Apex Review – Huge Scam Or Legit System?

Apex ReviewAll around the internet, Apex has been getting lots of buzz.

It would not surprise me if you told me you’ve heard of it, or someone has pitched it to you.

It’s also really popular on social media.

This first thing you should know is that I am NOT an affiliate or distributer for Apex.

Is Apex truly a scam?

Can you build a solid business with Apex?

I have gathered all the details about Apex so you can make an informed decision.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know in my Review Of Apex.

Let’s get started.

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What The Heck Is Apex?

Diving into my full review of Apex, this is a new MLM opportunity that’s been making the waves through the multi-level marketing world.

On its website, Apex claims the following:

“[Apex] will teach you how to make a passive income. You make a one off investment and get paid every month for the next five years.”

Apex’s website doesn’t showcase much of anything in the way of background information, meaning that I don’t know who’s running the company, where in the world it’s based out of, when it was founded, etc.

Apex Scam

What Are The Apex Products?

On the product line side of things, Apex doesn’t have a traditional product line to speak of. No goods or services are being sold, and as such, there isn’t any retail sales activity.

With no retail sales taking place, the only thing that’s on offer is access to the affiliate membership.

This is something I see quite often when reviewing MLM opportunities, so it’s not surprising to see Apex also adopt this model.

What About The Compensation Plan For Apex?

With the affiliate membership being the biggest draw to Apex, let’s take a closer look into what comes with it.

Should you choose to join Apex, you’ll be asked to invest in “units.” These units come with a promised monthly ROI of $500.

You’ll get that monthly return of $500 for a total of five years, and once all is said and done, that works out to an overall return of $30,000. That’s nothing to scoff at.

If you want to invest in a unit, you’ll need to make an investment of $11,000 or $13,750 depending on whether or not you get it with a principal guarantee.

Should you get that guarantee, it’s said that you’ll for sure get $11,000 if something ends up going wrong with your unit investment.

Along with the ROI, you can also earn through recruitment and residual commissions. Recruitment commissions are paid for level 1 and level 2 recruits, whereas residual commissions are offered through both matrix and unilevel systems.

What’s The Cost Of Joining Apex?

Should you want to join Apex, doing so is free. However, if you want to invest in the units, you’ll need to spend either $11,000 or $13,750.

So, Is There A Apex Scam Going On?

Have you heard that Apex is a scam?

It’s hard to tell if this is true or not, because a lot of people are just trying to sell you something.

So, from reading this, is Apex a scam or is it legit?

I would say no, but there are a few things to watch out for, find out what in the conclusion.

Learning about these things will make you successful – and see below for my FREE training on how to market yourself.

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Finally, My Apex Review And Conclusion!

Apex is making big claims with the kind of money it can help you make. At first glance, it sounds quite promising.

Here’s the thing, though. Apex is asking a lot of money for you to join. $11,000 on the low-end is not a small investment, and for a lot of people, that’s likely more than they’re willing to part with.

If you like the idea of Apex and genuinely have $11,000 to throw away, it could be worth looking into. However, for most folks, I think it would be best to sit this one out and join something else.

You could end up being lucky and earn the cash Apex is promising, but the last thing you want to do is invest thousands of dollars and not earn anything back.

Did you find this Apex Review useful?

I wanted to gather all the details for you, because I have noticed other Apex reviews have been scant on details.

If you decide to proceed with Apex, I want you to be successful.

Get my free training that teaches you my methods.

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