Basically they get locked in with the matrix positions.

And the matrix positions for AdForCycle are $10.

The AdForCycle comp plan has an unlimited depth matrix which has the first 3 positions followed by another 3 positions, and so on.

The payout of $18 is eligible when the 3 positions underneath have been filled out.

The referral commissions give 8% on those that you refer on level 2, and 2% on the second level.

Level 2 is paid out as a unilevel. See image below:

adforcycle compensation plan

Before the positions are filled, the commissions are withheld.

So, there is the information on the AdForCycle compensation plan, but once again, I don’t recommend this program.

It’s all about the matrix and the comp plan, but there is still no proper retailable product.

It’s very risky to get involved with something that could be shut down in a heartbeat.

Why waste your time and money on something that can be shut down easily and is clearly unethical?

How Much To Join AdForCycle?

Well, I don’t know why you would want to join.

However, it is actually free to become an affiliate member of AdForCycle.

But don’t think that is a good deal!

Because you obviously can’t get paid commissions unless you purchase a minimum of 1 matrix position.

So, of course it isn’t free.

So, Is AdForCycle A Scam Or Pyramid Scheme?

Ok, I know what you are thinking.

Nick, if you’re saying all this about there being no proper product, then the whole thing is a huge AdForCycle Scam or pyramid scheme right?

Well, that depends on your definition of a scam.

I class a scam as something where someone “takes the money” and runs.

In this case, the model looks like an illegal pyramid scheme because there is no proper product.

So, I don’t recommend getting involved with it.

And yes, of course you will get people asking if AdForCycle is a scam or pyramid scheme. For mlm opportunities like this, there are often complaints and lawsuits against it.

It certainly looks like an illegal pyramid.

And it’s a shame because this taints the “proper business opportunities” out there. And yes, there are plenty of opportunities out there with proper products. See here and here for 2 good examples.

So, I don’t recommend joining the AdForCycle mlm opportunity because it doesn’t really qualify to be called a “business opportunity”.

My AdForCycle Review Summary

From my AdForCycle review, you can clearly see that I don’t recommend getting involved.

And the reasons are:

– There are no proper “retailable” products which makes this illegal.

– The authorities (and ethical human beings) frown upon illegal business opportunities.

– There is hardly any information on the main company website on who runs the business.

For those reasons, I think you should stay away.

If you want a genuine method of making income, see my free training series below that shows you what I do. (I also show my own genuine opportunity as well).

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That should help you.

In addition to showing you my own online business model, I also give training on SEO, Email Marketing, setting up a high converting blog and branding yourself online.

I wanted this to be different then the other AdForCycle reviews out there that either skimp on detail or simply try to recruit you.

Hopefully you understand my stance on this business opportunity.

It’s risky, sleazy and flat out illegal.

Stay well away when there is no proper product on offer.

And don’t become an affiliate for AdForCycle!

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