Disrupt Review from Non Affiliate!

disrupt reviewIt really tires me out when I get pitched on “hype” and that is what happened the other day.

“Check out this new ground floor opportunity. Get in early”.

This was the extent to the sales pitch from someone on Facebook, and it was for this new company called Disrupt.

So, I went out there and did lots of research about the business opportunity to form this Disrupt Review.

Please be aware that this is an unbiased review of the opportunity and I am not promoting as an affiliate or distributor.

There will be a lot of reviews of Disrupt out there that have a biased slant so approach with caution.

In this review, I want to share what I found out in my research and specifically cover information about the comp plan, products, business opportunity and company background.

You can also watch my video review as well if you prefer:

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What Exactly Is Disrupt?

As a quick summary, Disrupt is a new business opportunity that has launched in the wake of the collapse of the Wake Up Now opportunity which I reported a few months ago here.

Quick summary: It collapsed because of poor management problems and a flawed business model (or compensation plan specifically).

It looks like a lot of the management team for WakeUpNow are also involved with this new company including:

– Jason Elrod (former president of Wake Up Now)
– Gustavo Zapz
– Antonio Unemployable Johnson
– Justin Hoffman
– Rea Nicholas
– And others…

The management team of Wake Up Now did receive a lot of heavy criticism for the collapse. Having said that, hopefully the problems don’t continue to this new company, but it is a strong possibility.

And What Are The Products For Disrupt?

A lot of the Disrupt products seem similar (or identical) to those offered at Wake Up Now. They tend to be packages that are paid for on a monthly basis.

Let’s go through the product line for Disrupt:

Digital Health ($34.95 per month) – A health product/service which means you have access to a “doctor on call” phone service and “My eWellness” fitness planner.

Disrupt Travel ($54.95 per month) – If you buy this, you then have access to “travel discounts” offered by a 3rd party provider. The problem I see here is that there is meant to be an “activation fee” but it was difficult to find. It looks like a potential “hidden cost”.

Eastern Health And Wealth – ($149.95 per month) – Apparently, this is the Disrupt Travel subscription combined with an “online language learning system”. You also get a regular supply of something called “Pure Innovation Restore” (a healthy product made from apple and argan stem-cells).

Western Health And Wealth – (129.95 per month) – Same as the Eastern Health And Wealth but has “Perfect Skin RX oil” which nourishes your skin.

Money Bundle ($19.95 per month) – With this, you get a “personal financial management tool”, “Taxbot Software”, a “wealth management program” and Finance 101.

Disrupt Essentials ($79.95 a month) – I believe this is a combination of the “travel” and “money” packages.

International Essentials ($79.95 a month) – This is a bundle of the “travel” subscription as well as giving the “online language learning system”.

Health And Wealth bundle ($129.95) – Looks like this combines the money, travel and digital health subscriptions. On top of this, there is also a case of Thunder energy drink.

Wow, that was very complicated.

The real “red flag” I saw was the hidden costs associate with the undisclosed “activation fee” for the travel subscriptions.

You should also note that all of the products are provided through 3rd party services apart from the Thunder energy drink.

Some Info On The Disrupt Compensation Plan

So, what is the Disrupt Comp plan like?

After all, that is where the leverage is and a business opportunity lives or dies based on it’s compensation plan.

Well, the disrupt compensation plan is pretty good actually.

First of all, there are quite a lot of affiliate ranks (13 to be exact) and these yield higher rates of commission.

On top of this, there is a 30% commission on the sales volume for various products.

In terms of the compensation pay plan structure, Disrupt operates on a unilevel compensation plan as shown below.

disrupt scam

There is also a “share pool” which is split into tier 1, 2 and 3 in which affiliates can gain additional income.

With regards to joining the Disrupt business opportunity, affiliate membership is free. Having said that, there is still the red flag from before about the hidden costs with some of the products so watch out for this.

Is Disrupt A Scam or Legit?

Unfortunately, there will always be a percentage of people who question the legitimacy of the business model.

And yes, some people will see the “recruiting” aspect and claim that there is a Disrupt scam or pyramid scheme going on.

This is far from the truth.

It is true that there are scams and illegal pyramid schemes out there.

However, from the looks of it, Disrupt has proper products.

For a business opportunity to be considered legit, there needs to be proper retailable products which can be sold externally from the business opportunity.

And Disrupt does have legitimate products.

So, I don’t think there is a Disrupt scam or anything like that!

Be aware that there will be naysayers on forums, message boards and social media who shout “scam” but you can’t please everyone. This is a legitimate business opportunity.

Having said that, a huge problem with promoting an opportunity like this is “saturation” (1000s of people promoting the same thing).

My training series below can assist with this by teaching you how to brand yourself to stand out from the pack.

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My Disrupt Review Conclusion!

So, I have explained that Disrupt is not a scam, but do I recommend joining it and signing up as an affiliate?

Well, now it’s time for my Disrupt review verdict!

If you are passionate about the products, it’s probably a good idea to join.

However, don’t expect it to be easy.

Wake Up Now became a very tough business opportunity to promote because of saturation.

If you want to avoid the same kind of saturation, I recommend taking my free video training series below that shows how to brand yourself online.

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That way, you will never suffer from saturation!

That’s it for my review of Disrupt and hopefully you know more about the products, comp plan and membership details.

In summary, the opportunity is not a scam but I do recommend learning to brand yourself so get yourself my free training to help you do this.

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