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commhubb reviewAt the moment, there is a new MLM business opportunity on the scene which is getting a lot of buzz.

First off, I want to make it clear that this is not an “affiliate review article designed to get you to join.

I’m not promoting this business opportunity.

In my CommHubb Review – it’s designed to give you the info on it so you can make the best decision for yourself.

I give info on the compensation plan, product/s and opportunity.

So let’s get started.

Oh, you can also watch my video review of CommHubb below if you prefer.

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So Then, What Is CommHubb All About?

CommHubb, which is a shortened version of Community Hubbub, currently lists no information on their webpage regarding who owns or operates the business. Their web domain,, was registered on October 6, 2015. CommHubb has set their domain registration as private.

On May 11, 2016, CommHubb released a press-release that named Vashek Mohr (Vashek Mick Mohr) as one of the founders of CommHubb.

“My name is Vashek Mohr. I am 63 years old and one of 3 Founders (all American) of CommHubb.

The 3 of us will be the managing partners for the first 2 years ONLY (until the IPO) and then we plan to retire.”

The other two founders of CommHubb aren’t disclosed, and the reason as to why is not clear. I have also been unable to find any MLM background history for Mohr, and his experience within the industry is currently unknown.

As I have stated before: if an MLM company does not provide information as to who owns or operates the business, this is a big red flag and you should seriously consider that fact before signing up.

commhubb scam

What Are The CommHubb Products?

CommHubb currently has no retail services or products. Affiliates may only sell affiliate membership.

Info On The CommHubb Compensation Plan

According to the CommHubb webpage:

“People who join CommHubb will own a piece of the first internet corporation created by this new and innovative concept.

The will become corporate stock owners!

Everyone who joins will get 5 shares of CommHubb stock – 100% FREE – with no obligation whatsoever – just for joining!”

As per the CommHubb website, each “stock share will be valued at $1/share for in house purposes.”

This would indicate that these are likely not publicly-traded shares, and rather function as in-house virtual currency.

As well as this, CommHubb gives each affiliate two additional shares per affiliate that is recruited.

CommHubb utilizes a unilevel compensation structure to compensate affiliates.

commhubb compensation plan

A unilevel compensation structure places you at the top of your unilevel team.

Each affilaite personally recruited by you is placed directly below you on your Level 1.

Should any Level 2 affiliates recruit their own affiliates, they will be placed directly below them, on your Level 2, and so on.

In terms of earning shares, “recruited affiliates” applies to affiliates added at any level.

When 50 shares are generated, a matching bonus is paid out at 1:1, meaning that when you earn 50 shares, you will receive a 50 share bonus.

CommHubb will also directly pay an affiliate $1 per every 5 members they recruit.

A Top Earner within CommHubb will also receive a replicated website. These top earning affiliate keep 50% of the advertising revenue that is generated from this duplicate website.

Along with receiving shares within CommHubb, members are also promised a type of profit sharing, which is tied to how many shares a member holds.

According to the same press release referenced earlier, this revenue for profit sharing is to be raised through “advertising revenues.”

How Much To Join CommHubb?

CommHubb provides affiliate membership free of charge.

So, Is There A CommHubb Scam Going On?

You may notice that there isn’t a “retailable” product.

So, is there a CommHubb Scam going on?

After all, an MLM opportunity is only legitimate if there is a legit product being sold.

Well, in this case, it’s on shaky ground (I have to admit).

The authorities certainly don’t like business opportunities where there is no proper product being sold.

So, whilst it may not completely be a scam, it is on shaky ground. And I’ve seen this problem with quite a few opportunities. Another one being Riiab Feeder Matrix which I looked at last year.

You’ve got to be really careful what you get involved with.

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My CommHubb Review And Conclusion

As per the CommHubb website:

“SOMEONE IS STEALING YOUR MONEY! They’ve stolen almost 50% of your money in the last 5 years alone.

In fact, they are taking it right now and you can’t stop them! Your net worth will soon be zero.

WE WILL ALL SOON BECOME ONE OF THE 99% WORKING POOR! The 1% corporate wealthy will own and control everything!

We will eventually become a Global Oligarchy, ie. a small but wealthy group of people who own and control everything.”
Clearly, CommHubb is using a campaign of fear, which ends up bringing in affiliates who hold an “us vs them” mentality.

In this case, “Us” is the general public, and “them” is the wealthy who will take your money as they take over the world.

Truthfully, this whole pitch is simply promoting an unregistered securities option, with a cute little pyramid model attached to it.

I would like to point out again that CommHubb has no products or services to sell – there is nothing that can be marketed to a retail customer.

The other thing I want you to note is that a securities offering is very openly being made, with promises on the CommHubb site of IPO.

Because Mohr has claimed that all three founders are indeed American, it’s very likely that CommHubb is being run out of the United States.

Because I am assuming they are running in the United States, this would require CommHubb to be registered with the SEC in order to offer shares.

However, CommHubb and Community Hubbub do not appear in the SEC’s Edgar database.

Because CommHubb’s share offering is currently unregistered with the SEC, this creates a compliance issue.

Add on to this that CommHubb pays affiliates directly to recruit new affiliates, you have a clear case of chain recruitment, which is another compliance issue.

Even if you do think the 1% will make you go bankrupt, there is still no real reason to join an unregistered securities pyramid scheme.

Even without that, the entire CommHubb revenue generation system is directly related to incentives for affiliate to watch advertisements as a profit share.

This is not legitimate advertising, because there is an incentive to watch it, meaning that a legitimate advertiser wouldn’t considering placing ads there. So the revenue is likely extremely low, meaning less to pay affiliates.

Signing up for CommHubb and receiving free shares doesn’t actually mean anything. It’s all feel-good jargon that is completely meaningless until CommHubb registered with the SEC and fixes their compliance issues.

And really, what are the chances of that happening?

Of course, you can make money with something like CommHubb.

But the main problem is the lack of a proper product.

And as part of my CommHubb Review, I personally wouldn’t invest my money into it because of that.

However, if you are passionate about it, learn how to market before joining.

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