Cafe Nopal Review from Non Affiliate!

cafe nopal reviewSurfing social media the other day led me to find this new opportunity.

And yes, it was being pitched to me.

So, I went out and did plenty of research to produce this Café Nopal Review for you.

But please NOTE: I am not promoting this business opportunity as an affiliate or distributor. Also, you will see a lot of reviews out there for Café Nopal, and of course, some of them will be biased.

In my review, I’ll talk about the company background, products, compensation plan and more.

Also, check out my video review below:

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So, What Is Café Nopal All About?

Cafe Nopal’s website domain ( has been registered since July 23rd, 2014. Currently, the site owner is listed as John Dierksmeier. The address provided is located in the State of Texas, United States. Cafe Nopal does not provide any information regarding who owns or operates the business.

BehindMLM first noticed John Dierksmeier Quesada as the Founder of MaxeVida in 2011. MaxeVida used a matrix-based compensation plan to track affiliate recruitment and retail sales.

cafe nopal scamDierksmeier is also responsible for developing TVBoxNet and EXProBuilder, which use matrix schemes similar to MaxeVida.

While it appears that MaxeVida crumbled in 2012, Dierksmeier went on to create Only20Bucks, which was also based on the same compensation plan. Only20Bucks was used as a recruitment feeder for iClubBiz, where Dierksmeier was an affiliate.

Launched in 2013, iClubBiz used an autoship-centric recruitment blueprint.

Dierksmeier, since launching Cafe Nopal in 2014, has also started Nopa Vida in the first quarter of 2015, and 2×2 Wealth as recently as last month.

There are quite a few other coffee mlm business opportunities such as Javita Coffee which I reviewed earlier this year.

What Are Twhat is cafe nopalhe Cafe Nopal Products?

The chief product released by Cafe Nopal is a nopal extract-infused coffee.

Currently, Cafe Nopal does not list retail pricing on their site.

And What About The Comp Plan?

Each Café Nopal affiliate is required to pay a $19.95 fee, who are then paid to enlist other affiliates whose task is the same.

Cafe Nopal employs a 2X6 matrix that places two positions directly underneath them in Level 1. Level 1 then is divided into an additional two positions. This pattern continues down through to Level 6.

cafe nopal compensation plan









As new affiliates join, commissions are paid as matrix positions are filled. Compensation is decided based on what level in the matrix the new affiliate is placed.

• Level 1 – no commission (2 positions)
• Level 2 – $0.50 per affiliate (4 positions)
• Level 3 – $1.00 per affiliate (8 positions)
• Level 4 – $1.00 per affiliate (16 positions)
• Level 5 – $1.00 per affiliate (32 positions)
• Level 6 – $3.00 per affiliate (64 positions)

Personally recruited affiliates are also paid out on matrix earning at a rate of 100%. Affiliates are also entitled to a wholesale bonus on any personally recruited affiliates that choose to purchase Cafe Nopal. Commissions for wholesale purchases are 30% for personally recruited affiliates, and 10% on any orders purchased by their recruited affiliates.

Pretty neat compensation plan in a similar way to something like Ingreso Cybernetico which I reviewed recently.

Cafe Nopal does not provide a wholesale price list on their website.

Is Café Nopal A Scam or Completely Legit?

Whilst, I’m not a huge fan of the company, it would be crazy to call it a scam.

But of course, you will get people saying that.

Why do they do that?

Well, it’s because they don’t agree with the business model. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a scam. So, do not listen to any of these Café Nopal Scam rumours from people who label everything a scam or pyramid scheme.

A scam is when someone takes the money and runs.

In this situation, you are joining a proper business opportunity.

Is It Worth Joining Cafe Nopal?

A portion of the Cafe Nopal product is included in the monthly $19.95 membership fee. Product does include an additional monthly shipping fee, which is not listed on the Cafe Nopal site.

So, should you actually join this?

Well, if you do decide to get involved with Café Nopal (or any business opportunity for that matter), your success will be dependant on:

– Your ability to generate leads (getting traffic and converting it to leads)
– Your ability to “convert” your leads into signups.

In all honesty, most people are terrible about the steps above.

I, myself have become a top earner by being very good at the above skillsets.

And, if you want to learn my own approach, feel free to grab my free ebook below:

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My Cafe Nopal Review Conclusion

Similar to other John Dierksmeier opportunities, Cafe Nopal relies on affiliate recruitment. The nopal coffee capsules are not available at true retail, and are attached to affiliate membership.

Affiliates sign up and pay a $19.95 membership fee, and commissions are paid out based on how many affiliates they have placed into the affiliate matrix. While retail commissions are mentioned, these actually appear to be resell commissions, with little or nothing to do with the actual Cafe Nopal MLM opportunity.

From my full Cafe Nopal Review, it is clear that there is a big problem.

Due to the structure of the company, actual capsule sales are superfluous, as it appears all commission if reliant on recruitment. As recruitment slows down, commissioned earnings will slow down, then stop entirely. Unfortunately, affiliates who actually enjoy the product will be out of luck, as this product is not offered at the retail level.

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