Glow Funds Review – Huge Scam Or Legit System?

Glow Funds ReviewAll around the internet, Glow Funds has been getting lots of buzz.

It would not surprise me if you told me you’ve heard of it, or someone has pitched it to you.

It’s also really popular on social media.

This first thing you should know is that I am NOT an affiliate or distributer for Glow Funds.

Is Glow Funds truly a scam?

Can you build a solid business with Glow Funds?

I have gathered all the details about Glow Funds so you can make an informed decision.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know in my Review Of Glow Funds.

Let’s get started.

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What The Heck Is Glow Funds?

Glow Funds is the name of the latest MLM opportunity that’s up for my full review, and in this particular case, we’re dealing with a company that offers no background information at all on their official website.

There isn’t any mention of who owns the business, who’s involved with it on the executive level, or even where it’s physically located in the world. All of this is important info that any legit opportunity would make sure is present on their site, so seeing that it isn’t present here sure does raise some eyebrows.

In addition to the website itself being a dead end in regards to trying to build up background info on Glow Funds, the same can be said about the domain name registration. The registration took place on November 6th, 2016, but due to the fact that it was privately registered, there isn’t any mention as to where it took place or who the owner of the domain name is.

Despite all of this, I was able to associate one name with the Glow Funds opportunity.

There are various market videos out there for Glow Funds, and these videos feature someone by the name of “Alex” who features a very prominent European accent.

These marketing videos have a very strong resemblance to something that you’d see with Fivver, and there isn’t any indication as to whether or not this “Alex” person is a paid actor or if he’s actually involved with Glow Funds somehow.

As per Alexa rankings for the Glow Funds website, it’s currently estimated that whopping 66% of all the traffic that the site receives comes directly out of Pakistan. This is a very strong indication that whoever is running Glow Funds lives in the country, but with that said, that’s all I was able to dig up on the company.

Glow Funds Scam

What Are The Glow Funds Products?

Moving things right along, it’s time to talk about the product line.

Unfortunately, in the case of Glow Funds, there really isn’t a lot to talk about at all.

This is because Glow Funds is an MLM opportunity that’s operating without any form of product line within their business model, creating for a situation in which affiliates have just the affiliate membership to sell to possible buyers.

Whenever a setup like this takes place, it usually means that we’re dealing with some sort of MLM underbelly scam. No legit company can operate without a product line, so this is a pretty telling sign of just what kind of opportunity we’ve got on our hands.

What About The Compensation Plan For Glow Funds?

Taking a look at the compensation plan that Glow Funds is offering to its affiliates, people join the opportunity and earn money by gifting bitcoin to one another through the use of a 2 x 6 matrix system.

The 2 x 6 matrix that’s being used here houses a grand total of 126 affiliates per matrix, with a cycle being generated each time a matrix is completely filled with affiliates in all of the available positions.

The first level for this matrix setup sees that an affiliate gifts 0.03 BTC to the person that got them to join Glow Funds, and once this gift payment has been sent and received, the affiliate who gifted it is then eligible to receive 0.03 BTC from two subsequently recruited affiliates.

This takes place for a total of six levels, with the sixth and final one requiring a gift payment of 2 BTC in order to receive that same amount from 24 other affiliates within the company.

What’s worth making note of here is the fact that all of the payments (both sent and received) take place on a monthly basis with the company.

What’s The Cost Of Joining Glow Funds?

Interested in becoming an affiliate for Glow Funds? In order make that happen, you’ll need to gift a minimum of 0.03 BTC to the affiliate that recruited you to join the opportunity.

With that being said, fully participating in the company will require you to hand over a grand total of 3.38 BTC each and every month.

So, Is There A Glow Funds Scam Going On?

Have you heard that Glow Funds is a scam?

It’s hard to tell if this is true or not, because a lot of people are just trying to sell you something.

So, from reading this, is Glow Funds a scam or is it legit?

I would say not exactly, but there are a few things to watch out for, find out what in the conclusion.

Learning about these things will make you successful – and see below for my FREE training on how to market yourself.

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Finally, My Glow Funds Review And Conclusion!

Overall, Glow Funds is operating as a pretty simple cash gifting scheme that’s using bitcoin instead of traditional cash.

You join the company as an affiliate by gifting 0.03 BTC to the person who recruited you to join, and this then allows you to receive that same amount from two other affiliates who join Glow Funds after you.

This goes on for numerous levels, but this setup will only last so long as people continue to get recruited to join the opportunity and have over their money. Once this activity dies down, Glow Funds will eventually come to a complete and total collapse.

Glow Funds doesn’t offer refunds, as they say that “All donations you willingly and directly send to a fellow participant are final.” Couple this with the unrecoverable nature of bitcoins, and it’ll be impossible to recover any lost funds when you inevitably lose out on this deal.

Did you find this Glow Funds Review useful?

I wanted to gather all the details for you, because I have noticed other Glow Funds reviews have been scant on details.

If you decide to proceed with Glow Funds, I want you to be successful.

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