Five Dollar Funnel Review – Unbiased Non Affiliate Here!

five dollar funnel review(Quick Note: I am not pitching this opportunity to you and this is unbiased unlike a lot of reviews!)

It happened to me again!

I was pitched this new business opportunity whilst I was “innocently” surfing my facebook newsfeed.

Now I get pitched a lot on the latest business opportunities (even though I already have one that works like gangbusters!).

So, I decided (for the sake of it) to go and do some research on this business opportunity.

If you have been pitched about this new business opportunity, then hopefully my Five Dollar Funnel Review will help you understand what it’s really about!

In my review, I talk about the company history, founder, products and compensation plan.

Also, you can see my YouTube video below where I explain all about it.

Watch my Five Dollar Funnel Review video on YouTube

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What Is Five Dollar Funnel?

From my research, I discovered that Fiver Dollar Funnel has been setup by Bill Ebert and Tom Cellie.

I did some searching to find their corporate address but I couldn’t find anything.

However, I’ve noticed that Missouri state is given through their marketing material.

So, who are the guys that are responsible for setting up Five Dollar Funnel?

Well, in the past Bill Ebert got involved with a marketing co-op called “Unlimited Profits”, and this was linked with the Gano Excel, a Ganoderma coffee company.

So basically, Unlimited Profits served as a training for Gano Excel’s affiliates which is pretty neat.

For Tob Cellie’s background and history, unfortunately it doesn’t look that great!

Basically, he was involved with a company called Bidify.

And this company based itself on Zeek Rewards (which turned out to be a $800 Million Ponzi Scheme).

Now, this is very worrying.

Zeek Rewards was a proper Ponzi scheme and that is why it got shut down!

five dollar funnel scam

What Are The Products?

Ok, it’s actually reassuring to see that this company actually has proper products.

Unlike Zeek Rewards.

Anyway, what are the FiveDollarFunnel products?

Marketing Training Through Video

There is training on how to do video marketing, using green screen and build your own personal brand to make sales.

Video marketing is very important so it’s good to see that it’s addressed here.

Hypnotic Ad Copy

Copywriting is very important as well and there is some training on writing copy that can hypnotically sell to your prospects.

There is also training on writing effective sales pages.

Social Media Training

Social Media has become huge over the past 5 years so it’s good to see that there is some training on how to use social media to get leads and make sales.

Ok, that may seem a bit brief on the products but that is all I know so far!

What About The Compensation Plan?

Ok, you should (hopefully) already know that there are basically 2 ways of making money
with an MLM/Network Marketing opportunity such as this.

You can go out there and generate “retail product sales”.

Based on the products I explained above.

Or, you can go out there and build a downline by recruiting other people into Five Dollar Funnel.

Therefore, it’s important to have a leveraged compensation plan that can help to scale your income on the recruiting side.

Why is this important?

Most people will make their “primary income” through the recruiting side so it’s important for the compensation plan to be strong.

The Five Dollar Funnel compensation plan has 4 Matrix models.

These are Kickstarter Matrix, Builder Matrix, Leader Matrix and Mogul Matrix.

The HUGE problem I see is that there is a need to have all of these different models.


It’s because the payout you get for each recruit is so low!

Which means you need all of these different Matrix models to somehow persuade you that you can make money with this thing.

In reality, it’s very unlikely you will make money from investing such a low amount of money.

So don’t get sucked in!

five dollar funnel compensation plan

Is There A Five Dollar Funnel Scam?

Ok, so when a new MLM company launches, people always wonder if it’s legit or not.

And of course people will ask around if there is a Five Dollar Funnel scam going on!

Well, to be honest, I cannot say if it is definitely a scam.

However, I think you need to be careful.


One of the guys who runs the company was also with a company that was similar to Zeek Rewards.

And Zeek Rewards turned out to be a Ponzi scheme scam.

So, I really recommend that you watch out for this company in case it does turn out to be a scam.

Just be careful.

Five Dollar Funnel Review – Is It Possible To Make Real Money With This?

Ok, I am going to put my neck on the line and say “No”.


These kinds of opportunities get you hooked in with a cheap $5 investment, but there are normally lots of upsells.

And on top of this, it will be very difficult to make money from it.

To really make money online, you need a great system, the skill to generate lots of traffic and knowledge on converting to sales.

To learn all of this, feel free to grab my free training series below which shows exactly what I do to make money online:

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I hope my Five Dollar Funnel Review has been helpful for you.

It’s a shame that the company doesn’t stack up that well.

However, if you are promoting it, at least grab my free training to show you how to generate traffic and sales.

Are you part of Five Dollar Funnel?

If so, what do you think of the products, compensation plan and management?

Let’s hear it in the comments section below.


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