Coin Nuggets Review – Legit Or Scam?

Coin Nuggets ReviewHas someone approached you lately about joining Coin Nuggets?

This doesn’t surprise me – it’s been getting a lot of hype in the last couple of week, with people pitching it all the time.

First, let me make one thing clear – I am NOT in any way affiliated with Coin Nuggets.

I simply wanted to gather all the details here for you in my Coin Nuggets Review so you can make an informed decision.

Is Coin Nuggets truly a scam?

Does it really work like the marketing materials say it will?

Read on to find out in my Review of Coin Nuggets.

Let’s get going!

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What The Heck Is Coin Nuggets?

According to the Coin Nuggets website, the company is run by Michael Webber. Michael Webber is listed to be the CEO of I-Affiliate Marketing Inc. on the site as well, and if that name sounds familiar to you, that’s because Webber isn’t a stranger to the MLM underbelly by any means.

Webber first got started with schemes and scams back in 2015 when he was serving as the admin for X100K — a pyramid scheme that was launched and shut down a multitude of times.

Webber finally decided to get rid of X100K in 2016, and he then launched PIF2Cash sometime after that.

Traffic for the PIF2Cash website supposedly started to drastically decline around February of this year, and with traffic pretty much dead now, Coin Nuggets is the latest attempt from Webber to make some cash off of unsuspecting victims.

What Can You Tell Me About The Coin Nuggets Products?

Just like with past opportunities that Michael Webber has been a part of, you won’t find any product line within the Coin Nuggets system. Nothing is being sold or marketed to retail customers, and this is a major red flag in the world of multi-level marketing.

If and when you do decide to sign up with Coin Nuggets, you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase positions within a matrix system in order to hopefully earn some extra income.

Whenever you purchase those matrix positions, you’ll also get access to advertising credits and something that Coin Nuggets calls a, “marketing and downloads package.”

What Can You Tell Me About The Coin Nuggets Compensation Plan?

As I just mentioned, you’ll be able to purchase matrix positions after deciding to join Coin Nuggets. There are two different matrices that the company is running (a 2×4 and 2×5 one), and affiliates get started with Coin Nuggets by purchasing a position within the 2×5 setup for 1 cent.

When you buy this position for 1 cent, you’re buying into Coin Matrix Level 1. From here, you’re able to earn a commission of 1 cent and then cycle into Level 2 once you’re completed at that stage.

As for the other stages of the matrix, they work out like this —

  • Coin Matrix Level 2 — Earn a commission of 4 cents and generate a new Level 1 position
  • Coin Matrix Level 3 — Earn a commission of 20 cents and generate a a new Level 1 position
  • Coin Matrix Level 4 — Earn a commission of $3.75 and generate a new Level 1 position
  • Coin Matrix Level 5 — Earn a commission of $256 and cycle into Level 1 of the Nugget Matrix

The Nugget Matrix is the 2×4 matrix that Coin Nuggets is also running, and once you’re in the first level of it, you’ll be able to earn a commission of $5 and move right into the next spot.

Level 2 pays a commission of $20, Level 3 offers $375, and completing the fourth level of the Nugget Matrix will allow you to earn a commission of $6100.

In addition to the direct commissions, affiliates can earn extra cash by referring other members to the matrix as well.

These are referred to as referral commissions, and you’re paid a certain amount whenever an affiliate you recruited into the company makes it to a certain level of the matrix systems being run.

For example, getting a recruit of yours the the Coin Matrix Level 3 spot will allow you to earn 5 cents, but getting that same affiliate to Nugget Matrix Level 4 will pay you $475.

Are There Membership Fees For Coin Nuggets?

If you’d like to join Coin Nuggets, you can do so by purchasing between one and five matrix positions. With each position costing just 1 cent, you’re looking at a maximum cost of 5 cents in order to max out your earning potential.

Is Coin Nuggets A Scam?

It’s a shame that this business does not have proper products. At least, something like Now Lifestyle (which I reviewed recently) has proper useful products that yield some value.

If you’ve come across a review that says Coin Nuggets is a scam while researching, I wouldn’t be surprised.

A lot of marketers will tell you something is a scam just so they can sell you something else.

So, can you trust those other reviews?

What is the truth about Coin Nuggets? Is it really a scam, or is it legit?

I would say no, not exactly. However, there are a few things in the business you should be aware of – read on to the conclusion to find out what they are.

Knowing what you’re getting into is the best way to be successful.

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What’s your Conclusion About Coin Nuggets?

As obvious as it is that Coin Nuggets is a pretty simple Ponzi scheme, let’s just look at the numbers for a quick second.

Each matrix position costs 1 cents to purchase, and the eventual ROI that Coin Nuggets is offering is a whopping $7285.

In order for just one ROI payment to be completed, a total of 728,500 positions need to be purchased by people.

That just doesn’t make sense at all, and when you start diving into the referral commissions, things get even more complex and confusing.

At the end of the day, Coin Nuggets is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. The plan is to use invested funds to cover the ROI that’s supposedly going to be sent out to members, and that’s pretty much the exact definition of a Ponzi setup.

The second that people stop investing into Coin Nuggets, the company will be looking at a fairly quick collapse. Most people will lose out, and Webber will run off with whatever he’s earned during the run of the company.

I hope that you are able to use my research in my Coin Nuggets Review to make a decision.

If you do decide to become an affiliate with Coin Nuggets, make sure you take the time to learn how to market yourself.

My FREE training can help you.

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