Clever Container Review – Not Promoting It!

clever container reviewThere is a company that has been gaining a lot of traction recently called Clever Container. (please note that this is an “unbiased” review and I am not promoting or endorsing the company for a commission).

One of my followers asked me about this company the other day.

Unfortunately (at the time), my knowledge was limited.

However, I have now done some research on the company to form this comprehensive Clever Container Review that should help you understand about it.

If you have been approached by someone about joining this company then you should find my review useful.

Also, just a bit of a warning: You may see some clever container reviews on the Internet that are “biased” to get you to join, and this is because they get a commission.

Just do your research and be careful.

You can watch my video review if you prefer. See below.

Watch my Clever Container Review video on YouTube

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What The Heck Is Clever Container?

Clever Container is a direct sales/network marketing/MLM company that sells organization and storage products within home, vehicle and travel markets.

The company headquarters is based in Michigan and it was setup in 2006 by 2 friends: Karen Eschebach and Jennifer Weaver.

Shortly after starting, the company introduced it’s “Organizing Party” format in January 2007. This allows consultants to share the products in an organized setting to demonstrate the value of the product line.

In their own words, their “mission is to give you products and strategies or organize your life”.

The managing director is Erin Thornton.

It’s definitely available to potential reps in the US, but not so sure about UK, Canada and Australia.

There is information on the official website but I couldn’t find a phone number during my research. I also wanted to find more extensive company history information but could not see a Wikipedia page during my research.

At least they have an app. That is very modern.

How Can You Make Money With Clever Container?

With any direct sales company like this, there are ultimately 2 ways of making money and working from home.

Firstly, you can sell/promote the products on a retail basis. And you simply gain a commission every time you make a sale. As long as the return policy is not in force, you should make money here.

Secondly, you can “recruit” others to become distributors (or consultants as they are known in this company). You then gain a commission on the sales made by your team.

This is known as building a “downline”.

It typically takes between 5-7 years of hard work and this can be plagued by attrition (people quitting) and the difficulty of recruiting.

Having said that, if I’m being honest with you, the work home business opportunity which is based on “recruiting” is the main way that you will make money with a business like this.

For consultants of Clever Container, I believe they have a nice extranet portal where you can get some good training.

Also, when you join the company, you purchase the enrolment kit chich is $149 + tax and shipping.

This includes the following:

– Document boxes
– 100 Postcard Invitations
– 25 Order Forms
– 25 Color Catalogs
– Business cards
– And much more!

What Is The Product Line?

From looking at the website and catalogue, it’s clear that there are lots and lots of products.

So many products in fact!

And they have weird and wonderful names.

Everything from Stocking Stuffer’s, Jewelry Cubby, Wonderful bag, desk envy, Double Duty, Cargo Tote and lots of boxes!

Make no mistake, if you like organizational box products then you will like this company.

For more information about the products, check out the website which has a link to the Catalog.

What do I think of the products price and quality?

It looks like the products are good quality and effective within the “organizational” space.

And I believe there is a returns policy as well.

However, they seem a bit expensive when you compare them to alternative products.

For example, you could very easily get the same products for cheaper at Walmart, Target or even eBay!

Obviously, the shipping is handled for you with Clever Container. That is an advantage.

Also, great if you can get some business cards to hand out.

clever container business cards

What Is The Compensation Plan Like?


I mentioned that there are 2 ways of making money with this work home style opportunity.

Selling the products on a “retail basis” or recruiting other consultants and forming your own team.

Getting more reps on board can be difficult. I will explain more about that later.

However, it’s important to have a good compensation plan for any company.

On that note, I would like to explain about the Clever Container compensation plan when you join the business to work from home.

What is a compensation plan and why is it important?

Within direct sales and network marketing, the company compensation plan is the structure to when and how you get paid and determines what your earnings are. It should always be covered in the company training.

And it’s obviously based on how much you earn from your “recruited consultants” sales.

So, the percentages for the commissions you earn and things like that.

From some research I did on other websites, it does look the company compensation plan is leveraged. They even have something called an RSO which gives bonuses, incentives or something like that.

Check out some images below that details the compensation plan:

clever container compensation plan

The RSO thing looks good as well as the start up kit.

The marketing they will suggest is for you to hold a home party and try and recruit from there as well as selling the products. Get some business cards beforehand!

Is The Opportunity A Scam?

You have people who say that any direct sales (or MLM) company is a scam.

People think it must be some kind of pyramid scheme simply because it’s shaped like a pyramid.

Just because you “recruit” other people to get a commission, and these people “recruit” other people for their commission.

In reality, most things in life are “in the shape of a pyramid” and you can see the images of the pyramid structure for something like corporate America.

Now, you may hear complaints about Clever Container.

However, this could be former consultants who are bitter because they never “gained traction” with the business. Just because they never made good earnings does not mean the company is a scam.

So view it with an open mind.

I don’t believe that there is any truth to any Clever Container scam rumors you hear about!

Having said that, I couldn’t see a phone number on the website which was a bit strange. Perhaps use the contact form for support? Or perhaps it is on the app.

But I can see that there appears to be consultants from lots of areas such as Illinois, Oklahoma, ohio, Florida, Michigan and many more places.

So this thing is legitimate and not a scheme or anything like that.

Also, they offer fundraising opportunities which makes it seem very legit.

You have your own back office that you can login for extra support. Not sure if they have a blog or not.

Clever Container Review and Conclusion

As shown in my review, you can see the products seem to be good quality.

In addition to that, there is a nice option of having the business opportunity as well, and you have the support of the extranet and the starter kit as well!

So, what is the problem?

The problem is that it is very difficult (these days) to recruit consultants/distributors.

These days there are so many of these business opportunities around that it can be a bit of a saturated market.

Not only that but a new “ground floor” opportunity opens every 5 minutes!

And a lot of the time, if you have built a team of consultants, they will chase the “shiny objects” and new business opportunities that are in pre-launch.

That makes the business difficult.

So, what is the solution?

MLM can be a great business model but it is plagued by some problems. One of those is saturation (when too many start promoting a business opportunity) and this is shown as a perfect example by this online business opportunity detailed at this post.

It’s difficult to recruit using the “traditional old school” methods and this makes it difficult for you to make any serious earning with the business model.

They will most probably tell you to hold a party, invite your “warm market” list and try to get them into the company. That can be very tough.

My advice to you would be to use the internet to build your Clever Container business.

Own a website, build an audience and promote your business online to build your team.

If you need help with that, feel free to grab my free ebook below which gives the training you need:

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And I also show some training that covers alternative ways of making money online as well.

That means you won’t constantly need party ideas for recruiting people.

I hope my Clever Container review has been informative for you. Some of the other reviews were a bit thin on the detail of how you actually make money with the company! However, I did see a good YouTube video from a lady called Debbie Rutter which was useful.

In summary, it’s a good business if you know how to market. Trying to recruit from a home party can be a real grind though!

So, grab my free ebook, learn how to market online and go and crush it with your business!

It’s the perfect starter kit to help you market online. There is training on using facebook and all sorts of methods of generating traffic.

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