DubLi Network Review – I’m Not Promoting It!

dubli reviewYou have have heard the hype recently about the DubLi Network Marketing business opportunity.

I certainly have.

In fact, I’ve even been pitched a few times!

By the way, I just want to make clear that this is an unbiased review and I am not promoting DubLi as an affiliate or representive.

So, I always like to do a deep dive review and investigation of the new opportunities that pop up in our industry.

If you prefer to watch rather then read, you can see my DubLi Network Review YouTube video below:

In this DubLi Network Review, I want to talk about the company, comp plan, product and system.

What Is DubLi?

Every person and their brother is speaking/hyping about the company, but what exactly is DubLi Inc all about?

Well, it’s an e-commerce and network marketing business in one.

There are two main methods of making money in DubLi.

Retail Customers Purchasing
Recruiting People Into The Business

There’s making money through customers using the products, which essentially operates on cashback rewards.

And the other stream of income is recruiting people into the network marketing business opportunity.

This involves building a downline of distributors and earning from their production (sales) in addition to your own.

dubli complaints

DubLi Review Info: What Is The Company Background?

In my investigation, I’ve been able to find out about the origins of DubLi.

The company was setup by billionaire Michael Hansen in 2003.

It’s available in many countries. I also noticed it’s available in the the UK.

It has had a lot of growth in that time and has also had a re-launch a couple of years ago.

However, this year (2014), it has experienced a huge growth.

Incidentally, the way I found out about it was people asking me about the DubLi company and wanting information on it.

I then discovered through my research and questions that a lot of people from Empower Network have been hopping onboard to promote it.

Empower Network is a very popular affiliate program, and you can see my post here about the current status of its marketing system (it’s in decline and has a few systems such as this which are keeping it running).

Basically, a lot of people from Empower Network have hopped on-board with DubLi such as Tony Rush and others.

Tony Rush is one of the top income earners in Empower Network and has made well over 1 million in commissions.

How Does DubLi Work?

Basically, DubLi Network operates under the direct sales and network marketing model and this is where affiliates are rewarded for recruiting people into the scheme, but you can also make money through the retail aspect as well, and there’s lots of discounts that are offered through the cashback rewards.

Throughout the DubLi Network, there are a lot of opportunities to get those discounts.

I am going to go through some of the different platforms.

1. The first DubLi platform has people purchase tokens from DubLi, and these are known as “DubLi Credits.”

You can purchase them for eighty cents.

These credits are then used to reduce prices of products that are on auction.

This is actually known as the reverse auction model.

That way, people can get a discount because if it works out cheaper in the end.

2. The second DubLi platform is basically for individuals who buy commodities through the shopping mall.

There’s price reductions and discounts available, and that’s where the cashback reductions comes into place.

3. The third DubLi platform is called “DubLi Entertainment” and this deals with digital products and entertainment aspects like books, radio, music, tv, movies and games.

dubli network review

Making Money With DubLi

As I mentioned before, there’s basically two ways that people make money with DubLi.

Firstly, they can have customers visit through their sites and those customers will purchase products, and they’ll gain a commission on that.

This is fine but most would argue that this is not the “most profitable” way to earn money through DubLi.

Levering the pay plan is the other way.

The other (more lucrative way) is building a downline (or a network) of reps and distributors who essentially operate through a multilevel marketing system.

So, they’ll also try and build their own teams of partners within their own network.

This involves network marketing and recruiting tactics within the dubli affiliate program.

I should mention that this is far from easy, especially when a business opportunity becomes saturated, as could easily be the case with DubLi.

If you need help making signups for DubLi or any opportunity, this is what I recommend you do.

I recommend you grab my free training series that you can see below:

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This will show you how to produce a sales funnel for making money with anything (including something like the DubLi program).

The point is: if you’re going to be using the internet to generate leads and create signups for your DubLi team, then you need to know how to do this.

You need to know how to take your leads (that you generate online) through a process in which they’ll eventually join your DubLi team as a partner.

My free training series shows you how to do this.

It shows you how to set up your blog and brand yourself as an authority.

It also shows you how to get ranked in the search engines through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Furthermore, it shows you how to build a landing page and master traffic generation strategies such as solo ads.

That’s definitely what I recommend.

Is DubLi scam?

Let me be clear, I do not recommend joining this company within this DubLi Review.

However, DubLi is absolutely not a scam.

It’s a proper business opportunity that requires a lot of hard work.

You may have seen DubLi complaints from people calling it a pyramid scheme.

But take these complaints and allegations with a pinch of salt.

A lot of these people may be bitter because they didn’t see success, or maybe they wanted a get rich quick scheme instead of a business.

DubLi is not a scam or a pyramid scheme (which is illegal).

It is a business opportunity and affiliate program that requires work, just like every business opportunity out there.

Because of saturation, I don’t recommend promoting it.

However, if you are promoting it, then I recommend branding your own sales funnel so that you stand out from the crowd.

And my free training series shows you how to do that below.

 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyPowered by AWeber Autoresponder 

That will help if you are promoting it using the internet.

If you were promoting it offline, you might need DubLi business cards and hold home meetings and things like that.

With online, it’s a better way, but you still need to learn some core skills if you want to get people to join you.

Can You Actually Succeed With DubLi?

DubLi represents a great home business opportunity and the pay plan is exceptional.

But like I mentioned before, there’s one main problem.

This problem is saturation.

To avoid saturation, I recommend that you brand yourself on the front end, instead of DubLi.

Why do you need to do this?

You need to do this because people have banner blindness (where they eventually start to ignore a marketing message).

Because so many people on the internet know about DubLi and the affiliate program, they’ll immediately put their resistance up and won’t actually listen to your offer.

Whereas if you learn how to brand yourself using my free training series (below), that will show you how to stand out from the crowd and get people interested in the opportunity (on the backend).

Imagine getting leads willing to give you their phone number so you can call and help them.

dubli scamJust to sum up my DubLi Network Review, the merchandise and MLM home business opportunity are quality.

It’s got a fantastic compensation plan behind it and the cashback system is very strong.

You don’t necessarily need to listen to the complaints from people who got in and didn’t really work hard as a business associate, because it does require work.

The pay plan is powerful but you need to learn how to generate leads.

However, if you are serious about building a team on the network marketing side of things, I recommend you learn how to market and brand yourself.

Are you considering joining DubLi as a partner?

If so, what are your thoughts about the business?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Also, feel free to ask any further questions about the company.

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