How To Do Facebook MLM Recruiting Without Spamming!

facebook mlm recruitingFacebook has something like 829 million daily active users so it cannot be ignored as a channel to market your business.

Success within MLM is all about finding prospects and leads for your business opportunity, people you can speak with and (eventually) introduce to your opportunity.

It’s a huge pool of people and so you need to know the right way for using facebook for network marketing.

The problem is that most people approach Facebook in completely the wrong way!

So, in this post, I want to explain how Facebook MLM Recruiting should work in relation to home business.

But first of all, if you need to get lots of MLM leads from lots of different sources, grab my free guide below which will show you how.

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Why People Use Facebook?…

You need to know how to use Facebook marketing in your home business, and how you can do it without irritating everybody.

Now, the important thing to remember is that people are not on Facebook planning to be sold to.

They are there to be entertained.

People log on to Facebook (essentially) because they’re bored and they really need stuff to entertain them, to make them laugh and sometimes to make them think.

Or, they are simply using it to connect with friends and family.

The point is that (normally), people are not on Facebook for a business purpose.

Therefore, if you try and sell your opportunity right out of the gate then you will simply be ignored.

Enter “The Facebook MLM Marketing Spammers”!

I see a lot people on Facebook marketing their business opportunity or selling their affiliate products, or whatever.

They basically plaster all their posts with all the big benefits of their business opportunity or product.

So, for example, if they’re promoting a wellness opportunity, they’ll have lots of information about how (with this fantastic business opportunity and comp plan), you can lose lots of weight in a very short amount of time and make money as a distributor.

The thing is: there isn’t necessary lots of huge problems with that approach.

It’s certainly direct!

You are also leading with benefits about what you do.

So, what is the problem with this approach?

The problem is: The person who is taking this approach is assuming that everyone on Facebook (in their friends list) at that point in time is very interesting in learning how to lose weight or join a weight loss MLM company.

There’s the old saying that “it’s rude to assume”.

In this case, that definitely rings true.

People are logging on to Facebook for specific reasons but mainly because they’re bored.

And they really need to be entertained or mentally challenged.

This is why puzzles and cool illusion images work so well.

The first step is getting people’s attention.

To cross that first hurdle, you need to have something that is worth looking at!


How To Get Attention On Facebook

If you are using facebook for network marketing, what I recommend for you depends on a few factors such as:

– Who are you trying to attract?
– Who would make a good “fit” for your opportunity?
– Who is on your friends list?

If you have a lot of entrepreneurial (or existing network marketers) on your friends list, then I recommend that you share powerful quotes.


It is often said that the MLM industry is “personal development factory” disguised as a business opportunity, and I would agree with this.

Everyone in our industry believes in freedom, living life on our terms and being an entrepreneur.

If you share your own thoughts on entrepreneurship and powerful famous quotes then (over time), you will get people’s attention.

Can Your Directly Recruit On Facebook?

Of course you can.

Recruiting with facebook is what it’s all about but it needs to be a bit further down the line.

When you are speaking with people on “private messages”, you can (eventually) bring up your opportunity.

But do it in a smart way.

Most people don’t know how to recruit for network marketing so they end up aggressively pitching their business opportunity.

Ask questions to assess if they would be a good fit.

Most people I see “trying to recruit me” on Facebook send me unsolicited private messages trying to get me to “click their link”.

They don’t ask questions, build a relationship or show any interest.

Don’t be like this.

My number 1 Facebook MLM Marketing tip for you is to actually listen to people you are trying to recruit.

Ask them questions and show that you are interested in getting to know them.

This is called the “Natural Selling” approach.

facebook mlm marketing

What To Share For Facebook MLM Recruiting Results

I mentioned sharing famous and powerful quotes.

Memes can work very well for this as thy combine a nice image with a powerful quote.

To find memes, simply do a Google search for something like “motivational quotes meme” and look under the images tab.

Or, check out my post here that serves as a good example of a “motivational” themed post!

You can share funny videos as well.

You may think this is a waste of time or ineffective but what you are really trying to do is “spark people’s curiosity”.

Have Variety In What You Share

The best strategy is to mix things up each day and keep it fresh.

In a single day, you may share a funny video, a powerful quote and a personal story.

The point is you are “keeping it interesting” and this adds up over time.

The more you can make yourself stand out and make people think, the better.

mlm leads using facebookHopefully, this post has given you some ideas for free facebook MLM recruiting and how powerful it can be for your business.

Obviously, I haven’t talked about running paid traffic using Facebook.

That is for another post.

Do you use facebook for promoting your network marketing opportunity?

If so, tell me the tactics you use to recruit.

Are they different to my own.

Leave me a comment with your views on this.

If you have gained value from this post, please share with your team.



  1. Great post Nick. I totally started out doing facebook recruiting the wrong way. Thanks for the tips.

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