Is SEO Worth The Investment?

It seems that every year, we hear the same old “is seo dead” mantra time and time again but is SEO worth the investment? In this post, I want to shed some light on the topic of SEO, and explain the good, the bad and the ugly. People ask me all the time: is seo […]

7 MLM Blog Training Tips To Churn Out Leads

It still surprises me that there are MLM distributors who do not have a Blog, a “home base” to position them as an authority. I really hope that you have a Blog because it’s one of the most powerful online marketing tools out there. If you haven’t got a Blog, do not worry because I […]

How To Create A Pop Up On Your Blog?

You may think that a Popup is spammy or in bad taste but that’s not true. It can grow your business quickly and I will explain why! A lot of Bloggers or Website owners may be afraid of having a popup on their site. You may think that it will be “pushy” but it’s all […]

What Are The Best Practices For Goal Setting?

As the new year of 2014 emerges, it’s a popular time for setting new goals for the future. For many years now, I’ve always used this time of year to reflect and set new goals for the next year. It feels like the right time – end of the year and all that! If you’re […]

How To SEO Your WordPress Site In 5 Steps

If you’re any kind of blogger, you should already know that you need to be using WordPress as your platform? Why? Really, there are so many reasons and I have spoken before in posts like this about the numerous benefits. In short, WordPress is modern, cutting edge, clean coded, easy to update, loved by the […]

4 Reasons You Should Start A Network Marketing Blog

Interesting topic for blog post, don’t you think? The idea for this post came to me from a lot of conversations I’ve had with other network marketers recently at Events, Webinars and Hangouts. It’s become noticeable to me that not every network marketer has a Blog, and I am shocked about this! It really isn’t […]

2 Persuasive Ways To Get More Social Shares

Getting Social Shares is beneficial for lots of reasons but often when this topic is discussed, people will throw out the same “fluffy” advice. Things like “create great content” that will get shared. Whilst this is true, in this post I will be giving you a very “actionable” step you can take to: Make Content […]

What Is The Best WordPress Theme For A Blog?

You should know by now that WordPress should be your choice if you are creating a new website or starting a Blog. And I show you how to do this in my Free 6 Figure Roadmap training course: Unless… need a super secure “fort knox” website like the government departments have, or you need a […]

How To Build An Email List Fast In 4 Steps

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard of the power of building a mailing list. There is the over used phrase “the money is in the list” but it’s so true that we have to keep on repeating. “The money is in the list“. In this post, I want to give […]

3 Hints On How To Build Links To Your Blog

In 2013, we have had 2 major Google updates that have once again made the task of SEO more challenging: These are the recent Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1 updates. To make matters worse, these updates launched pretty much at the same time: Double Whammy! The goal of this article is to reflect on the recent […]