Aweber Review – Solid Email Autoresponder Service

aweber reviewDespite what a lot of people say, email marketing is still one of the most powerful online methods to sell your products and services.

Some people say that “email marketing is dead” and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that you have to be creative with your marketing and most people get it wrong. Recently, I wrote a post discussing my own methods of making email marketing work.

And it really does work.

I use email marketing every single day to make lots of sales. My mailing list is the hub of my business.

It contains my list, audience and followers. And email marketing is the process of communicating with them on a regular basis.

And furthermore, having a service with a “autoresponder” function gives me more automation for my new subscribers.

So, today I am going to do a review of Aweber, the company that I use for my autoresponder and email service. In this aweber review, I’ll be going through some of my favorite features. If you use this link here, you can also get the first month of service for just $1. Click here or the image below:


What Is Aweber?

AWeber is a company based in Chalfont, Pennsylvania that provides email marketing and autoresponder services.

The company was founded back in 1998 by Tom Kulzer and the services are used by over 120,000+ small businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers.

My main reason for choosing Aweber was the strong reputation and track record of delivering a great reliable service for many businesses.

What Features Has Aweber Got

One of the great things I have found is the variety of features that are included with Aweber’s services.

I will now go through some of the specific features that I most benefit from.

Very Useful Broadcast Email Marketing Feature

At it’s very basic level, email marketing requires sending “one off” broadcast emails to your mailing list, and Aweber has a high quality and reliable email broadcast service.

It’s possible to schedule emails to go out at specific times, and this is a very helpful feature. It means that I can arrange for my emails to go out in advance, so if I’m on vacation, sleeping or away from the office, the service has me covered:

broadcast email marketing

You can decide to send broadcasts to your specific lists, and this is something I recommend doing.

I always recommend that you have a list for each campaign as you can see which of your online traffic sources are producing the best results: looking at different list open rates, click rates etc.

Best Autoresponder Service I’ve Found

An autoresponder is essentially a series of prepared emails that are automatically delivered to your new subscribers at set intervals.

For example, you may have an email that goes out on a Monday, and then “every 1 day” afterwards, and this sequence may go on for a week totaling 7 emails. (one a day).

If you are marketing online, some kind of autoresponder sequence is very important in giving your business automation. See my post here where I explain more about the importance of having an autoresponder.

I’ve tried out quite a few different autoresponder services and Aweber has proven to be the most reliable and easy to use of the lot.

Some of the others I have tried includes GetResponse and Mailchimp.

With Aweber, I’ve found it to be the easiest to use out of the bunch, and the most reliable as well.

best autoresponder service

It’s “drag and drop” simple to arrange your series of emails, and you can always go back and add more to the autoresponder series if you need to.

You Can Email Blog Updates As Well

This is a feature that I used to use, but not so much nowadays.

But, I know a lot of bloggers like to do it this way.

Aweber has an automated blog post emailing function which is completely optional.

It basically means that it the service will connect with your WordPress blog, and when a new post is published, it will automatically send an email to your list alerting them about the new post. It does this by linking in with your RSS feed.

This is a fantastic time saver option that I’ve used in the past, and I’d recommend it as it worked without any problems.

As well as WordPress, I believe it’s also compatible with the other major ones like Blogger, Joomla, Drupal and Tumblr:

email blog updates

As you can see above, the service can work well if you have a blog on any of the major platforms.

Great Email Deliverability And Best Practices

Aweber complies with best practices by keeping spammers out, and they have a very compliant anti-spam policy.

Some of the things they do are:

They automatically remove unsubscribes and undeliverable email addresses, and they have the technology to see if anything is amiss.

What I like best though is that their service checks your messages to see how compliant they are with anti-spam filters.

So, before you send out emails, you can strive to get a spam score of 0, and this will greatly increase your chances of actually getting your email delivered.

If there are any unintentional “flags” with your email that would spark up an anti-spam filter, Aweber alerts you to them so you can change accordingly and improve your deliverability.

email deliverability best practices

This feature (above) is very useful for making sure your emails actually hit the inbox of your subscribers.

Great Reporting Features

Aweber gives a vast array of reporting features to show you the statistics of your email marketing efforts.

Some of the reports include:

– Opens over time
– Clicks over time
– Daily/Weekly/Monthly subscriber growth rate

email marketing reports

The tracking is represented in beautiful layouts that are great to analyze!

Helpful Customer Support

The Aweber customer support has been fantastic in helping me get the most out of the service.

Specifically, they have a “live chat” feature which I use quite a lot if I’m unsure about anything.aweber support

When I’ve gone online for the live chat, they have always been patient and very willing to help me solve any problems.

Aweber Review Conclusion – Solid Email Marketing Service

To summarize, Aweber has proved itself to me as a very robust email marketing system and worthy of it’s reputation.

I’ve used other things in the past such as GetResponse, and I found that very difficult to use in comparison to Aweber. For example, I found it very fiddly to just produce some form of “plain text” email with GetResponse.

I’ve also used MailChimp in the past. This was a very slick service but unfortunately they have vast number of draconian policies that prohibit internet marketers from running their business. It’s not worth using a company that keeps your hands tied.

You want a service that gives you the freedom to run your business properly and market your products/services effectively.

I hope this Aweber review of mine has been useful in telling you about the features.

Are you current using email marketing to promote your business online?

If so, what has your experience been like?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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