Beyond Organic Review from Non Distributor!

beyond organic reviewWhenever there is a new mlm company/business opportunity, you can feel the hype coming from a mile away.

I often get approached with people telling me to “get in on the ground floor”.

Recently, someone was giving similar hype about a company that started a few years ago.

This guy was hyping about Beyond Organic and trying to get me to watch his YouTube video explaining all about it.

So I decided to find out the truth about it and form this insider review.

Understand that I am not affiliated with Beyond Organic and certainly not trying to recruit you.

This is a completely unbiased insider Beyond Organic Review based on the research I have done after it was pitched to me.

I do recommend that you are cautious about the company. Most of the reviews for Beyond Organic have a “vested interest” to sign you up, so be careful.

You can also watch my video below:

See my Beyond Organic Review video on YouTube

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So, What Is Beyond Organic About Then?

It started a few years ago in November 2011 and the beyond organic official website is “”.

The CEO/Founder is Jordan Rubin and apparently he is a natural health expert. This is detailed on the official company website.

The Vice President of Operations is Ken Duke. From what I can find out, he has had a lot of experience within marketing and sales, obviously useful for this type of business.

Also, Ken Duke was apparently a childhood friend of Jordan Rubin as well.

Upon searching message boards, forums and testimonials, I couldn’t uncover complaints or issues with these 2 guys.

The company is very global operating in USA, UK and other countries as well.

I believe that the company office for beyond organic is in California, USA.

What About The Product Line?

The product line is varied but essentially covers health and wellness.

There are products that assist with cleaning and detoxing, body care, great snacks and drinks.

You can see an image below of some of the products.

beyond organic products

As you can see, there are healthy beverages, green finished beed, greenfed dairy.

From what I found out from my research, the products have got good testimonials.

I like the way the products promote a healthy diet and lifestyle similar to Total Life Changes and Isagenix.

However, a lot of the beyond organic reviews were giving the praises so there could be some bias here!

You can make money from selling these products on a retail basis.

And you can also make money by building the business opportunity side.

And I will explain about that now.

Details On The Beyond Organic Compensation Plan

With a business opportunity like this, you are rewarded for selling the products and gaining retail commissions.

But you are also compensated for building a network marketing team for the company.

And you can earn based on the sales of those that you recruit.

Therefore, it’s important to have a strong comp plan.

So, what is the beyond organic compensation plan like?

Well, here are some details about it.

beyond organic compensation plan

Your Options For Joining Beyond Organic

If you want to be a retail customer, this is completely free.

You have an option of being a “preferred customer” and this costs $19.95 per year.

As a preferred customer, you can utilise the wholesale pricing.

Now, if you want to build the MLM business opportunity side, there are 2 packages available:

You can go for $39.95 per month or $199.95 per month.

So, what’s the difference?

Well, the $199.95 per month package gives you more products available.

Overall, I have found out that the beyond organic comp plan is pretty decent.

Not too many complaints and it’s quite leveraged.

With regard to the “recruiting” side, not everyone agrees with the network marketing/MLM business model and that is what I will tackle next.

But Seriously, Is Beyond Organic A Pyramid Scheme Or Scam?

Like I mentioned, there are a lot of people who consider any form of “recruiting” a scam or pyramid scheme?

So, yes, you will get people sparking rumours of there being “beyond organic scams” taking place.

In reality, don’t believe everything you read (or watch).

There are a lot of people out there who may have “sour grapes”.

Perhaps their marketing plan or mindset was not solid for starting the business, and they quit early.

Or maybe they struggled to generate leads and sponsor people.

Either way, there is no excuse for calling Beyond Organic a Scam because it’s a legit business opportunity.

As a distributor, you are given the chance to build a residual income and help others do the same.

Having said this, you will often see complaints and even lawsuits for various MLM companies.

The industry can often get attacked and there will always be a percentage of people who believe that a company is a pyramid scheme or scam.

But like I said, that is all negative hype.

So, be wary of people who say Beyond Organic is a pyramid scheme or scam.

Having said that, also be aware that there is a 98% failure rate in the network marketing industry.

And this is mainly because the training that the MLM companies provide is out of date. In reality, your chance of success will be far greater if you use “online” tactics that are modern as I explain in this post here.

Don’t worry too much about this because my training (and free ebook) will help you with this.

My Closing Thoughts And Beyond Organic Review Summary

As a summary to my review of Beyond Organic, I believe that it’s a good business opportunity.

However, your success will require you to generate a lot of leads.

The marketing training that Beyond Organic provide is not up to scratch in my opinion.

And if you want to promote Beyond Organic or another business opportunity, they you would be better off with my free training below, and that will help you avoid being part of the 98% who fail.

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That will allow you to form your own business and marketing plan for Beyond Organic.

Remember, to build your team, you need to master lead generation and my free guide explains how to do that.

My goal with my Beyond Organic Review was to expose the truth about the opportunity and give you a sort of insider review of the company.

It’s a good quality and legit opportunity but success will never be easy in network marketing.

However, if you use my free training then I am sure you will be fine.

I noticed a lot of the other reviews seemed to make the business sound so easy, so hopefully I’ve given you are more realistic presentation of what is required to build this MLM opportunity.

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