Double Cash Review – Legit Or Scam?

Double Cash ReviewRecently, Double Cash has been getting a lot of hype on the internet.

I have had people pitching this one to me on a near daily basis, in fact, and I have seen it making the rounds on social media as well.

I want to make it clear I am NOT promoting this business opportunity as an affiliate or distributor in any way.

I have done all my research in this Double Cash review do you can learn the honest truth and decide if it’s right for you.

Is Double Cash a scam? Is it legit?

Can it really deliver on it’s promises?

Let me tell you in my Review Double Cash.

Let’s get started.

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Seriously, What Is Double Cash?

Double Cash is a new company that is offering its affiliates the opportunity to invest amounts in return for a promised 100% ROI. The company website ( was registered on the 25th of December 2016 with all registration details set to private. The website itself does not provide any details at all about who owns or runs the business- information that is not readily found in any literature or marketing about the company at all.

Legitimate MLM companies that are offering long-term sustainable propositions will always inform their potential investors about who is responsible for operations. This shows that those involved stand by the plan on offer, and also allows people who are considering their involvement to research all aspects of the business before they sign up to ensure they are aware of all the risks and potential benefits that are involved. You must be extremely careful if considering an investment with any company that does not readily provide these details, as is the case with Double Cash, because it is often a sign that the model is unsustainable and setup for the secretive owners to make some quick cash at the expense of their members, and be able to easily vanish when things go wrong.

Double Cash Scam

What Products Does Double Cash Sell?

Double Cash do not provide any products or services for their affiliates to market to retail customers. The role of affiliates with this company is to make investments, and to recruit as many new members as possible.

Info On The Double Cash Compensation Plan

Double Cash is offering a very simple proposition. Affiliates make investments of $5, and in return they will receive a guaranteed $10. This is paid out to affiliates once five further $5 investments have been made by other affiliates of the company.

In keeping with their lack of information about the organization of the company, Double Cash do not provide any details about how they track the investments to determine who gets payouts, and when. It is most likely being done by using a matrix compensation structure, but it very well could be simply based on a queue system where the person at the top of the chain gets paid once five new investments have been made at the bottom.

How Much To Join Double Cash?

To become an affiliate member with Double Cash you are required to make at least one investment of $5. Further investments are, of course, encouraged.

Seriously, Is Double Cash A Scam Or Is This Legit?

As I am sure you have heard with most business opportunities, there are a lot of scams on the internet, and Double Cash might be a scam with them.

Having read the review above, you might be wondering if Double Cash is legit or completely a scam.

So, is it a scam?

Is Double Cash a scam, or can you make a proper business with it?

Honestly, Double Cash isn’t a complete scam, but there are definitely some things to be aware of (see the conclusion section).

Whether you decide to join or not, you really need to master your marketing and lead generation.

This is the only way you will be successful.

See below for help with making money online.

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Here’s My Double Cash Final Thoughts!

The plan being offered here by Double Cash may seem like a great idea with the returns that they are promising, but in truth it’s as simple a Ponzi scheme as you are ever likely to see. They don’t even try to cover this fact up like most other companies do, they say on their website that:

“When you become a member you pay $5 into our system. After five more people have joined, you will receive $10! Double your money for doing NOTHING!”

It would be great if it were possible in this life to earn double your money back for doing nothing but if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is, and Double Cash is no exception to this.

The only source of income entering this company is from investments that are being made by new members, and this is the reason why it will ultimately fail and leave most of its members in the lurch.

If you sign up as a new member and pay your $5, you then need 5 more people to join up for $5 before you get your return of $10. This means that each of those 5 people will need another 5 to join before they get their returns, and so on. Quite soon the company requires hundreds and thousands of new recruits to fulfill the obligations to the current affiliates, and this is where they will hit problems. The fact is that there’s simply a finite number of potential affiliates that exist, and once this pool of people has been exhausted, recruitment will dry up. No more money will enter the system, the company will no longer be able to pay affiliates their expected returns, and the whole scheme will collapse. When this happens, all of those that haven’t received their returns will lose out on everything they have paid in, a position a significant majority of members will be in.

There are a few other questions about the structure of this particular scheme. Usually with these companies that are scamming their affiliates, the owners will put themselves in the most lucrative positions of the company so they are able to receive the payouts for those positions without investing anything in the first place. I’m sure the Double Cash admins are doing just that in this case, but the investment numbers don’t add up either. If everyone is paying in $5, why do you need 5 more people to join before you receive your $10 back? This means that for every $10 being paid out, the company is generating $25. The missing $15 is going straight into the pockets of the admins, and in this case they actually are doing pretty much nothing as their advert states.

Double Cash are secretive about who the admins are, offer an Ponzi compensation plan, and are openly skimming over 50% of funds that pass through the company for themselves. This is a completely unsustainable proposition and has been designed solely to make the owners some quick money at the expense of the vast majority of affiliates that they are able to sign up. Legitimate MLM companies will offer a compensation plan alongside a reasonable way to generate income to supplement the returns being offered to affiliates. This type of setup can do very well for everyone involved, and there are a few good ones out there that you can invest in. They would be a far better choice for you to invest your time and money in, do not waste it on Double Cash.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this Double Cash Review.

I wanted to give you this in-depth review because there have been plenty of other Double Cash reviews that don’t really give all the information you need.

If you do decide to join, I want you to be successful, so learn how to market yourself properly.

My FREE training below will help you market and earn money!

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