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allysian sciences reviewYou tend to hear all the hype about “pre-launches” when you are surfing the network marketing groups on Facebook.

And that is what happened a few days ago.

Please NOTE I am not promoting or endorsing this new MLM company called Allysian Sciences. Also be aware that you will see a lot of reviews for the company that are simply there to “get your commission” (aka: Recruit you) so watch out!

I recently found out about it, and have now done some research to bring you my Allysian Sciences Review to find out all about it.

You can also watch the video version of this review below:

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So, What Is Allysian Sciences All About?

At the time of writing this review of Allysian Sciences (March 2015), the company is currently in prelaunch.

The company seems to be based in British Columbia, Canada and the 2 guys behind the company are Rod Jao and Apolo Ohno.

Rod Jao is the Co-Founder & CEO, and Apolo Ohno is the other co-founder.

You can see an image of them below.

allysian sciences mlm

Apparently Rod Jao actually has experience in Amway in days gone by.

The website bio states that “he is one of the youngest individuals in the history of Amway Global to reach a high level of success.”

I also found out from Behind MLM blog that Rod Jao used to be connected with a company called All In Energy, a energy drink MLM company.

However, that company is now out of business.

What about the other guy? What about Apolo Ohno?

Well, he actually has previous experience as an “Olympic Medalist”.

However, it looks like he is new to MLM and specifically launching a company.

I didn’t see any information about any MLM experience that he has.

From watching the corporate presentation for Allysian Sciences, it looks like Apolo Ohno is being used to establish credibility from his “Olympic” background.

Info About The Allysian Sciences Product Line?

So, this business opportunity is similar to Brain Abundance in that it operates in the brain nutrition MLM area.

allysian sciences products

The products that Allysian Sciences have aim to focus on neurological efficiency.

They are:

MasterMind Nootropic – This costs $121.25 that gives you a 30 day supply. Apparently it’s a “unique formula” which gives “19 of earth’s most effective brain boosting nutrients”.

Genesis – This price for this is $149.69 and this gives you a tub with 28 servings. It’s described as a “comprehensive formulation” and apparently gives “74 life-enhancing botanicals and extracts”.

Essentials – This product costs $74.94 and the bottle has 60 tablets.

Sinless – The price for Sinless is $28.69 which consists of a box of 20 individual servings. Apparently this is “nutrient infused chocolate”. Yum!

And What About The Compensation Plan For Allysian Sciences?

For every MLM company and business opportunity, it’s important to have a leveraged compensation plan. So with my review of Allysian Sciences, it’s vital to cover the comp plan.

With that being said, what is the comp plan like for Allysian Sciences?

Well, there is a bit of a red flag here!

Because the compensation plan for Allysian Sciences is not publicly available
on the company website which is very strange indeed!

The information I do have has been cobbled together from presentations and marketing videos
that I found during my research.

There are essentially s 5 packs to choose from as shown below:

Basic Pack ($199) – This allows you to earn $40 commission from recruiting.

Executive Pack ($499) – This level allows you to earn $100 commission.

Business Builder Pack (costs $999) – And at this level, you can earn $200 commission.

Professional Pack ($2999) – This level allows you to earn $600 commission.

The company pays out 25% retail commissions.

For affiliates to qualify for their commissions, it’s also required (of them) to maintain their monthly autoship as well.

So there is an regular cost for being an affiliate for Allysian Sciences.

And what about the compensation plan itself?

Well, it’s a binary comp plan as shown from the image below.

allysian sciences scam

You essentially have your “left” and “right” leg. 20% commissions are paid out on the lesser leg.

There’s also a few other nice things as well such as a binary matching bonus, residual commissions and a lifestyle bonus.

So, Is Allysian Sciences A Scam Or Pyramid Scheme?

Whenever a new business opportunity launches (or goes into pre-launch), people
always wonder if it is legit or not.

And people will wonder if there is any truth to the Allysian Sciences Scam rumours that can circulate.

So, I want to explain my own thoughts.

At the moment, it is too early to tell if Allysian Sciences is a scam or not.

However, it does look quite legit.

The main “red flag” I see is that the compensation plan for Allysian Sciences was nowhere to be seen on the corporate website (

However, there may be some kind of good reason for that but I’m not sure what it could be.

MLM companies are always meant to publicly display the compensation plan on their website.

So, I cannot say whether it is legit or a scam.

Please note that you will read negative things about MLM Companies.

You will hear complaints about Allysian Sciences being a pyramid scheme or scam.

However, there are a lot of negative side effects and issues to the industry and some of the people that it attracts.

You will also hear about lawsuits from some MLM companies in most extreme cases.

However, be aware that when there are complaints or lawsuits, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

So be careful for this.

Finally, I like that the products aim to improve your health. This is similar to companies such as Yevo and Truvision Health which also provide products which aim to do good to your body!

My Allysian Sciences Review Summary And Conclusion!

Whatever happens, whether you decide to join Allysian Sciences or not, I recommend grabbing my free ebook below that will help you generate 25-50 leads per day.

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This is far easier than hassling friends and family, which is the kind of marketing training you will get with Allysian Sciences.

Because this is the traditional way of building an MLM company.

But the tactics have become very difficult to succeed with.

So that wraps up my Allysian Sciences Review and I hope you have gained value from it.

In summary, the business opportunity looks like it’s legit, but just be aware
of the “red flag” I discovered: the compensation plan not being publicly available.

Finally, grab my free ebook so you can put your own marketing plan together whether
you decide to promote Allysian Sciences or something else.

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