Fairity Life Review – Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Fairity Life ReviewHas someone tried to pitch you the Fairity Life opportunity lately?

Fairity Life is a really popular and new opportunity that is making it’s rounds on social media among network marketers.

Now, first off, let me make it clear I am NOT promoting this business opportunity as an affiliate or distributor.

I have all the facts about this business in my Fairity Life review so you can learn the full truth about it!

Is Fairity Life a scam?

Can you make an honest business with Fairity Life?

Let me show you in my review of Fairity Life.

Read on for all the details.

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Fairity Life – What Is It??

After looking through the official website for Fairity Life, I came away with hardly any knowledge or info on the company at all.

I did my best to locate any background info on Fairity Life, but I came up empty-handed despite my efforts.

Nowhere will you find any mention of who owns the company, when it was launched, or where it’s physically located. Even worse, you can’t actually access the Fairity Life site unless you have a referral code from another affiliate.

Plus, even when you do have a code to access the site, all it displays is page through which you can either login or sign up for the webpage.

Looking at the domain name registration, the domain for Fairity Life was acquired on February 28, 2017. The owner is listed as “John Karna” and an address in located in Antarctica, but from what I can tell, the info provided here is pure and utter trash.

And with that said, that’s literally all of the info I was able to dig up on this one. This is about as faceless as they come with business opportunities, and that’s never a good thing to run across when looking at a new MLM unit to become a part of.

The Product Line For Fairity Life

Similar to the background information situation, Fairity Life is also lacking quite a bit when it comes to its product line.

Or, should I say, the company’s lack of a product line.

Nothing is being sold or marketed to retail customers, and this means that affiliates have only the affiliate membership to advertise to folks the may be looking for a new income opportunity.

A setup like this means that it’s impossible for retail sales to take place, and this is the biggest red flag that you can come across in the MLM world.

Retail sales are huge for just about any legit or honest opportunity, and the fact that they don’t exist with Fairity Life is a telling sign that something fishy is taking place.

What Should I Know About The Compensation Plan?

Moving right along to the compensation plan, affiliates for Fairity Life are asked to invested anywhere from $20 to $200,000 into the company. An investment will secure affiliates with access to a 160% ROI, and this gets paid out to them Mondays through Fridays between 0.5% and 6% each day.

Along with this, affiliates also have the ability to invest larger sums of cash in order to earn additional ROI profits.

These bonus rates work out as follows —

  • Invest $15,000 and earn an extra 0.05%
  • Invest $50,000 and earn an extra 0.1%
  • Invest $100,000 and earn an extra 0.15%
  • Invest $200,000 and earn an extra 0.2%

On top of the direct ROI payments, affiliates also have access to residual commissions that are paid to members via a unilevel system.

Commissions are paid as a set percentage of how much money is invested into Fairity Life by the entire team, and recruiting more and more people into the company will allow you to earn more and more from this side of the comp plan.

How Do I Join Fairity Life?

If you like what Fairity Life has to offer and want to get started with the company, you’ll need to invest anywhere from $20 up to as much as $200,000.

Is Fairity Life Really A Scam?

Have you been hearing that Fairity Life is a scam?

Have you heard Fairity Life is legit?

It can be hard to tell with so many different people telling you different things.

So, what’s the truth – is Fairity Life a scam or is it a good business?

I would say it’s not really a scam. There are a few things you should be aware of before joining.

The best way to be successful is to be prepared going in, and have a plan to market yourself.

If you want help marketing and making money, see below.

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Conclusion for Fairity Life

Overall, the main selling point for Fairity Life is the 160% ROI that the company is offering. This ROI is supposedly generated through cryptocurrency trading, but there’s of course no proof that this trading is actually taking place.

Investing $200,000 and then getting a daily ROI of 6% might sound like an amazing opportunity, but it really isn’t when you consider the fact that the only source of income making its way into Fairity Life is that of affiliate investments.

Newly invested funds that Fairity Life receives are turned around and used to pay off other people within the company, and this sort of activity results in Fairity Life operating as a Ponzi scheme.

Like you’d find with any other Ponzi scheme, Fairity Life will only be around as long as people continue to join and invest. Once activity on both of these ends dies down, Fairity Life will be on its way out the door in a flash.

The anonymous admin will gather up any money they’ve earned during the run of the company, and they will then abandon it as fast as they can. This will result in most people losing out once all is said and done, and as such, you’ll want to avoid this one at all costs.

I hope you got all the details you needed to make an informed decision in this Fairity Life Review.

Bears of anyone trying to sell you something in their review articles.

If you do want to proceed with Fairity Life, make sure you know how to market properly.

My FREE training below will help you.

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