FGXpress Review – Not A Distributor! (Unbiased)

fgxpress reviewThere is a new MLM Company called FGXpress that people have been asking me about.

So I’ve decided to do an FGXpress Review and investigation to show you all about the new company and what you can expect if you join as a distributor.

Before I begin, let me assure you that I am not promoting or endorsing this company and I am not trying to recruit you into it.

Unlike many reviews, this is a completely unbiased review because there’s been a lot of talk about this new company recently.

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What is FGXpress?

FGXpress is a new MLM company.

However, it’s actually a subdivision of another company called ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation which actually started in 2003.

FGXpress actually launched last year in early 2014.

It was founded by a guy called Ron Williams who is considered a bit of a network marketing veteran in the industry.

He’s built huge multi-million dollar organizations in the past.

He’s also known as having a lot of different hobbies as well such as musician, author, film producer and he loves to preach a lot about lifestyle design.

The company ForeverGreen as well as FGXpress (which is a subdivision of it) has got a fantastic track record, and it’s launched in over 100 countries in less than a year.

So it’s certainly got a lot of momentum.

What Are The FGXpress Products?

I want to explain what FGXpress product line consists of.

Essentially the products are PowerStrips and they are the first of their kind.

The PowerStrips are to be used on the body to relieve pain to any area of the body.

Now, just one thing to remind you of.

I’m not promoting this company or trying to recruit you into it.

But from what I’ve heard, the products are fantastic.

They are unique and also FDA approved as well as being 100% totally natural as well.

They also have other products called solar strips, beauty strips serum and a beauty strips mask.

So, from what I’ve heard about the products, they are very good.

What About The FGXpress Compensation Plan?

I’ve also heard from other people that the FGXpress compensation plan is very good.

This is important in network marketing because leveraging the compensation plan can be very powerful in establishing your future residual income.

So it’s good to hear from others about the fantastic compensation plan.

fgxpress compensation plan

Is FGXpress A Scam?

A lot of people of course wonder about every new MLM Company and whether it is legit or not.

I get this all the time.

If you are doing your research on the business, you may be wondering if there is any truth to the FGXpress Scam rumours.

Well, I want to put your mind at ease by saying that FGXpress is not a scam despite any complaints or lawsuit allegations you may hear.

I want to explain about this.

There’s essentially two ways of making money with FGXpress.

One is by making retail sales for the PowerStrip products which are good quality.

That is one way.

But yes, most people will make the bulk of their money by recruiting others into the company.

Now, this is absolutely not a scam.

You may hear some complaints from people and sometimes lawsuits with some companies.

But this company absolutely is not a scam. It’s a legitimate business opportunity.

The reason you’ll have a lot of people calling it a scam and making  FGXpress complaints is becase there are a lot of “non business” minded people who want to get rich overnight.

They may have got involved with the company, but declined to do much work and so they think it’s a scam or pyramid scheme.

It Is Difficult To Recruit

Whilst it is not a scam, it can be very difficult to recruit people.

And I know this from my years of struggle with trying to recruit using “old school” strategies such as prospecting and “warm market recruiting”.

I want to talk now about why it might be difficult to promote the company.

The problem with a lot of these MLM companies is they tend to get saturated very fast. You can see evidence of that from other companies such as this one here.

Now, there is a way around this.

The solution is NOT to “lead with the opportunity on the front end”.

Instead, it’s best to brand yourself as an expert/authority on the front end.

After doing this, you can use modern methods to generate leads as I explain in this post.

And to really learn how to generate lots of leads, feel free to grab my free ebook below which shows you how.

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So generating leads is important (see ebook above).

But also you must brand yourself.

And I also cover that in the eBook as well.

If you don’t brand yourself, and you just lead with the company, there is a specific problem you will face.

And that problem is called “banner blindness”.

When a company gets very very popular, and thousands of people are promoting it, people no longer listen and develop “banner blindness”.

But if you brand yourself using the tactics I show you in my eBook below, that will show you how to portray yourself as a leader, brand yourself on the front end and promote your opportunity on the back end.

 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber 

I recommend grabbing that ebook and you can succeed as a distributor with FGXpress or any company for that matter.

fgxpress scam

FGXPress Review Conclusion

The business has high quality products and a powerful compensation plan.

However, recruiting can be difficult so I recommend checking out my training to give yourself the best chance of success.

Other than that, the FGXpress business opportunity gets my seal of approval.

Hopefully this FGXpress review has helped you understand more about the business.

Have you established your FGXpress marketing plan?

How do you plan to generate leads and build your team?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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