Fundising Review – But I’m Not Promoting It!

Fundising ReviewLately, this business opportunity has been getting a lot of hype on the internet.

People are hyping Fundising all over the place, including a lot of social media.

Has someone already pitched Fundising to you?

The first thing I want to tell you is that I am NOT promoting this business in any way.

I have complied all the facts about it in my Fundising Review so you can discover the truth for yourself!

Have you hear that Fundising is a scam?

That Fundising can’t deliver on it’s promises?

I will tell you all about it in my Review of Fundising.

Let’s get started.

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Exactly what is Fundising?

Fundising describes itself as a member to member direct fund sharing platform. The website ( was registered on July the 25th, 2016. Details of the company are scarce, with their web domain details being set to private and no information at all on their website pertaining as to who owns or runs the business. The only hints are from Alexa rankings which show all traffic directed to the site as having originated in Spain, so it is likely to be operating from there.

As with all MLM propositions, you must take great care when the company is not being fully transparent as to who is responsible for operations. It doesn’t fill you with confidence when people aren’t willing to stand by their product, so you should be extra wary when thinking about investing. It is also worth noting that the company may fall within a different jurisdiction to where you live, and with all traffic currently coming from Spain, it is vital you research your rights when getting involved with a company like this. There are plenty of other MLM opportunities out there that do provide these details, and it may be wise to consider these instead.

Fundising Scam

Are There Any Fundising Products?

In the first sign that the scheme offered by Fundising is nothing but a layered cash gifting scheme; they do not offer any products or services for direct retail by affiliates- the only thing available for affiliates to market is affiliate membership to Fundising itself.

Affiliate membership does, however, include access to ‘hundreds of thousands of E-books, PLR Articles, website scripts, templates, marketing tools and software’ which is likely just an attempt to make the scheme seem legitimate.

Can You Tell Me About The Compensation Plan For Fundising?

Fundising calculates affiliate payments by using a 3×5 matrix structure. This works by placing the initial affiliate in a position at the top of the structure, with three positions directly beneath them. These positions are filled by newly recruited affiliates (3 positions which form level 1) and are, themselves, followed by a further three positions beneath them. When these positions are filled (9 positions which form level 2), another three are created beneath each of them, and so on until 5 levels have been created. In total a 3×5 matrix houses 363 positions.

New affiliates within the matrix are required to gift amounts between $25 and $1000 to existing affiliates. Each of the levels within the matrix act as separate gifting tiers, and the tiers each affiliate is eligible to receive payments from are decided by the amount gifted by an affiliate:

  • Level 1 (houses 3 positions)- By gifting $25 to the affiliate responsible for recruiting you, you become eligible to receive $25 from three affiliates ($75 in total)
  • Level 2 (houses 9 positions)- By gifting $50 to the affiliate responsible for recruiting you, you become eligible to receive $50 nine affiliates ($450 in total)
  • Level 3 (houses 27 positions)- By gifting $250 to the affiliate responsible for recruiting you, you become eligible to receive $250 from twenty seven affiliates ($5400 in total)
  • Level 4 (houses 81 positions)- By gifting $500 to the affiliate responsible for recruiting you, you become eligible to receive $500 from eighty one affiliates ($40,500 in total)
  • Level 5 (houses 243 positions)- By gifting $1000 to the affiliate responsible for recruiting you, you become eligible to receive $1000 from two hundred and forty three affiliates ($243,000 in total).

What Is The Fee To Join Fundising?

Fundising membership and involvement is attained by making a minimum gifting payment of $25.

Is Fundising Truly A Scam?

If you’ve been doing your research on Fundising, you may have heard from some people that it’s a scam, and from other’s that it’s totally legit.

After reading my review, you might not be sure for yourself.

So, what’s really going on here?

Is Fundising a scam, or can you make a legit business with it?

To be honest, I am not sure Fundising is a complete scam.

However, I did find a few things to be aware of before you join, which will help you to be successful if you join.

Also, see below for help with making money online.

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Read Here For My Fundising Conclusion!

From Fundising’s website:

“Fundising is a member to member, direct funding and crowd sharing platform created to share abundance privately and advertise our websites, businesses or programs.”

While it is clearly trying to promote itself as being a crowd-funding program, Fundising is little more than a five tiered cash gifting scheme with a large number of virtually worthless ebooks, articles, website scripts, templates, marketing tools and software thrown in to give a sense of legitimacy.

This is clearly not a crowd-funding endeavor, as these are setup to gain funding for a particular project or cause- Fundising’s gift payments are made directly to another affiliate with the hope that others will make similar payments to you.

While this may seem like a great scheme to get involved in, the same pitfalls apply here as with all other gifting schemes. There surely are opportunities to do well, but these opportunities are realistically only available to those that run the company, and that are within the first group of affiliates to join. The majority of people are just adding money to a system that is, with the matrix used, being passed up to the powerful top positions. When affiliates lower down in the matrix realize they aren’t making anything, recruitment of further affiliates will soon slow down which means the payments to everyone within the matrix will slow down to. This will eventually cause the entire matrix to collapse, with anyone that hasn’t been able to recruit two new affiliates losing out- something that is statistically likely to be the position of the majority of affiliates.

And what, when this happens? Their website states:

“Are there any refunds?

There can’t be refunds available, since all donations are sent directly from one person’s processor to another person’s processor.”

Of course, you could try to contact the owners and operators of the company to recoup some of your losses- if it wasn’t for the fact they are going to great lengths to hide this information from the affiliates. Be very careful if you are considering affiliate membership with Fundising. There are many other opportunities out there with transparent companies that have a greater chance of success. This scheme being offered by Fundising is clearly not at all what they are claiming it is, and you stand to lose out a lot if you were to join at the wrong time (which it likely already is).

I hope you have gained a lot of value from my Fundising Review.

I have found other reviews are scant on details, so I wanted to make sure you had everything you need here.

If you do decide to move forward with Fundising, I think the info I have given here will help you.

Moving forward, you need to take care of marketing yourself, which you can learn how to do with my free training. Click below.

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