Calorchi Review – Huge Scam Or Legit System?

Calorchi ReviewIf you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ll notice that Calorchi has been getting a lot of hype.

Because it’s new, it’s getting a lot of buzz and if you’re in an online business, I am sure someone will push it on you at some point.

It’s especially popular on social media at the moment.

I do want to let you know that I am NOT affiliated with Calorchi as a member or distributor.

My goal is to gather all the facts in one place for you so you can do your research – and it’s all here in my Calorchi Review.

Is Calorchi a legit business, or is it a complete scam?

Will I be able to build a business with it?

I tell you all about it in my Review of Calorchi

Read below to find out more.

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What Is Calorchi?

Calorchi describes itself as a ‘Blockchain Marketplace’ focusing on products based on crypto-currencies. Having been registered on the 20th July 2015, their website ( has all registration details set to private and there are no details on the website itself about who owns or operates the company.

It does, however, provide a corporate address based in Texas, which seems to be where the company is run from (due to its sales tax status not affecting clients resident in areas outside of that state). Knowing this detail, and by looking into affiliates of the scheme, is soon becomes clear that the founder and CEO of the company is called Sam Mendez- a serial founder of MLM opportunities (including ‘My Shopping Genie’ and ’15 Winks’ which have both collapsed).

Calorchi Scam

What Products Are Being Sold?

Describing their operation as a ‘Blockchain Marketplace’, Calorchi is an e-commerce platform that facilitates directs sales of products and services using crypto-currencies. As things stand, there is only one product available on the Calorchi website called ‘Garden Isle’ which is listed as a ‘hemp product line’. Advertised benefits for the third-party sellers that use this platform are ‘no refunds, no other customer complaints, no further payment services, no savings in advance and additional processing fees.’

Info On The Calorchi Comp Plan

Affiliates of the scheme are paid when Calorchi products are sold through the Blockchain Marketplace. For an affiliate to be eligible to receive commissions they must satisfy two criteria:

  • They have to have recruited two new affiliates (which, in effect, fills both positions beneath them in a binary team structure)
  • Both sides of the binary team must bring in at least $75 worth of sales every 90 days

The actual figures an affiliate receives as commission on purchases are as follows:

  • An affiliate will earn $6 for every $75 that is spent by an affiliate or retail customer that they have recruited.
  • An affiliate will earn a $250 bonus when the affiliate or retail customer they have recruited spend $1500. This happens every time this figure is reached, although the bonus can only be earnt once every 90 days.


Calorchi also pays out residual commissions and calculates these by using a binary structure. This works by placing the original affiliate at the top of the structure, with 2 positions directly beneath. Those positions are filled by the first two new recruited affiliates, and forms level 1. Level 2 of the structure is formed by splitting the two level 1 positions into a further two each that sit beneath (forming 4 new positions). This process continues to create more positions, each of which will be filled by direct and indirect recruiting of new affiliates.

Calorchi Compensation Plan

The sales being processed across both sides of the binary team are monitored, and when both sides match purchases worth $150- the affiliate is paid $15.

Matching Bonus

Calorchi also offers a matching bonus, which allows affiliates to earn a percentage of the residual binary earnings of affiliates that they have recruited. The payouts for this are calculated using a unilevel model. This model places the original affiliate in the top position of the structure but, unlike the binary model, places every affiliate that they recruit in a position directly beneath them. This forms level 1. Level 2 is formed by placing all the affiliates recruited by ‘Level 1’ affiliates into positions directly beneath them. This process continues and can, in theory go on forever.

Payouts through this structure are as follows:

  • 10% matching bonus paid to Calorchi affiliates at ‘Team Builder’ level
  • 20% matching bonus paid to Calorchi affiliates at ‘Global Builder’ level
  • 30% matching bonus paid to Calorchi affiliates at ‘Platinum Builder’ level

Each affiliate receives the bonus for each leg of their team up until the point another eligible affiliate (a Team builder or Global builder) is found. The requirements to reach each level are:

  • Team Builder- An affiliate needs to recruit at least three further affiliates, each of whom must have earnt a residual commission.
  • Global Builder- An affiliate needs to recruit at least six further affiliates, each of whom must have qualified as a Team Builder and recruited two Team Builders themselves.
  • Platinum Builder- An affiliate needs to recruit at least twelve further affiliates, each of whom must have qualified as a Global Builder and recruited three new Global Builders themselves.

Team Builders receive the 10% matching bonus until, going up through the unilevel model, another Team Builder is reached. Global Builders will receive 20% until another is reached, or if a Team Builder is reached their share drops to 10% until the next Global Builder is reached. A Platinum Builder receives 30% until another is reached, when a Global Builder is reached this drops to 20% and when a Team Builder is reached this drops to 10% until the next Platinum member is reached.

Calorchi affiliates receive a $250 payout when the sales total $2500 on either side of the binary team, and earn shares based on their sales for a return of the bonus pool (which is made up of 5% of all bonuses and commissions) at the rate of 1 for earning $10,000 in 90 days, or 2 for earning $20,000 in 120 days

What Will It Cost Me To Join Calorchi?

The website currently shows no detail as to how potential affiliates can gain membership.

Any Truth To The Calorchi Rumours?

Any time a new business opportunity launches, you will always hear rumours about them being scams – so is Calorchi a scam?

From reading above, you might already be thinking Calorchi is a scam.

So, is it?

Is there a Calorchi scam, or is it legit?

To be honest, Calorchi isn’t a complete scam.

However, there are some red flags to be worried about, which I discuss in the conclusion.

See my tips below for helping to make money.

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And Now, My Calorchi Conclusion

Calorchi’s marketplace works by converting crypto-currencies into ‘marketplace credits’, which are then used to purchase products. This leaves the scheme open to difficulties because the compensation plan is presented in US dollars. At the point of payout, either Calorchi or the affiliates will lose out if the exchange rate has fluctuated with the crypto-currencies values against the dollar. These currencies are notoriously volatile, so it must be seen as an ever-present risk in relation to this opportunity.

The other pitfall relating to this scheme is whether retail customers will ever use the platform, as opposed to the affiliates. It’s quite simple for an affiliate to qualify themselves for commissions by spending $75 per month, and being paid commissions on further affiliates that do the same. Before getting involved in this scheme, it would be worth enquiring from affiliates in your potential upline about the volume of sales that they see each month. By comparing this against how many personally recruited affiliates they have in their downline, you can get a pretty good idea of the volume generating from affiliate payments, and that being generated from consumers. If the retail volume is low, then this is nothing more than an autoship recruitment scheme where affiliates are merely making commissions from the membership fees of other affiliates.

The lack of details on their website about the owners and managers, as well as the lack of information about the membership costs involved mean that long-thought research needs to be conducted in the opportunity being offered here before you consider becoming an affiliate.

I hope you have gained value from my Calorchi Review.

I have put all the details you need to know here, because all other reviews of Calorchi have been fairly limited with details.

If you do decide to proceed with Calorchi or any business, you’ll find my free training helpful – I will show you how to make money online.

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