Ariix Review – Unbiased from Non Distributor

ariix reviewI’ve recently heard a lot of buzz about Arixx and the business opportunity associated with it. It’s been all the rage this past half year.

With that being said, I am not a distributor for Arixx and this is an unbiased Arixx Review based on the research I have done recently.

I have taken a close look at the products, compensation plan and more.

Hopefully, this helps you make a well informed decision.

Also, have a watch of my review video below:

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What Is Ariix?

Ariix, launched in July 2011, is run by founder Brent Jorgensen, CEO Fred Cooper and President Mark Wilson. According to the company website below:

“Ariix was born from the vision of six leading minds in business and nutritional science that wanted to create a unique company based on the “golden rule” of helping others as they help you.”

This gives the impression of several MLM leaders combining their skills to bring forth a company dedicated to distributor help and a rock solid product base. However, looking below the surface, there may have been significantly more to the store than Ariix let on. Both Fred Cooper and Mark Wilson left Usana, along with a large portion of the corporate staff.

It appears as though Ariix was in the planning stages while the corporate staff was still working at Usana.

Info On The Ariix Product Line

Ariix offers a variety of nutritional supplements that come in capsule form. These supplements are focused on increased energy, immune function and heart and brain function, as well as vitamins and minerals. I like the way the products are there to improve people’s health much like Herbalife and it’s product line.

ariix scam

Ariix has Robert Allen, Tim Sales, Dr. Ray Strand and an unknown woman listed as their nutritional experts. It should be noted that Ariix’s Chief Product Officer is Deanna Latson. Latson had been hired by Wealth Masters International to oversee their nutritional division PURE, however she left that position around the same time Ariix launched.

What About The Ariix Compensation Plan?

Base Commissions

It is best to think of the Ariix compensation plan as a binary hybrid. With a traditional binary compensation plan, you have two arms competing against one another, and often you’re paid out on the weaker arm. With Ariix, this is how your binary organization is started.

ariix compensation plan

After becoming an affiliate with Ariix, you are placed at the top of your organization, with two branches under you. Each branch then adds two new branches as more affiliates join your team.

Ariix gives these two branches different names. Your Power Line is the branch with the strongest Product Volume. The other branch is your Pay Line.

Commissions are paid out at 15% on the Product Volume sold by your Pay Line. At month end, your Pay Line is subtracted from your Power Line, and the process repeats the following month.

This is how the plan works until you earn $2,000 in commissions from your Pay Line. This is where the “hybrid” portion starts.

Once your pay line earns you $2,000, you are given a second Pay Line. Each time one of your Pay Lines pays you $2,000 in commissions in any given month, an additional Pay Line is added.

Team Lead Bonus

The Team Lead Bonus is paid out to members who recruit new affiliates. This bonus is earned by a member who is above membership level, and has four personally recruited Ariix members in your organization. A $33.75 bonus is paid out when these requirements are met.

Matching Bonus

Paid up to seven generations deep, the Matching Bonus is a percentage of the base commission income of those you personally sponsor.

The Matching Bonus pays

  • 15% on the first generation (members that you personally sponsor)
  • 10% on the second generation (members that your first generation personally sponsors)
  • 5% on the third through seventh generations

Also, the levels where your commissions are earned must be unlocked, meaning:

  • Level 1-3 is locked by signing up four new affiliates
  • Level 4 and 5 are unlocked by earning $500 and $1,000 base commissions, respectively
  • Level 6 and 7 are unlocked by acquiring additional Pay Lines to your organization, one for Level 6, and another for Level 7

Pay Line Optimized Bonus

Ariix members are given one share in the Pay Line Optimized Bonus each time an additional Pay Line is created in their Base Commissions organization. Two shares are given for the second Pay Line added, three for the third line, etc.

The Pay Line Optimized Bonus is based off 1% of the total company volume in a commission period.

Luxury Car Bonus

A Luxury Car Bonus is awarded to a member who has reached the “Director” rank (a weekly base commission of $250). After maintaining this status for six consecutive months, Ariix makes a down payment on a car, and an additional payment is made towards the car monthly.

What Does It Cost To Join Ariix?

Anyone may join Ariix as a member. Members are given a discount on retail prices of Ariix products, however, are not included in the compensation plan.

Should a member wish to participate in the compensation plan, they must generate $30 in product credit (by purchasing Ariix products), and then they are able to sign up as a representative.

A representative must be able to maintain 75 Personal Product Volume per month – this is part of the autoship function of the compensation plan.

Another option is for a member to pay a $150 fee and sign up as an IIX member. IIX members received an additional 15% discount on personal product orders, and double all bonus commissions paid out.

So Then, Is Ariix A Scam Like Some Say?

There are always people who call MLM Opportunities nothing more than pyramid schemes.

And for this opportunity, it will be no different. There will be people who say “Don’t join that Ariix Scam. It’s just pyramid selling”.

In reality though, Ariix is a very good business opportunity with good quality products, and they encourage retail sales as well which is pleasing. There are lots of business opportunities that do not encourage retail sales (such as OneCoin) so it’s pleasing to find a proper one here!

So, do not listen to anyone calling Ariix a scam or pyramid scheme. It’s a legitimate Network Marketing opportunity.

And Now, My Ariix Review Conclusion

Since the Ariix launch in July 2011, it seems the company has been able to keep things together relatively well.

Ariix offers a very solid retail product line and compensation plan.

The hybrid binary system is most certainly an interesting compensation plan. While you are required to give up product volume on your strongest branch, allowing multiple Pay Lines provides the opportunity for some very positive projected commissions. Further, because these are paid out on product volume, it strongly encourages product sales. No unnecessary recruiting – just simple retail commissions.

From my Ariix Review, we can see that it’s a very good quality MLM company and opportunity.

Having said this, people ask me all the time: “Am I guaranteed success with this”?

And I answer “Of course Not”.

In fact, typically there is a 98% failure rate in the network marketing industry.

So, what do the top earners do that other people don’t.

Well, it’s quite simple.

They focus on the income producing activities which are “Lead Generation” and “Lead Conversion”.

And you can learn how to do both in my free ebook training below:

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Hope you have gotten benefit from my review of Ariix and enjoy the training.

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