GPS Funnel Review – Is The Guaranteed Profit System A Scam?

gps funnel reviewScanning the Facebook groups the other day led me to see all sorts of hype about this new thing called the GPS Funnel, also known as the “Guaranteed Profit System Funnel”.

You may think I am selling it.

Well I am absolutely not selling this at all!

After seeing all the hype, I went away and did some in-depth research on it.

And it turns out it’s related to the National Wealth Center MLM business which I reviewed recently.

So, I am also going to give the full scoop on this “funnel” for National Wealth Center in my completely unbiased GPS Funnel Review so you can learn the truth about it.

Also, feel free to check out my video review of GPS Funnel below:

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What is GPS Funnel About?

Ok, so basically, the GPS Funnel is a front end “funnel” to promote the National Wealth Center which is an MLM Business opportunity: they do have products on business development and internet marketing. However, (as I mentioned in my review recently), it’s mainly focused with recruitment.

And “Guaranteed Profit System Funnel” is there to promote it!

On top of that, it is also a marketing system for National Wealth Center affiliates as well.

gps funnel scam

What Is The GPS Funnel Product?

Well, it doesn’t have a product.

It’s simply designed as a “different front end” to promote NWC.

This is a smart tactic as business opportunities quickly face saturation (and banner blindness) when 1000s of affiliates promote the same thing!

But yeah, National Wealth Center has some products even if there is little focus on selling through retail.

They also have monthly subscriptions as well which range from $20 to $100 per month.

And the “one off” products go all the way up to a staggering $7000!

It’s a “pay to play” model which means you need to own the product you are selling to make a commission on it.

When NWC affiliates use GPS Funnel, they would basically link their capture pages with the affiliate links for National Wealth Center so they get the credit later down in the funnel.

Finally, the Guaranteed Profit System Funnel also has a rotator in which traffic is split between lots of different NWC affiliates.

I see this as very useful when building your team.

So, what is the cost to join GPS Funnel?

Well, it’s $25 as well as the cost of being positioned in National Wealth Center.

How Does The Guaranteed Profit System Funnel Work?

There’s quite a bit of hype about this to be honest.

And they also include some “hyped” up “Guarantees” as well.

For example, they “guarantee” you will straight away get 3-4 new members.

And I’ve also seen a page that says “Guaranteed $12,000 plus Monthly Income”.

You really can’t say that if you want to avoid the wrath of the FTC.

Giving such hyped up “guaranteed” income claims is very dangerous when the authorities take notice.

You should never guarantee anything!

So, Is There A GPS Funnel Scam or Is It Legit?

Whilst I don’t think there is a GPS Funnel Scam taking place, I do think they need to be much more disciplined with their marketing.

At the moment, they include a lot of hype.

And the “guarantees” just don’t seem FTC compliant.

This is so important because if Guaranteed Profit System Funnel was shut down, a lot of people would lose money, especially those who just got started!

Aside from this, you will always see people calling this kind of thing a Pyramid scheme, scam or Ponzi.

In some extreme cases (with business opportunities), there are even lawsuits and other serious complaints.

I don’t agree that GPS Funnel (Guaranteed Profit System Funnel) is a scam or pyramid scheme.

However, it needs to portray itself and the National Wealth Center a bit better.

guaranteed profit system funnel review

My GPS Funnel Review Final Thoughts

Because of the reasons I’ve stated, as part of my GPS Funnel Review, I can’t really recommend the funnel, system or business opportunity.

You should not promote something that could be shut down so quickly and easily by the authorities.

It’s not safe and secure to do that.

In my opinion, you should be careful with what business opportunities you join. They should have “rock solid” marketing literature which doesn’t make bold income claims that can get it into trouble.

Because when the business does get into trouble, the main casualties are the affiliates!

If you do want something a lot better, then you are welcome to check out my Free training series to learn how to drive traffic, convert sales and make money.

And you can also learn what business opportunities I recommend as well.

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