GTI-Net Review – No, I’m Not Promoting It!

gti-net reviewToday, I am looking at a business opportunity with an interesting history.

And it’s certainly getting a lot of attention at the moment.

But is it worth getting involved?

Before I start with my GTI-Net Review I want to make it clear that I am not affiliated with this opportunity and I am not promoting it.

This is an unbiased review formed from my own research.

Hope it helps you discover if this suits you or not.

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So, What Is GTI-Net All About?

The GTI-Net domain,, was registered on December 15, 2014. Jhony Depresseux of “GTI NET Limited” is listed as the owner of the web domain, with a PO Box in Dubai listed.

GTI-Net does not list any information regarding who owns or operates the business.

Jhony Depresseux lists Liege, Belgium as his current location on his LinkedIn profile. I couldn’t find any reason why the GTI-Net PO Box was in Dubai.

Looking at Depresseux’s LinkedIn Profile, he credits himself as being a Herbalife affiliate in the late 80s and early 90s. There is a large gap, with his next position as CEO of LibertyTelecom (a non-MLM telecommunications business in Belgium), which he began in 2000.

Depresseux also signed up as an MPT Max affiliate in late 2014.

MPT Max was a matrix-based plan which required affiliates to pay €60 EUR, who were then paid out when they recruited other affiliate who did the same.

In some comments left on a MPT MAx review, Jhony Depresseux tried to explain the scheme by insisting “you do not pay if you recruit people.”

Sven Lefeber is listed as the founder of GTI-Net in a business presentation, and he too appears to live in Belgium.

gti-net scam

What Are The GTI-Net Products?

Currently, there are no products or services available through GTI-Net, with members being able to sell affiliate memberships.

What About The GTI-Net Compensation Plan?

Within the GTI-Net compensation plan, and affiliate bust invest at least €500 EUR, and then commissions are paid out utilizing a 4 X 4 matrix.

gti-net compensation plan

A 4 X 4 matrix works by placing you at the top of the matrix, with 4 positions below you on Level 1.

Those 4 positions on Level 1 are each split into 4 more positions, equalling 16 positions on Level 2.

Levels 3 and 4 are similarly split, equaling 340 positions on the matrix.

“GTI receives €0.30 brokerage commission per trade per account PriorFX. Every month at least 200 trades are added.”

The claim is that this earns a minimum of60 EUR per position, which is paid out through a matrix:

  • Level 1 – 4% –  €2.40 EUR per position
  • Level 2 – 8% –4.80 EUR per position
  • Level 3 – 16% –  €9.60 EUR per position
  • Level 4 – 32% –  €19.20 EUR per position

There is also a “World Bonus” that is mentioned, but GTI-Net doesn’t give any details about this program.

What Is The Cost To Join GTI-Net?

A minimum  €500 EUR investment is required for affiliate memberships. After 60 days, GTI-Net affiliates are also required to pay  €15 EUR per month.

So, Is There A GTI-Net Scam Taking Place?

From some of the shaky facts I’ve revealed so far, you may wonder if GTI-Net is a scam or not.

So, is there a GTI-Net Scam going on?

Well, I don’t recommend this business because some of the crucial flaws.

However, I’m not sure if “scam” is the correct word to use.

It’s a business opportunity on shaky ground with a lot of flaws. For example, there is no proper product being sold unlike a business like Ariix (reviewed here) which at least is selling something.

However, not necessarily a scam.

It’s up to you if you want to get involved with this.

Having said that, your success within this or any other business requires excellent marketing skills.

So whatever you do, learn that.

And my free training will help you with that.

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My GTI-Net Review Conclusion Is…

As listed on the GTI-Net website,

“At GTI-Net, you can get started with only €500.

For your money you will achieve a yield which you most probably will never achieve by yourself.”

There is also likely an investment offering with the GTI-Net opportunity, and it’s most likely third-party. This third-party would appear to be PriorFX, and as stated on the GTI-Net website:

“Whenever you are in the world, if the broker PriorFX is available in your country of resident, you can join the GTI-Net team.”

PriorFX claims to be regulated and licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission,” which if you know anything about the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, isn’t exactly reassuring.

Because GTI-Net hasn’t registered itself, these commissions that are offered are then unregistered securities offerings.

An affiliate is required to deposit a minimum of500 EUR to participate in the MLM opportunity, and are paid out commissions when they recruit new affiliate who will do the same.

Something to take note of is the fact that Depresseux’s former membership with MPT Max offered the exact same 4 X 4 matrix, as well as the exact same percentage payouts on the same60 EUR per month.

This appears to be to a carbon copy of MPT Max’s opportunity.

It stands to reason that GTI-Net is almost certainly going to make bad trades, and yet, the company promises affiliates guaranteed monthly matrix payouts.

So where exactly is GTI-Net getting this money?

It basically comes down to a Ponzi scheme, where newly invested funds are going to pay existing affiliates.

“Your money will never pass through our bank accounts. It is transferred directly into the broker’s account.

It is impossible for us to touch your money. Our traders will never be in touch with you.”

In an unregulated environment, all it would take is a few bad trades for this whole scheme to crumble. Add that to the fact that GTI-Net isn’t actually registered or regulated anywhere.

There are a lot of clear cut warnings here.

That’s quite a lot of flaws above and so I can’t recommend the business.

What I can recommend is getting my totally free training series below.

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From other GTI-Net Reviews I saw, I noticed they were quite biased.

Hopefully my review has given you the facts to make your own mind up.

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