Crypto Adz Review – But I’m Not Promoting It!

Crypto Adz ReviewLately, this business opportunity has been getting a lot of hype on the internet.

People are hyping Crypto Adz all over the place, including a lot of social media.

Has someone already pitched Crypto Adz to you?

The first thing I want to tell you is that I am NOT promoting this business in any way.

I have complied all the facts about it in my Crypto Adz Review so you can discover the truth for yourself!

Have you hear that Crypto Adz is a scam?

That Crypto Adz can’t deliver on it’s promises?

I will tell you all about it in my Review of Crypto Adz.

Let’s get started.

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Exactly what is Crypto Adz?

Crypto Adz is a cash gifting scheme whose website ( was registered on the 5th October 2016. Neither the domain registration nor the website itself gives any details about who owns or runs the company, however if you visit the site and try to signup without an affiliate code, it fills in the details of the admin account as having referred you- and the name that this is registered to is Bilal Hadi. This would suggest that Hadi is the admin of the company, someone who has a track record of being involved with similar entities such as Viral Crypto, 2×4 Club, the Ads team, and Bitcoin4u.

Crypto Adz Scam

Are There Any Crypto Adz Products?

Crypto Adz do not offer any products or services for retail to customers. Instead affiliates are encouraged to, and rewarded for, recruiting new affiliates into the scheme.

Can You Tell Me About The Compensation Plan For Crypto Adz?

Crypto Adz is a combination of a cash gifting scheme and a pyramid scheme, offering three methods through which affiliates are supposedly able to earn.

  1. Cash Gifting

Affiliates of Crypto Adz gift BitCoin payments to other affiliates. The company uses a 3×4 matrix structure to arrange how these payments are made.

A 3×4 matrix is created by placing the initial affiliate in a position at the top of the structure. Directly beneath them another three positions are created, which form the first level. The second level is made by creating another three positions beneath each of those on the first level. Beneath each of the positions on level two, another three are created to form level 3, and the same process happens to create the fourth level. In total a 3×4 matrix houses 120 positions (not including the original affiliate) with these being filled by both direct and indirect recruitment.

Upon joining as an affiliate of Crypto Adz, you must make a gift payment of 0.02006 BitCoin to the affiliate who recruited you, and in return you become eligible to receive gift payments of 0.02006 BitCoin from the next three affiliates who are in level 1 positions. The full costs and entitlements are as follows (all of which are monthly payments):

  • Level 1 – By gifting 0.02006 BitCoin to the affiliate who recruited you, you will receive 0.02006 BitCoin from the three affiliates on level 1.
  • Level 2 – By gifting 0.04 BitCoin, you will receive 0.04 BitCoin from the nine affiliates on level 2
  • Level 3 – By gifting 0.2006 BitCoin, you will receive 0.2006 BitCoin from the twenty seven affiliates on level 3
  • Level 4 – By gifting 2.67 BitCoin, you will receive 2.67 BitCoin from the eighty one affiliates on level 4
  1. Pyramid Investment

The next means by which affiliates can earn from Crypto Adz is by investing in their ‘Ad Pack Plans’. Alongside these investments come a guaranteed return on investment in the following way:

  • The Bronze Plan – By investing 0.01403 BitCoin you will receive a guaranteed 3% daily ROI up to a maximum of 125%
  • The Silver Plan – By investing 0.03509 BitCoin you will receive a guaranteed 3% daily ROI up to a maximum of 135%
  • The Gold Plan – By investing 0.07019 BitCoin you will receive a guaranteed 3% daily ROI up to a maximum of 145%
  1. Royalty Positions

Royalty positions are where Crypto Adz affiliates are able to sell their investment positions to new affiliates. By re-investing this, the affiliate who sold the position will earn a commission.

What Is The Fee To Join Crypto Adz?

To become an affiliate of Crypto Adz you are required to make the first cash-gifting payment of 0.02006 BitCoin to the affiliate who recruited you. The cost of full participation in the opportunities being offered by Crypto Adz is 2.93066 BitCoin (approx. $2100 as of November 2016) per month for the cash-gifting, and 0.11931 BitCoin for the pyramid investment.

Is Crypto Adz Truly A Scam?

If you’ve been doing your research on Crypto Adz, you may have heard from some people that it’s a scam, and from other’s that it’s totally legit.

After reading my review, you might not be sure for yourself.

So, what’s really going on here?

Is Crypto Adz a scam, or can you make a legit business with it?

To be honest, I am not sure Crypto Adz is a complete scam.

However, I did find a few things to be aware of before you join, which will help you to be successful if you join.

Also, see below for help with making money online.

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Read Here For My Crypto Adz Conclusion!

Instead of a typical cash-gifting scheme that offers you only one way to get conned out of your money, Crypto Adz is offering a second way by adding the pyramid investment option alongside the gifting plan.

The cash-gifting element is the same as you will see elsewhere. Upon signing up as a Crypto Adz affiliate, you pay the person who recruited you and then proceed to try and recruit as many people as possible who will then pay you. The company admins will hold the most powerful positions within the matrix, meaning that the majority of funds will be channeled towards them with the remaining affiliates picking up the scraps of what is left over. It relies on the constant recruitment of new members to keep existing affiliates happy and will, in the end, result in most people losing out to the benefit of those at the top.

The pyramid investment side is just as stacked against the affiliates. It works by paying the ROI’s to affiliates out of the cash that is subsequently invested by newer affiliates. This means that as long as new people are signing up, the payments will continue, but as soon as recruitment slows down, so will the payments and the majority of people involved will end up losing money as a result.

Both elements of the compensation plan are designed in a way that first of all channels the majority of funds to the company admins, and second of all relies on the continual recruitment of new members. It will, therefore, fall foul of the usual problems that these types of schemes inevitably face. When recruitment begins to slow, the amount of money in the system will fall and less will be paid out to existing affiliates (as investments by new affiliates are the only source of income for the company). This, in turn, will de-motivate existing affiliates from recruiting new ones or investing further themselves, and eventually spiral out of control into a complete collapse of the company. When this happens, those that haven’t made a return will have lost out which, by definition, will be the situation that the vast majority of members find themselves in. Only the company admins and a few of the early members will stand any chance of turning a profit on their involvement with Crypto Adz.

As with all cash-gifting and pyramid structured companies, Crypto Adz is not designed to benefit anyone other than those who set it up. As an investment opportunity it is high risk and very unlikely to make a return for you at all. When it inevitably collapses most people will lose out, and the admins will simply shut up shop and start again under a different name. To make matters worse, the payments through BitCoin are completely untraceable so there will be no course of action for those who end up being scammed. Stay clear of this one, there are many other legitimate and stable opportunities out there that give you a much better chance of making a decent return.

I hope you have gained a lot of value from my Crypto Adz Review.

I have found other reviews are scant on details, so I wanted to make sure you had everything you need here.

If you do decide to move forward with Crypto Adz, I think the info I have given here will help you.

Moving forward, you need to take care of marketing yourself, which you can learn how to do with my free training. Click below.

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