BitXGroup Review – Huge Scam Or Legit System?

BitXGroup ReviewIf you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ll notice that BitXGroup has been getting a lot of hype.

Because it’s new, it’s getting a lot of buzz and if you’re in an online business, I am sure someone will push it on you at some point.

It’s especially popular on social media at the moment.

I do want to let you know that I am NOT affiliated with BitXGroup as a member or distributor.

My goal is to gather all the facts in one place for you so you can do your research – and it’s all here in my BitXGroup Review.

Is BitXGroup a legit business, or is it a complete scam?

Will I be able to build a business with it?

I tell you all about it in my Review of BitXGroup.

Read below to find out more.

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What Is BitXGroup?

On the BitXGroup website, there isn’t any information in regards to who owns the company, who’s managing things on the day-to-day, etc.

The domain name for the company’s website was registered late last year on December 23, 2017, but the private nature of the registration makes it impossible to see where it took place or who owns the domain.

Along with this, BitXGroup uses its website to showcase an incorporation number from the United Kingdom. Looking this up shows a listing for “BitX Group Limited”, and it was incorporated on December 1, 2017 at a residential address over in London.

The one and only Director for BitX Group Limited is Kyle Horton, but this person is linked to an address in Hampshire.

There isn’t any information on Horton or the Hampshire address to be found outside of this incorporation, and as such, this person likely doesn’t exist.

Furthermore, UK incorporations are dirt cheap to create and require nothing more than a virtual office address in the country to obtain.

In other words, it’s very unlikely that BitXGroup has any physical presence in the United Kingdom at all.

BitXGroup Scam

What Products Are Being Sold?

In regards to BitXGroup’s product offerings, there’s nothing to see.

You won’t find any goods or services being marketed/sold to retail customers, and because of this, it’s impossible for there to be any retail sales activity.

This leaves affiliates with only the affiliate membership to offer, and that’s not a good sign.

In my experience doing these reviews, this is something that’s only seen with opportunities that exist within the MLM underbelly.

Info On The BitXGroup Comp Plan

If you choose to join BitXGroup, you’ll be met with a compensation plan that asks you to invest real money to get an ROI.

There are three investment plans you can choose from, and they work out as follows:

  • Standard Plan — Affiliates invest $20 or more to get a daily ROI of 3.5% for 50 days
  • Business Plan — Affiliates invest $3000 or more to get an ROI of 135% after 540 days
  • Traders Plan — Affiliates invest $50 or more to get an ROI of 115% after 10 days

In addition to this, BitXGroup affiliates also have the chance to earn on referral commissions.

These are paid using a unilevel system, and they enable affiliates to earn 5% on Level 1, 2% on Level 2, and 1% on Level 3.

What Will It Cost Me To Join BitXGroup?

You can join BitXGroup for free, but if you do this, you’ll only be able to earn on referral commissions.

If you’d like to earn these and the ROI, you’ll have to make an investment of at least $20.

Any Truth To The BitXGroup Rumours?

Any time a new business opportunity launches, you will always hear rumours about them being scams – so is BitXGroup a scam?

From reading above, you might already be thinking BitXGroup is a scam.

So, is it?

Is there a BitXGroup scam, or is it legit?

To be honest, BitXGroup isn’t a complete scam.

However, there are some red flags to be worried about, which I discuss in the conclusion.

See my tips below for helping to make money.

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And Now, My BitXGroup Conclusion

BitXGroup uses its website to promote an opportunity that’s “risk-free”, and the ROI that’s offered is supposedly funded thanks to revenue that comes through “mining & Trading of the most popular & lucrative cryptocurrency in the digital world today.”

The company goes on to say:

“We are a team of Bitcoin enthusiasts who have been mining Bitcoins since its inception in 2009.

Subsequently, we also have been trading Bitcoins & making great profits.”

While some people might be willing to believe BitXGroup, everything that’s being spouted here is a bunch of lies.

In reality, BitXGroup is nothing more than another Ponzi scheme that’ll be here today and gone tomorrow.

All money coming into the company is that of affiliate investments, and this means newly invested funds are used to pay ROI liabilities that are owed to other members.

Once this investment stops, BitXGroup will be no more.

Most affiliates are guaranteed to lose out with no way to recover lost funds, and as such, I highly recommend looking elsewhere for your next opportunity.

I hope you have gained value from my BitXGroup Review.

I have put all the details you need to know here, because all other reviews of BitXGroup have been fairly limited with details.

If you do decide to proceed with BitXGroup or any business, you’ll find my free training helpful – I will show you how to make money online.

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