3 Steps To Get Endless MLM Leads Using Craigslist

mlm leads using craigslistThis is a powerful method that I teach my team to help them generate MLM leads using Craigslist. It’s so easy and simple that you will kick yourself for not doing it before.

If you have struggled to get leads in the past, that is going to change after reading this post! You can add this to your MLM Daily Routine to build your business every day without fail! You can use the tactics here to leverage the craigslist website traffic.

Would You Like An Endless Supply of Hungry MLM Leads?

I’m sure that the answer to that question is “Yes“. Who wouldn’t want to consistently generate MLM leads that are hungry to join your business opportunity?

I’ve mentioned before that to succeed in network marketing, you only need to learn and master 1 strategy, and this is absolutely true. In fact, after learning how to generate MLM leads using Craiglist, you will understand how this strategy alone can build your network marketing business!

Of course, there are lots of “Free” strategies that you can use to generate 25-50 Leads Per Day! For the full guide, grab my Free Ebook below.

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What’s The Best Way To Get MLM Leads Using Craigslist?

There are different methods that people use, but I will share with you the method that I teach to my team. It’s something that I learned in detail from my mentor and it has allowed me to have fresh leads arrive every day to my inbox!

Here are the 3 steps to generate you leads every day!:

Step 1: The First thing you should do is to go to Google Voice and setup a free account. This will (eventually) enable you to receive the leads to your Google Voice account rather than your cell phone. You don’t want to be receiving calls when you are away doing other things! You want them to leave a voice-mail for you to respond in your own time.

Step 2: Next, you need to setup a voice mail which says something like:

“Hi There, thanks for responding to our Craigslist Ad. We are currently receiving a high volume of calls in relation to our ad. Please could you leave your name, contact number, and also tell us what separates you from everybody else that is applying. We will then contact you within 48 hours to discuss further.”

Step 3: Now it’s time to post your Craiglist Ad, so follow the stages below:

  • Go To Craiglist.org
  • Choose Your City, Town, State etc. (depending on your country)
  • Select the “sales jobs” section.
  • Now, you can post your Ad (for ideas, see the example below) and click “submit”.
  • Also, remember to “confirm” your Ad in your email account.
  • Call Your Leads!

Important Note: Just be aware that Ads can get flagged and deleted, or your email account could get blocked. It’s similar to Facebook PPC in that regard. You need to be a warrior through these setbacks and try again!

Another thing to mention: I would recommend targeting your own country to start with. When you call them up, it will be easier to “click” with them if they are local. Consider targeting your home town or city as well.

Example Craiglist Ad

Promoters Wanted
$925-1700 per month (part time)
No Previous Experience Required – Training is Provided
Call xxxxxxxxx (your Google Voice number)

NOTE: It’s best for you to try different Ads and track the results to improve your conversions etc.

Can You Get “Quality” Network Marketing Leads Using Craigslist?

Quite a few people on my team have asked me about this, and it’s a good point. We obviously want to build a strong MLM Team rather than just getting anybody in. You will get a real mixture of people when getting MLM Leads using Craigslist. Some of them will be honest hard working professionals who simply need a break and others will be time-wasters.

As I’ve mentioned before it’s important to know how to build a strong team in network marketing so listen carefully and follow the advice below!!

Listen to the voice-mails and only call the leads who you think would be a good addition to your team!

That is CRUCIAL! You need to qualify them before you decide to call them!

What do you Say to Your MLM Craigslist Leads?

Ok, this is actually the most important part of the whole method. Once you have them interested, you need to know the correct way to communicate and “close” them. This is the kind of stuff that me and my team discuss. There is a right and wrong way to talk to people about your business opportunity, and I train my team what to say, and what NOT to say.

If you really need help on this part, I recommend that you join my team and we can discuss personally.

craigslist mlm leadsSo there you have it – One of the most powerful MLM Lead Generation methods! It really is as simple as following the instructions above. Do you actively work on generating MLM leads using Craigslist? If so, I would like to hear your methods if they are different to mine. Let me know in the comments!


  1. Hi Nick thank you for all the information. I wanted to add you as friend like you asked but then it is competition on fbook page?! I didnt get your 27tips to traffic success and i am in a team so cant be in two? Do we copy and paste what particular emails to integrate with get response please? When you talk to prospect from craigslist for eg. what is the best link to give them over the phone to go to to sign up? Or do we get their email address and send our sales page to promote in bim first? Thank you for your help. Gillian

  2. Thanks for your comment and questions Gillian. I have emailed you personally to answer those things. As I mentioned in the email, for the Craigslist method specifically, when I call the prospects up, I arrange to email them a link to the “sales page” for them to look at in their own time. It’s good for it to be a quick phone call, so they can simply hear you talk, and then agree to receive the email. You can then “follow up” with them in 48 hours when they have had a chance to see the sales page. Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks Nick that helps lots. I am still trying to figure out what emails to put in autoresponder for follow up diff methods.

  4. Hello,
    I need to create 1000 leads daily….
    And only things I know is My client wants to hire and his email id.
    How can I do it…
    Please help

    • Nicholas Pratt says

      Hi Tejas,

      It’s tricky to answer you as what you said was quite confusing.

      Despite that, I recommend you start by grabbing my Free ebook and that will give you some ideas:
      See here: //www.webtrafficlounge.com/my-free-mlm-training-ebook/

      Hope that helps, and thank you for stopping by.

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