4 Tips To Build An Internet Business From Scratch

build an internet business from scratchIt seems that building an Internet based business is all the rage nowadays. This is probably due to a lot of things.

People are realizing that it’s cheaper than starting a brick and mortar business and this makes it much lower risk.

As a slightly off-topic example, buying into a McDonalds franchise costs at least $100,000+ and this represents a “risk”.

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What Exactly Is An Internet Business?

This is a very good question. Even though I have run an “internet business” for a few years, I sometimes struggle to define it to people. Normally, I just say that I “sell things on the Internet” (digital products, coaching and support).

If you need a good explanation of what an Internet business actually means and the large benefits, I recommend reading The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss. In this book, Tim Ferris gives a good definition and explanation. If you want to build an internet business from scratch then I would recommend starting with that book. You can see a really good interview with Tim here:

An Internet Business could be selling things on Ebay or Amazon. Or, it could be affiliate marketing, online network marketing or something else. The point is that in all these examples, “selling stuff” is involved. Your website is your shopfront. Using principles of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Social Media, you are taking your shop to the high street to get greater footfall.

My free video course gives the “whole scoop” on doing things like SEO and Paid Traffic to generate a full time income online. See below:

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My 4 Tips To Build An Internet Business From Scratch

1. Be prepared to Invest – I mentioned above that it was “low risk” but I didn’t say it was “no risk”.

You will need to invest money to build an Internet Business from scratch.

This will be things like:

Internet Marketing Training
Website Plugins
Premium Website Theme (Something like “Genesis” for WordPress)

A lot of the times, people say that Blogging is “free”. It really isn’t.

You need to invest in hosting and when your Blog traffic gets to higher levels, you have to consider upgrading to higher cost packages.

Bottom Line: An Internet Business requires an investment, both in time and money.

2. Don’t Become A Techie! – If you decide to learn all of the technical stuff, you will struggle to ever get started.

Marketers who are making “7 Figures” online do not do the technical stuff themself. I certainly don’t!

These days, we have plug and play systems where the technical stuff is handled for you.

This gives you time to focus on the important stuff like “Marketing”!

3. Go Through Training But Not Too Much – Whilst learning how to make money online is important, don’t fall into the “training pit”. This is normally the scenario of buying every course out there, learning everything and implementing nothing. We’ve all been there.

Within my business opportunity, we have a “Fast Start” training for this very reason. It’s more important to get started quickly and start generating leads and sales than learning absolutely everything.

4. Become A True Marketer – One thing I have realised over the years of being a business owner is that it’s all about the marketing. If you are a Florist (Business Owner), your job is to be a marketeer of Florist Services (not nessecarily always creating the flowers yourself). This means that you should always be focused on Marketing: Creating Campaigns and Tracking Your Results!

starting an internet businessIf you are thinking of starting an Internet Business, then hopefully the tips above will serve you well.

Remember that the principles of running an “offline” business also apply to running an “online” business. Essentially, you make money by providing the best solution for the target market.

Are you currently trying to build an Internet Business from scratch?

If so, how is it going?

Have you got any tips to share for my readers?

I would be intersted in hearing what you have to say.

Please “like”, share and comment if you have received value from these tips.


  1. Hi Nick,

    #3 is huge! Act, after doing a bit of training. The millionaires in the online realm train a bit then immediately act, getting their street smarts.

    The broke, struggling crowd, if they pursue training, obsess over getting booksmarts, or training, and training, and training, without ever applying what they learn.

    You earn by applying what you learn, making mistakes, then correcting those mistakes.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Ryan,

      Yes, great point.

      The truth is that most people understand “exactly what they need to do” but they are paralysed by procrastination and “fear”. It’s a form of “self sabotage as well.

      Rather than falling into the training pit, it’s better to implement as fast as possible with the limited knowledge and learn as you go along.

      Training is important but the “top earners” and leaders focus on implementation. Rookies tend to want everything to be perfect and they use that as an excuse for not implementing.

      Thanks for stopping by Ryan.

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