Bluehost Review And Discount Coupon For 2015

bluehost reviewHaving good quality web hosting is very important.

Like I’ve mentioned in other posts, ranking well in the search engines is dependent on lots of factors, and one of them is “Page Speed”.

And Page Speed can be influenced by good quality hosting features such as Bluehost.

That is one of the main reasons I am giving this Bluehost Review.

It’s because web hosting is the foundation for your website and so it’s worth getting right from the start.

Full Disclosure: Within the following review, I do (ultimately) recommend Bluehost as an affiliate which means I do earn a small commission if you buy through my discount link here

With that being said, you can get a free domain included with Bluehost if you use my link here.

Also, you can click the image below to get the discount coupon.

bluehost discount coupon

That will get you an additional domain and that is the 3.95 a month coupon.

Okay, so today I want to give a full review of the Bluehost web hosting service. Unlike other hosting companies that have problems, Bluehost delivers a good performance.

This review is in a FAQ style where I answer the most common questions I get about the service.

Is Bluehost good?

Well, you will have to read my review to find out! I am a customer so at least it is accurate.

I’m going to do a deep dive into the Pros and Cons of the service so you can make an informed decision whether it’s for you. This post is up to date for 2015 and beyond.

Also, I think there is a 30 day money back guarantee you are covered by.

If you prefer to watch rather than read, you can view my YouTube video below:

Watch Bluehost Review video on YouTube

What Is Bluehost Used For?

Bluehost is a very well known web hosting service.

Now, why would you need Bluehost?

The reason you need it is because you’re planning to start a website online.

And to start any kind of website, the files need to be hosted somewhere.

And that’s why you need a hosting service. Normally, you also need to buy domains as well.

There are lots of hosting companies out there such as HostGator, GoDaddy and many more. However, after using a lot of them over the years, I’ve found my experience to be the best quality from Bluehost. (and I explain more on “why” that is later on in the review).

I have used some terrible hosts over the years, such as some minor players here in the UK, and I want to help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Now, I’m going to answer a question that I get a lot which is “What factors do I need to consider before deciding on a hosting service?”

I’m going to frame this with explaining how Bluehost is a good hosting service.

1. Easy To Use Admin Dashboard – One of the factors I recommend is that the dashboard should be easy to use and have a good quality interface.

Now, if you have a look at some of the images below, you can see the Bluehost dashboard which is user friendly and easy to use. That is what you see when you login to the dashboard.

bluehost coupon 2015

Bluehost is very easy to use and it’s very easy to get started.

You don’t need any technical skills or anything like that.

You’ve also got a very clear “one-click installer” for WordPress.

2. Fast Hosting For Great “Page Speed” – The next thing that you need is a hosting service that has a good processor speed and good technical specifications.

Now, I am glad to report that Bluehost excels with this with a great range of quality technical features. The rating of the processors is awesome! Great spec!

At Bluehost, they have nice fast processors that can make your website run fast.

If you have a look at the image below, you can see the excellent technical capabilities of Bluehost blog hosting.

bluehost pricing

Why do you need good technical specs?

You need good technical specs because that gives your website a higher “Page Speed” and this can result in better search engine rankings.

The search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing favor websites that are fast loading.

This is because it provides a better user experience.

No-one likes a slow loading website. It sucks even more if you have a slow internet connection! You need a website setup that is fast for lots of reasons.

So having a fast loading website is great for your search engine ranking and it’s also great for improving your website conversions.

A faster website equals happier users which increases the chances of converting them to sales and signups.

Bluehost has fast processors as part of it’s features for its hosting.

Because of this it means you’ve got a much better chance of better search engine rankings. That is the reason I recommend using Bluehost for your domain name registration, DNS and starting your website.

I believe they also have a good webmail service as well, although I don’t tend to use it. I’ll admit that reduces the detail of my bluehost review but I have to be honest here!

What About Using WordPress With Bluehost Blog Hosting Service?

WordPress is what I recommend as your website or blog framework and platform, instead of inferior alternatives such as Weebly.

A third of the world websites use WordPress and the search engines love it’s dynamic capability to easily add content.

I explain about some of these benefits (and picking the best wordpress theme/template) in this post here.

Last year, I actually published a blog post and video tutorial showing how to setup a WordPress website using Bluehost.

I recommend checking out that article and video to help you get started. This review is more about the service rather than the user guide for the service! To avoid problems with setting up WordPress, I recommend following my tutorial guide at that post. I go through it all from the domain name registration, different features available and installing WordPress.

So, yes, you should use WordPress instead of Weebly for your new Bluehost blog hosting. There are lots of Pros (Positives) to using WordPress and very few Cons (downsides). To sum up, it’s 2015 and you need a proper dynamic website that only WordPress can give you!

Are There Any Problems With Bluehost?

I promised to discuss the Pros and Cons so I should mention any negative points as well.

Like most hosting companies, you are given some optional “upsells” when you checkout for the web hosting service.

And (in my opinion), they are not required or needed. Whilst it’s required to have upsells for customers buying any product or service, it sucks if the upsells are pointless. I think the SEO jumpstart may possibly be a stretch too far.

Also, the payment method and billing cost is required for a “yearly cost” rather than “month to month”.

This is a disadvantage for people who want to spread the cost out over months, but at least there are no hidden fees. The pricing is actually very fair for Bluehost, in my opinion

Having said this, when you setup a website, it feels good to commit to it properly with the investment that is required, so the yearly cost for Bluehost is not necessarily a bad thing or negative factor.

Also, they offer plenty of “reduced price deals” when you commit to a longer term plan over a 2-3 years. That means you can pay less money per month as part of the pricing. And the 3.95 per month pricing is worth it to have a killer website for your business.

Is There A Bluehost Coupon Or Discount?

They regularly have promotional offers and deals during holidays etc.

For example there is normally a Bluehost black Friday sale that is held. I know that a lot of people have got a good deal. It’s a good way of reducing your fees when getting started.

In terms of a coupon offer or discount, you can get a “free domain” name
if you use this link here. and that means you won’t need to buy domains. Or at least, 1 less than usual!

Also, click the image below to get your free domain when you sign up.

bluehost discount coupon

The link above is good for the 3.95 coupon that is on offer for Bluehost.

Hope that coupon above helps you get an additional domain when you get started with your Bluehost account.

Finally, What About The Bluehost Affiliate Program?

As I disclosed before, I promote Bluehost as an affiliate.

And I do this because I’ve been impressed with the quality service and certainly no complaints with the pricing or anything else!

I’ve found my experience with the affiliate program to be very good indeed.

When I joined, I was given my own “affiliate account manager” who got in touch with me to offer assistance. This is great customer service!

I was impressed with this as it certainly doesn’t happen in all affiliate programs.

Also, because the hosting pricing is sold “for the year” as part of the billing, this means you get a higher affiliate commission faster rather than waiting for the residuals to kick in over time.

This is when the pricing of the hosting pays off. You get better cash flow for your business because of the “billing” method that hosting uses.

Bluehost Review And Conclusion – Is It Any Good?

Hopefully, you have found my review helpful. I tried to include the most common FAQ questions that I get. However, you can leave a comment below if you want any additional information.

As a conclusion, I have found Bluehost web hosting service to be very simple and easy to setup WordPress. It’s also got a nice quality interface as well. The pricing is pitched very well for what you get included.

When I teach my students how to setup wordpress, I’ve found the simplest way has been through the Bluehost dashboard. And the dashboard includes lots of other features such as webmail and cpanel.

In addition to this, I’ve been very impressed with the technical specifications of the hosting that contribute to a faster loading website.

And a faster loading website gives a much better quality user experience as well as keeping the search engines happy. You can avoid a lot of problems by having a faster loading webpage.

It sucks when you have to wait for a slow loading webpage so use Bluehost to get around this issue. This is a very good thing!

All in all, I am a very happy customer of Bluehost so it gets my recommendation. In the past, I’ve used things like HostGator and GoDaddy but I’ve found my experience to be much better with Bluehost. The fees associated are similar as well.

I’m pretty sure there is a 30 day money back guarantee as well so it’s worth getting going with it.

Once again, click the image below to lock in the discount.

bluehost discount coupon

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